by Martin Redfern

What on earth was Angela Merkel thinking when she blithely proposed taking in 800,000 (eight hundred thousand!!!) Syrian refugees in a year? Does Germany have vacant accommodation, school and hospital places that nobody knows about for this vast number of people?  Chickens certainly coming home to roost with the rise of the far right (and quite right too), dissension is rising and she is almost single-handedly responsible for the sudden flow of migrants, all heading through Eastern Europe to her front garden. And all Muslims! Why is it no Muslim countries want them and they seem to have no wish to go to Muslim countries!?

The Austrian Prime Minister asked, rhetorically, do we want our grandchildren to grow up in a caliphate? ” The answer, surprisingly, is no! There were further sensible remarks from the Hungarian President, not known for political correctness or for mincing his words, who said that Hungary is a ‘Christian Country’. The Hungarians know what they are up against; following hundreds of years of domination by the mainly Muslim Austro-Hungarians was not a lot of fun for them and they in no mood for a repeat performance. This politically incorrect outburst was met with mock shock and horror from the ‘anti-fascists’.

Germany, Austria and now Hungary have closed their borders in the face of the onslaught. So what happens to the hordes of migrants already there and those still on their way? Of note, few are real refugees; most of them are economic migrants looking for a better deal than offered at home and counties with generous welfare systems appeal so they can collect benefits?

Sure as nuts though, the West’s determination to rid the Middle East of Saddam and my old pal Gaddafi, with no plan for what happens next, so leaving a vacuum which the bad men of ISIL happily filled, is the root cause of the catastrophe that has engulfed the region, and now Europe. Those bombers did the job but the shock waves come in the form of dissolute people.

History may very well suggest that instead of getting rid of Assad, the Russians and Iran were right in supporting him and so providing some stability in Syria. How many of the present hundreds of thousands of Syrians now on the March, and the millions in refugee camps, wanted to leave their country before the current disaster that Syria has become? Not many, and although Assad is not the sort of chap we would invite to dinner, he provided stability, a decent living and educational standards for his people.

But back to Europe and the Muslim invasion. Good old Saudis, drowning in their billions indicate that no Syrian refugees for them,thanks; not a single solitary one! So much for Islam being a religion of peace and charity! But they have very kindly offered to build twenty more Mosques in Germany to keep the ‘Jihadists’ happy in their new German-taxpayer funded home. ISIL gaily respond to concerns that Jihadists bent on terror throughout the Christian (for now) West might be infiltrated under the guise of refugees, with the cordial advice that they have already sent 4000.

So far, luckily for the UK, who have no obligation to take any of the gathering multitude, having opted out of the Schengen Agreement, they can continue to defend their borders. And it looks like they will have to do just that to stop the determined exodus from Calais across the Channel. Cameron says they will take 4,000 a year but direct from the refugee camps in Jordan or Lebanon over the next five years. This is sensible but watch the potty new Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn ratchet up the ante. Like all great ‘liberals’ he’ll demand more come in as long as he doesn’t have to pay the bill! But the UK has zillions of Muslims there already so when they not basking in the glory of successful integration they are dealing with mayhem in schools, collapsing neighbourhoods, ‘grooming’ of young English girls and intolerable pressure on the NHS and the welfare system.

The World is in a rare old mess and only a few can find the balls to speak out about it and consider the future consequences of these events. Islam and Muslims are a serious danger to the culture that has sustained Western countries for centuries but I note with dismay there are few Christians on the list of potential refugees. Why? Well,we don’t want to upset to Islam do we? And of course the Saudis, Emirates and sundry Gulf States are our friends.

I very rarely agree with senior church leaders but did admire Michael Carey, ex Archbishop of Canterbury’s warning of the Muslim takeover of European,and especially English national identities.

What is the solution? Well, to an old dinosaur like me it is pretty simple. Close the bloody borders before the slaughter of the ‘Natives’ commences! And someone needs to tell Mrs Merkel to go and have a look at a history book when she’s not grinning at the insurgents that have come to seize her country from the people she leads! Make the most of a bad lot and join Putin and help Assad in Syria.

Donald Trump for President! As long as he means what he says, which all sounds pretty good to me. Here in Zim I guess I owe it to our fearless rulers but nobody wants to come here anymore so we not having any problems keeping any hungry hordes out of this place. Thanks for that Bob!



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