by Hannes Wessels

The news that Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann has filed a $250 million lawsuit against Jeff Bezos’s Washington Post must have pleased President Trump. Bezos has made destroying the Trump presidency an editorial priority and his reporters have been unrelenting in their hostility toward his administration.

In this instance the paper went after a 16-year-old male because he was white, Christian and even worse; he was wearing a MAGA (Make America Great Again) hat. He was accused of acting aggressively towards an elderly Native-American who engaged Sandmann at close quarters and the American left went wild with demands for the boy to be punished. As it turns out all the aggression came from the Native-American who beat a drum and sang loudly within inches of the teenager’s face, cheered on by a raucous group calling themselves the Black Hebrew Israelites who were hurling abuse at Sandmann and his fellow pupils. Sandmann and his group, it is now clear, acted with commendable restraint in the face of racially motivated provocation but that was ignored until recently when the facts have proved all the allegations false.

In another incident, the media, their praise-singers in Hollywood and the Democratic Party have again got egg on their faces in the wake of the Jussie Smollett ‘lynching’. This much loved and revered African-American actor who happens to be homosexual, claimed he was attacked by white thugs wearing MAGA hats who approached him screaming racial and homophobic insults before pouring a chemical substance on him and wrapping a noose around his neck. So severe was the assault Jussie had to be hospitalized. The press soaked this story up and along with millions of virtue-signallers in America and around the world, called for the perpetrators to be ruthlessly dealt with. But the screamers lost their voice a little when reports appeared suggesting evidence in the hands of the police did not corroborate poor Jussie’s story. The latest news is he has been arrested and will be facing a felony charge of filing a false police report that may get him a prison sentence. In a nutshell it was all a hoax cooked up by Jussie with the help of two Nigerians who were paid to play the part of the attackers.

Reckless and often false reporting by the American media is nothing new. In 1992 parts of Los Angeles were torched and riots went on for days following the beating by police of a powerfully built, itinerant criminal called Rodney King. The press immediately portrayed King as the victim of an unprovoked assault and the mobs went on a riotous rampage. When the facts showed the policemen acted within the law and an acquittal followed further unrest followed followed. Similar circumstances triggered mob violence in Sandford, Florida when George Zimmerman, shot a delinquent Trayvon Martin and in Ferguson, Missouri when a white policeman shot an African-American thug who attacked him. Only after Ferguson had been gutted was it revealed that Officer Wilson had acted in self defence when overpowered by his assailant who was about to wrestle the arresting officer’s weapon out of his hand.

This is today and far removed from us here but we in southern Africa have long been casualties of a similarly duplicitous and deceitful mainstream media that was never driven by a search for the truth but by a political agenda that was uncompromising in its hostility towards white people.

One of my first brushes with the real and destructive power of the international press goes back to 1972 when the headline news was about a massacre that had taken place in a village known as Wiriyamu in the Tete Province of central Mozambique when the territory was still a colony of Portugal. I was 16 years old and Mozambique and the Portuguese people who I knew living there were dear to me so this came as a big shock to me as it did to the rest of the world, but I remember my father suggesting this may not be entirely true. I was taken aback; at that point in my life I assumed the BBC was the oracle and would surely never lie.

The report and the sensation it caused with the clergy in full cry led to increased pressure upon Lisbon to relinquish its colonies. Pleas from the Portuguese authorities to believe them when they denied the facts as widely reported fell on deaf ears and their side of the story received little or no attention from a horde of left-wing journalists who, it turns out, had absolutely no intention of reporting objectively. This alleged incident got the traction it did not deserve and was a watershed moment in the process that soon led to the Portuguese retreat from Africa, the subsequent destruction of Mozambique and the ensuing misery and hardship that continues today.

Once the Portuguese were out the way the full focus of these frauds masquerading as the ‘news’ shifted to Rhodesia and their reportage was unrelenting in its criticism of the government of the day and the Europeans in general. This chorus reached a crescendo with the successful attack on the ZANLA enemy base at Nyadzonya in August of 1976. Once again, like Wiriyamu, the press pumped out falsehoods about the cantonment being a refugee camp and the world went into a frenzy of threats and invective. All these, even though senior enemy combatants went public denying it was a refugee centre and asserted, unequivocally, the camp was indeed a military facility. Nobody reported this and nobody was listening; world pressure on the country was ratcheted up instantly on the government to transfer power to the ‘liberators’. The disinformation campaign worked, and the world won the war of words. Rhodesia succumbed and the destruction of the country commenced.

Unfortunately, unlike Mr. Sandmann, the courts are of no use to the victims in this part of the world. We can only wish him a happier outcome than that visited upon us.


















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  1. This all makes very interesting and disturbing reading. What went on and is going on at the highest levels. What it was hoped we would believe, the clever propaganda then, the false news now.
    How do we know know what to believe?
    There was a documentary a few years back, on the BBC I think called “The Chinese are Coming”. Did anyone else see it? They are slowly or maybe not so slowly colonising the world!

  2. Ytene on 2. March 2019 at 5:10 said:
    “The story of Rhodesia and South Africa is more important to the entire Western world than any of us realise or probably can realise.”
    Well said Ytene – my sentiments exactly, and as we see activists like Tommy Robinson, Katie Hopkins and an encouraging and ever growing number of others boldly speaking out about suppression of free speech in places like the U.K. that used to be bastions of free speech, and the continued and unashamed lying of the media, my guess is that round about now a lot of Brits and others further afield are looking a bit closer at what and who caused the demise of Rhodesia and the real reasons why, as there are many chickens now coming home to roost – right in their faces.

    The following is an extract from the very emotional Tribute Ian Smith did to the Rhodesian Light Infantry in the book “The Saints” in February, 2007:-

    “Today the terror scourge is a problem that transfixes the same powers that have looked on with forlorn indifference as Robert Mugabe has ravaged our country. They now are forced to confront the same evil in a different guise and they are heavily exercised by the challenge. For some of the answers to the problems that lie ahead they need only look at the history of the RLI. There they will find many of the solutions they seek but they will also discover to their chagrin that they have an extraordinary act to follow.”

    What prophetic words.

    And so as life goes on in this increasingly unhappy and chaotic world with the increasing tempo of lies, fake news and suppression of free speech in the communications media, I derive a certain amount of satisfaction in saying to those that held us Rhodesians in such loathing and contempt during our lonely fight against communist inspired terrorism by saying, “We told you so.”

    What goes around comes around. You reap as you sow.

    As always, thanks Hannes for all these very thought-provoking, interesting and important newsletters.

    1. And thank you Alistair for your encouragement to Hannes and all who are writing about their experiences of Rhodesia and South Africa, many who read this blog. The story of Rhodesia , especially , is significant for many reasons – the main one being that it cuts the moral high ground straight out from under the Communist Revolution and its Liberal minions of the Western nations that have fallen to it. For this reason alone, the Western schmo screen of media and public discourse about Rhodesia and SA was and must remain total. For the entire West the truth in history is desperately important. Smith’s “the same evil in different guise” remains the alphabet soup of proxy forces financed, equipped , trained by nations now bricked into the Communist / Globalist world order. This is the only way to make sense of the breaking news.

      The story of Rhodesia is in many ways your war of independence against the Communist Revolution and the nations which brought it to the world in the twentieth century – the block (Russia and China) which hammered it out across entire continents and the nations which harvested and bundled the nations conquered by it for the new world order: US, UK and that monstrous praesidium of the Revolution: the UN. Rhodesia stands virtually alone in their military victory of having won their war of independence against the Revolution – but was capitulated to its enemies by the powers of ‘the Sickle’ – the UK, US, UN. From Hannes and other key writers , it is now clear to my mind that The Owners of the Revolution working through these three vassal entities had decided on Mugabe from the time of the Vorster détente.

      If there is one story the young nationalist identitarians of today embarking upon the reconquest of their Western nations from the Revolution can relate to – it is the story of Rhodesia. And only the Rhodesians can really tell their part of it.

  3. Perhaps the World’s Press would like to explain why, when that master of savagery, Mugabe, went to Chimoio to bless a new memorial to ‘The Heroes of Chimoio’ there was, once again ‘A deafening silence’?

    1. Their defeaning silences are always good to note. I think the only memorial to Communist guerrillas over at Chimoio is the human tsunami going across Beitbridge – now the Western ZOGs are definitely covering that. Or rather, I am told they are covering that. I get my news from Highveld Stereo 94.7 – the Whackhead Simpson podcasts. He has famously covered this in the Lovemore Sibanda prank on SA border control.

  4. Here’s that Tommy Robinson speech to the ‘I am Soldier X’ free speech demo outside the Old Bailey in London. Does he ever tear strips off the lying British press (especially the BEEB) for their censorship and lies about the Muslim rape gangs. Huge demonstration – in the opening shots you can see it all the way down Ludgate to St Paul’s .

    Tommy Robinson Oct 23 2018 speaks to the crowd outside the Old Bailey just before he enters the court. To the press: “The British public do not trust you, do not believe you – you are the enemy of the people.” He is just getting warmed up…

  5. Keep going with your truth in history project Hannes. The story of Rhodesia and South Africa is more important to the entire Western world than any of us realise or probably can realise.

    Even the term the lying Western media has affixed to this conflict. ‘The Bush War’. You could not come up with a better label to sideline so critical a phase in the Communist Revolution and its bid for an entire continent. Should we even think about the Rhodesian conflict in this way? You have an independent state with a first world economy capable of feeding the whole of Africa , a state that has worked out its balance of power amongst the tribes vs two Communist guerrilla armies – backed by the Soviet and PRC AND the big crypto Communist powers of the West – all bought and paid for by the same folks who owned the Revolution and unleashed it on Russia in 1917. During these years – the largest Communist organisation on the planet : the UN considered Rhodesia as the number one threat to (wait for it) : World Peace. There is a lot more going on here than a bush conflict.

    Then there is the reality of the Deep State and its actors both political and military. True history usually only comes to hand years after the event and this is what must continue to be worked on. If people have a reality based programme and truth in history, if they understand true and valid facts of matter and a historical narrative based upon those facts, they can see through the present schmo screen even if they don’t have many or even some facts regarding present events. It is the understanding of the ongoing narrative that is important. Much of what is happening on the world stage is just that – staged and reported according to Party Line for purposes of indoctrination of the mass. The truth comes later.

    And the truth of our time is very much bound up with the Communist Revolution in Africa and Rhodesia.

    It was decades before the truth about the massacres of Germans in the Poliish corridor came to hand. Hitler, of course, blamed these atrocities on Poland and invaded Poland. But now everyone agrees it was a secret military embedded within the Polish state – a secret Bolshevik NKVD within the Polish military – loyal to the USSR – which invaded Danzig at the behest of its masters in the Kremlin and committed heinous crimes and atrocities that the Soviets could then use as atrocity propaganda against the Allies – and of course get Hitler to invade Poland.

    These operations are in the Communist insurgency playbook – formation of secret military units and cadres within the state targeted for subversion, creation of ‘explosive situations’ and the formation of a Deep State loyal to the Revolution – complete with contacts, handlers, networks etc.

    In the Bush War – the Communists had targeted both Rhodesia and Mozambique for subversion. Ergo. Deep State shit is going to happen. At the time, no one will make sense out of it. Why on earth would Portuguese units attack Mozambique villages and commit atrocities? All the witnesses saw Portuguese troops attacking Wiriyamu: priests, survivors all reported accordingly. But years later, the Cardinal Archbishop of Dar es Salaam Laurean Rugamabwa got to the bottom of it and stated: No. it was FRELIMO dressed up like Portuguese soldiers. This is the account that actually makes sense. By that time, of course, the damage is done. Portugal is forever fixed in the public mind as a ruthless colonizer and oppressor. Just another European colonial power committing atrocities in Africa – even after they have left and abdicated the population to the Communist Revolution. They are still the bad guys and the lying media will use them as the cover for all the crimes of the Communist Revolution.

    Much as the SA government today still needs Whitey to blame and is set to make ‘Apartheid Denial’ a punishable offense – just before the land seizures.

    The Communist guerrilla organisations ZANLA and ZAPU – both branches of the Communist ANC labelled all their guerrilla training, camps bases and staging centres for their operations into Rhodesia as ‘refugee camps’. Later when they came to power they said this themselves gloating over the Rhodesians and the stupid Whites in the UK and US ZOGs who were taken in by this ruse. I remember seeing that documentary with Tekere in Britain. He just blindsided Dimbleby , the talking head , when he said point blank : Nyadzonya was a guerrilla base. There might have been civilians there – most of those bases had rape camps, but it was a guerrilla base and staging centre for operations into Rhodesia. That’s what it was and the Rhodesians went over there and destroyed it. As objectionable as fighting and kiling is in itself – still what is not to like about this picture?

    I am assume that Rhodesian military bases did not have rape camps and cannibal tents – but they definitely had families of officers and civilians on base. That did not make them suburbs of Salisbury or villages. Always with the Marxist mindset – one rule for me and another for thee.

    I seem to remember that Tekere was the Sec General of ZANU or something. The look on Dimbleby’s face – priceless.

  6. Hannes, once again, right on the nail with this, except that you left out Tommy Robinson’s documentary that he launched on Saturday last!
    I think all of us should be putting in links to that exposure of deliberately dishonest activities by “respected” BBC journalists – especially since the unwarranted removal of Tommy’s Facebook account and of his books from Amazon.
    We are fighting a war for free speech in the west!
    Much as I am against more legislation, I really think that it about time that laws are passed criminalizing deliberate lies by journalists, or even repetition of such lies when there has been no due diligence in obtaining proof that a story is true.
    Keep up the good work – the truth is out there, but very difficult to find!

  7. So true – the incumbent reporter at the time of publishing the false article must be prosecuted in a court of law. His credentials and his ideological standing must be objectively scrutinized….

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