The people of this world need to understand what has just happened to us, and why, and (even more importantly) what WILL happen to us if we continue to allow some very nasty people to destroy our lives – we now KNOW we have been on the receiving end of the greatest crime ever to have been visited upon mankind … and if you are not so sure about this, please read on.

For the habitual nay sayers, sheeple and human ostriches out there, remember conspiracy theories cannot be proven – last time I looked anyway!  The documentation and evidence to support the existence of this existential threat to mankind and our freedoms, our inalienable human rights, is quite overwhelming and the proof is growing daily. Watch Guy at the Coin Bureau for some gob smacking insights Riveting stuff indeed!

SARS CoV 2 is now probably a man-made bioweapon, the most effective to date by far (making Cyklon B, weaponised anthrax, nerve gas etc look like child’s play) whose origins date back to at least 1999 when it was first patented. Yes, SARS CoV 2 was patented, by Pfizer, the maker of the first so-called “vaccine”, in 1999. This entity let’s call it (the actual virus has never been isolated) has killed and (through the so-called vaccine that was given to about 4 billion people) will likely kill and injure many more people than were harmed in the world wars – the complicated and very intricate patent trail (cleverly uncovered by the brave and brilliant Dr David Martin) tells all, and it proves the terrible lineage and shows the sordid history of this carefully constructed biological menace beyond any doubt.

Dr David Martin is the founding CEO of M∙CAM Inc., the international leader in intellectual property-based financial risk management. Watch this very impressive man in action in this very informative seventy minute FaceBook clip – some of it is a bit tedious, but after watching the first 30 minutes you will understand exactly what has just happened to the terribly beleaguered world we live in Maybe for the first time … and what you will learn will make your heart sink. This interview comes highly recommended, and is almost hypnotic in its quality and amazing clarity. Watching this clip is crucial to any reader’s understanding of this plandemic, this carefully orchestrated plot to subjugate mankind.

Since 2015, Dr Martin has identified literally hundreds of SARS CoV 2 related patents that have been registered in the USA. Registered by whom, you may ask? Well, let’s see – the CDC, the FDA, Pfizer, Moderna, in fact pretty much every single major vaccine manufacturer in existence, the NIH, the NIAID, individuals like Tony Fauci, Bill Gates, Ralph Baric, Peter Dhazak, and a whole cast of homicidal villains who have already made massive filthy profits from our abuse. A provable record. No conspiracy here, just the appalling, gut-wrenching, indisputable truth. The substantiation of their wrongdoing is public record, now available to anyone using the internet.

By a lovely stroke of self-made karma these greedy bastards have registered and detailed their involvement (something that should make their eventual successful prosecution and conviction a walk in the park). In doing so they guaranteed their substantial profits, but they now know that their greed has also irrevocably incriminated them. To refute their culpability would be like taking a video of yourself shooting someone, and then trying to deny your involvement. Like all psychopaths, they are still of the opinion that even if they are ever caught, they will not be brought to book. That will be our job, and a wonderful lawyer by the name of Reiner Fuellmich and his committed co-workers have been labouring tirelessly to make the successful prosecution and conviction of these people possible, and inevitable. But that is another story, and there is lots more for you to read at this site

This is our own WWIII people, make no mistake about that, and the sideshows provided by Biden’s “administration” and others, including the Ukraine / Russia conflict, like Julius and his merry EFF band here in SA, and the incredible antics of the ANC are all quite simply just elaborate distractions. Read and watch Video: “It is not a Case of Pandemic, This is a Case of Murder”: Dr. David E. Martin – Global ResearchGlobal Research – Centre for Research on Globalization and the purpose of these foggy, strange things that have been ruining our lives recently will become a little clearer. This patent trail reveals EXACTLY who the perpetrators are, and the when where and how they were involved in this massive genocidal scam.

So ….. WHY????

The end game is our total enslavement by a self-nominated and very wealthy “elite”. Sounds insane but this globalist agenda is becoming more and more evident with each passing day. They will control us all using facial recognition, boosted by compulsory registrations like the very annoying FICA crap we must complete every two minutes it seems, social and mainstream media, the proposed (and if we are not careful soon to be signed) agreement by our governments to commit us (without our permission) to the WHO pandemic amendment, the disappearance of folding money and the enforcement of the global use of digital currency – the so called CBDC.

If the current SA “government” (a term I use very loosely) signs the WHO pandemic amendment on our behalf, an ex terrorist, Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, who heads up the WHO (primarily funded by Gates and China BTW – you couldn’t make all of this up if you smoked weed for months!) will ultimately decide if we must be quarantined, vaccinated, sanctioned or whatever. The power this unelected WEF lackey will have over your life will be extraordinary, and I don’t mean this in a nice way. Please read this referendum, distribute to friends and family, and add your voice if you decline to be enslaved Do it for your kids at least!

Think about it. There is no greater existential threat to our God given human rights, safety and well being than this unholy agenda. You have to acknowledge that their ideas and the sneaky, stealthy processes involved have been brilliant (in a very evil satanic way) but the implementation of their so-called Covid Crisis Plan has forced them to show their hands, to reveal the intricate methods that they have so carefully planned. You cannot fight an enemy you cannot see, but  more and more people can see their heads above the parapets now.

And … HOW???

No one can do anything without money, and to control you they must control the money, AND be able to identify and track you. In London right now there is an estimated one camera for every nine people, and the ATM cash machines are steadily being removed. NO more cash people! They can turn your money off if you do ANYTHING to displease them – just ask the truckers and others in Canada who have bucked their tyrannical leaders under Trudeau. Ask people living in China, where this system is being very successfully trialed, and the kinks are being ironed out as I write.

When it is our turn, they will have removed all of the glitches. Once these draconian systems are implemented, we will be helpless to fight them. No turning back once they get us to where they want us to be.

The pieces of this ghastly puzzle are being made known to us by some very brave people, committed to the ongoing freedom of humanity, as we have known it. WE must follow their shining humanitarian example. There is only one way out, get involved, spread these truths, love and respect your fellow men and women enough to help them to understand what to most people is impossible to comprehend: normal people just don’t do this to others – right?

But these are not normal people, they are by definition sociopaths, and their intentions are becoming patently visible. This ghoulish agenda is being pushed by the World Economic Forum, led by a scary guy called Klaus Schwab. Ian Fleming himself couldn’t have created a more stereotypical villain. The WEF has been training “world leaders” to do their bidding (although from their recent performances perhaps world destroyers is more apt). Ever wonder how the response to this “pandemic” seemed so well orchestrated and implemented, so brilliantly rehearsed? This is because it has been planned for decades. In fact don’t believe me – go onto THEIR website’s many organograms to see how your future (not the one you were contemplating having) has been mapped out in vast detail – you can see what we will be doing next year

The main players in their ghastly cast are the highly questionable and openly tyrannical Justin Trudeau, King Charles III, Angela Merkel, Emmanuel Macron, Jacinta Ardern, Gavin Newsome, Vladimir Putin, XI Jinping (there are likely dozens of names you may recognise, with little respect or affection I am sure). All of whom it seems, have completely disregarded or forgotten the needs and wants of the people who elected them there – were all part of the WEF’s Young Global Leaders programme. It might interest South Africans too that a few of their “leaders” were also pupils at this heinous school – Ramaphosa, and Manuel amongst others.

I saw a clip recently showing how Mandela and De Klerk had met with Schwab – that blew me away a bit I must say – he sure gets around, does old Klaus! Have your barf bag ready for when you see a picture of South Africa’s two Nobel Peace Prize laureates shaking hands together at Davos in 1992, where the WEF meets every year to plot our downfall. They too, are demonstrably part of this global deception, and our collective betrayal. Go to

And in the breaking news section of this article, the SA Reserve Bank has just this last week given us notice (and you will note they forgot to ask us, the electorate, first) of their new financial system, that “will offer safer, faster payment options for all South Africans. PayShap, the low-value, real-time rapid payment platform, is aimed at deepening digital financial inclusion of both consumers and small businesses by making digital payments more convenient and reducing the reliance on cash in the economy”. This is the system that will phase out paper money, that will ensure ALL transactions will be done digitally by card, all will be monitored by the Reserve Bank. Every cent you spend, what you buy, where you bought it – are you ready for that massive incursion into your privacy? Big brother will CONTROL your every financial move. If you are a bad boy or girl, someone with unfettered access to the innermost workings of your life, will be able to turn your access to YOUR MONEY off. Your life will likewise be turned on and off. Like a tap. And you will not be able to do a frikking thing to stop this; no lawyer or constitution will be able to help you. Whatever their spin doctors are saying about the so-called benefits of PayShap, in reality it gives the government of this failed state, and the Reserve Bank (owned by the globalists) total control of your life.

One of Klaus’ closest advisors is an unusual individual called Yuval Noah Harari, who is listed in Wikipedia as a historian, philosopher and the bestselling author of several (weird) books. Need scary night-time reading? This is it, written by someone that openly says human beings are “hackable animals”, that they are “bad algorithms”, soon to be redundant, and to be replaced because machines could do it better – if your curiosity is piqued, go see more at If you have any doubt what these misfits think of their fellow man, that in their eyes you are a throw away entity, a “useless eater” (a WEF term first used by Hitler) – watch this bloke in action.

An archetypical trait of these maniacs is their almost unbelievable need to tell you what they are doing before they do it. It is in their books, on their websites, they repeatedly TELL us how they will control us all. They have special signs, and signals, nuances and expressions. Such is their arrogance, their self perceived omnipotence. They know that the great unwashed (us!) can’t stop them, or won’t because we are too scared, or stupid, or preoccupied with life’s challenges, or just plain cannot believe human beings can be so overtly malevolent.

We ‘hackable animals’ need to disappoint them in this regard! These people fear only one thing – and that is US. Yes. You and I, and any others who don’t feel like wearing slave yokes any time soon. We are OVER NINETY NINE PERCENT of the world’s population. If we unite and band together no one and nothing can stop our quest for human decency. Hell, if only 5% of us stand up to these arseholes and stop this mess we will win. They probably couldn’t handle active pushback from 2%! These people make Hitler and Stalin look like rank beginners, they cannot be allowed to dictate to you, or me, or worse, our kids. Or allowed to control our every thought and act.

Like it or not, you ARE ALREADY in The Great reset, the NWO, but if you want to see your name you must turn to the slave section. The stakes couldn’t be higher. Both sides are fighting for their very existence. If we win, they lose. And vice versa. Which side do you want to be on?

Say NO to tyranny! Or soon you will have to ask permission just to leave your home, go to the other side of town, or buy a loaf of bread.

2030, when you will own nothing and be happy, is closer than you think.

23 thoughts on “The Greatest Crime of All Time”
  1. South Africa should sort their own history out first. They beat the Bantu to Capetown, SA by more than 100 years.

  2. In a nutshell…
    I hope that 2% can make the difference because everyone is growing tired and yet it’s really only just begun. Psychological military grade warfare. World War 111 no less.
    The truth always wins…I’m told. May the best man, woman and child win!
    Good luck.

  3. The article is void for absurdity from start to finish.

    1. Void? Really?

      Rather like your brain is void Mr Cowper. Arrogant, silly and evidently lacking any usable grey matter. I hate to piss on your parade, but things are not absurd just because you say so. That’s a kindergarten approach that hopefully most readers left behind them many decades ago.

      The way I see it, this author has taken the time and trouble to explain what has happened to us, and what we are likely in for, giving the reader ample means to personally substantiate what he or she wrote here.

      Personally, I can relate to quite a few of the issues mentioned, and I see nothing absurd here – if anything The Medic has understated them! I have read Mercola’s and Kennedy’s books on the covid crisis, watched a few of David Martins videos, know all about Klaus Schwabb, the goings-on at Davos, this so-called WEF Great Reset (you didn’t read that book either did you?) and the Young Global Leader programme. Don’t get me started on Harari. That idiot should be discounted without any further ado.

      You haughtily dismiss these issues out of hand, and I am willing to bet big bucks that you have not bothered to use a single one of the links provided, to find out more. You know it all, right? Or are you just one of the ostrich-minded sheeple mentioned then, preferring an absent-minded oblivion type approach to existential threats that you don’t want to, or can’t deal with?

      Wake up and grow up sonny buns! At the very least give some reasonable counter argument, backed up with a provable fact or three, before posting this sort of dismissive drivel.

      1. Sorry mate I disagree with your comments about Mr Cowper. Read my comments 3 May at 22:10 – ‘Word-salad”. .John, you apear to be missing the fact that the discussions in this forum are ‘opinion’ pieces. In “kindergarden terms”, yours and the authors ;biased’ world view. In Rhodesia, we had a Western capitalist system, and ‘patents’ protected the capitalists investment. What is wrong with that? Former Rhodesian Prime Minister, Mr Ian Smith beleived in ‘Western’ democracy, which includes capitalism. Do you honestly believe that there were no ‘elites’ in Rhodesia, patenting their products and lobbying politicians to further their business interest? Many Rhodesian ‘elites’ only soclaised with others of a similar wealth or status. This was their “God given human right.” Be happy for them. What is the connection with COVID vaccine patents, facial recognition, WEF, Mandela, sociopaths, wealthy elite, Bill Gates and other usual suspects.and ‘God given rights.” Its word-salad, and demonstrates an inability to make a clear argument on a single topic. John, if you choose to respond try use some emotional inteligence, and intelectually argue a point, which demonstrates maturity, rather than attack another person’s character. (kindrgarden stuff). Take care.

        1. My Mom said “John, never write anything in anger!” Mom was right.

          BUT, when people start using terms like “word salad” or “void of absurdity” I have trouble remembering my dear old Mom’s sage advice! An observer might judge that my response was well deserved, given the contemptuously dismissive terms you have both used, but I must concede I am guilty as charged of being nastier than civilised adults should be, and shouldn’t have lowered myself to these levels. I unreservedly apologise for what I wrote about Mr Cowper’s grey matter, and to Hannes for lowering the tone of this very valuable discourse, but frustration and name calling will do that to me every day of the week, and twice on Sundays. You see, it’s a throwback to my kindergarten days …

          However. John Cowper’s response to this well researched article by The Medic, and your response to my response Quentin, both lacked anything to explain WHY you both wrote what you did. Something isn’t rubbish just because you say so, and opinions when I last looked, require the writer to have at least a modicum of knowledge about the subject at hand. This appears to be lacking, and neither of you offer anything, “mature”, “emotionally intelligent” or otherwise to convince me that either of you grasps any of the fundamental issues at hand.

          Let me try again to help then.

          To reply to your many, many points Quentin:
          Not sure where Rhodesia or Ian Smith entered the fray, but may I respectfully suggest sir, that you read Bitter Harvest – you will see what Smith actually wrote, and you may find that fact and your memory part ways right there. He made a couple of points worth remembering, and he made these again and again because they are very relevant
          1. He actually believed western democracy to be totally wrong for African Rhodesian because their tribal / chief system was all they knew. They did not know what a vote was. And he believed that until they could be taught to read and write, they simply did not understand the concept of western democracy
          2. He pointed out the folly of this system of democracy for Africa, as evidenced by the abject failures of African states that had already by the time of UDI dissolved into the mess of communistic one party one-party states that we still see today. History shows very clearly that one man one vote destroyed Africa.
          3. This fascinating book gives precise information regarding the Southern Rhodesia / Rhodesia / Zimbabwe history (Smith kept a detailed diary), insights into British deceit and how they preferred to do what the OAU demanded rather than that which was good for black and white Rhodesians, what the majority of black Rhodesians actually thought (the African leadership in Rhodesia were 100% behind Smith as they had SEEN what western democracy had done to those states already granted their independence), and the misdeeds of Nkomo, Sithole, Muzorewa and Mugabe, Russia and China – all very interesting but beyond the scope of this particular blog. But read it Quentin if you have an earnest interest in factual Rhodesian history. You will learn much.

          The connection between COVID vaccine patents, facial recognition, WEF, Mandela, sociopaths, wealthy elite, Bill Gates and other usual suspects is glaringly obvious IF you had concentrated and used the provided links, but I have a feeling you might be one of those “none so blind as those who will not see” chappies? Are you open to change Quentin, or is everything you don’t understand just bollocks?

          Here is the shortened version:
          Evidence produced by David Martin using public record has categorically shown SARS CoC 2 to be man-made, using the patent trail and scientific papers written by the people involved. These are freely available, as they are a matter of public record.
          Vaccines were being tested and produced years before the release of the American engineered spike protein in Wuhan in late 2019. The gain of function research to convert the corona virus into something that could readily infect man (the furin cleavage site allowed this entity to attach to the ACE2 receptor site present on at least 28 different human tissues) was carried out in Chapel Hill, at the University of North Carolina, by Ralph Baric & Co and then moved to Wuhan when the US Government learned of its existence and banned it. This was all funded by Fauci, via NIH, NIAID, etc etc and the hapless US taxpayer. Read the many books by Kennedy, Mercola and others. I have. They are replete with substantiating references. They had to be, because of massive inherent skepticism of many (look in the mirror!), and the problematic nature of this beast.
          Most of us cannot believe people will do this to other people …. I still can’t, but they did.
          Covid was a BS pandemic, with morbidity and mortality outcomes now known to be similar to that of the ‘flu, but before we knew this for sure, we were all scared out of our wits (by uber exaggerated press releases and bogus PCR testing) and we allowed our captured governments to institute the draconian but useless measures (mandatory vaccination, social distancing etc) mandated by all of the acronymed organisations. These incalculably damaged this world, intentionally so.
          The measures were instituted simultaneously worldwide by those trained by the WEF in their YGL programme since the early 90’s. Didn’t you ever wonder how slickly co-ordinated it all was? Canada’s cabinet for example, has over 50% YGL people.
          It is THIS perceived threat that the WHO Pandemic Treaty (also known as the WHO CAII – see link below) wants to capitalise upon and use to dictate to us. It is THIS that paves the way for our impending captivity. Not unlike the “you gotta do this because its in the interests of national security” rubbish that has allowed these deviants to control American since 911.
          The WHO’s Pandemic Treaty will
          1. Override your constitutional rights – no lawyer can help you
          2. Apply at the discretion of the WHO, they can declare ANYTHING they see fit to be a pandemic (remember the monkey pox BS?)
          3. Allow you to be quarantined indefinitely as the WHO sees fit
          4. Allow the WHO to use ANY medical device they see fit to use (read vaccine)
          For more see the links at the bottom.
          The CBDC measures will do away with ALL cash. EVERY transaction you make will be observed (digital cameras, facial recognition technology etc) – they will know what you buy, when you buy it a where, and be able to stop you at their (completely unhinged) discretion, and your every waking minute can be completely controlled by a nameless faceless central bank. Remember ALL RESERVE BANKS are also owned by nameless faceless people who are unelected and don’t answer to anyone. Control the money, control the people. Ask Canadian truckers how much fun that is.

          So there you go Quentin, I hope I have used enough emotional intelligence and intellectually argued these points to your satisfaction, so that you will eventually catch a wake up.

          You take care too, bru.

          Links as promised – especially for you two naughty boys 😊
          Stop Medical Colonialism: Vote NO to the WHO • read his VERY carefully please, and add your voice and pass it on to people with grey matter
 see the shape of things to come? (please name ONE beneficial mRNA vaccine?)

          1. John, thanks for your response and feedback in reference to a writer “having at least a modicum of knowledge about the subject at hand. Which you imply I am lacking; and my “inability to grasp the fundamentals at hand.”
            In response to your “No lawyer can save me, “ I offer the following: I refer you to the link on Medical Consent in Queensland:
   Any treatment without ‘informed’ consent would constitute ‘assault and battery’. I would not have to prove damages, only that I was touched in the absence of consent to treatment. M Further, should ANY medical device cause me harm, that would constitute professional negligence, using the principles of negligence: a) a duty f care existed; b) the standard was well established; c) the breach was obvious; and d) the damage was self evident. I acknowledge that I would have to prove that damage/harm was caused or resulted from the treatment. In the context of your claim about being isolated (if I am not a threat of harm to others) that would constitute ‘false imprisonment’.
            I offer a links to Australia’s ‘Right to Health’, which states “The freedom includes the right to control one’s health and body… right to be free from interference, the right to e free from torture, non-consensual medical treatment and experimentation.”,consensual%20medical%20treatment%20and%20experimentation.
            In reference to your comment that COVID is a BS pandemic, I refer you to Hannes’s opinion piece “Ivermectin: a Doctors Opinion” Hannes refers to the doctors explanation of the ‘Cytokine storm’. I have a post-graduate qualification in intensive care nursing (Australian), and have looked after many patients with SARS, SIRS, and Sepsis, which can lead to multi-organ failure. I get a sense that you may be a doctor, so you would have a good understanding of V/Q mismatch and shunt that can occur in SARS and COVID. Here is a link for the readers : Some have supported Sweden’s stance on controlling the spread of COVID. I offer a video ‘The King of Sweden says country ‘Failed on COVID response’”
            Yes, Pfizer patented the vaccine for SARS, a while back, but with the decline of the spread of SARS, research funding dried up, and research was halted.
            Yes, COVID came from a lab in Wuhan. The US military did a lot of research on anthrax and other biological labs, many kilograms of the pathogens disappeared from the labs. The US has an ugly past on human experimentation link:
   Before claiming the moral high-ground there were rumours that Rhodeis used pathogens to knock-off insurgents.
            The Medics reference to WEF (of which I am no fan) Schwab and Mandela and the great reset. What is the connection? Did the WEF have any influence over releasing Mandela, and brining the ANC to power?
            In reference to the reserve banks being owned, it is well known under the Republican George Bush, the treasury asked BlackRock (a WEF strategic partner) to come up with a solution. BlackRock has shares in every major international bank, with investments in the trillions. If one goes down, they all go down. That is why the treasury to BlackRock for a solution. I didn’t agree with the solution but admit the consequences of not doing so may have been worse.
            In regard to every transaction made will be observed (digital cameras, facial recognition etc). In this context, Google has a profile of all my searches, Google Maps has a record of everywhere I have traveled. The taxman knows how much I earned. FB has had facial recognition for years, and the masses kept signing up.
            My reference to the Medics ‘word salad ‘remains, until he can clarify which of the above is the “Greatest Crime of All Time.” Or provide a rationale on how the permutation of these topics meets the threshold of being a crime?
            Now for the crunch which of the following ethical theories/doctrines would you and the Medic use in order to formulate a solution in each of the above contexts: Kantianism, Deontology, Devine Command Theory, Utilitarianism and discourse ethics.
            Have a awesome day and take care.

    2. I agree. A word salad, of COVID, facial recognition, WEF, Mandela, sociapaths, wealthy elite, Biden, the usual suspects and “God given human rights” all jumbled together in an attempt to make some kind of intelectual argument. Could the author please clarify which of these word-salad topics is the “Greatest crime of all time”. Thaks. take care.

        1. John, this is the comment I posted in Mr Keys’s opion piece “Lies,lies and more lies” in this forum on 25 April at 22:55. Please read it to verify.
          Mr Keys, in your quest for the truth, you are now probably aware that Tucker Carlson has acknowledged he lies. He stated that: “I lie. I really try not to. I try never to lie on TV. I just don’t – I don’t like lying. I certainly do it, you know out of weakness or whatever.”
          It is of note that Tucker Carlson’s lawyers in the Fox settlement argued “You can’t expect to literally believe the words that come out of Carlson’s mouth.”
          The Judge holding court proceedings for the defamation case stated: “Given Mr Carlson’s reputation any reasonable viewer arrives with an appropriate amount of scepticism about statements he makes.”
          John, I note that you have intentionaly chosesn not to disclose whether you are a medical doctor or not. I assume you are Russel’s brother. If you are a medical Further, you have not offered evidence to dispute the V/Q mismatch and/or shunt that may occur in SARS COVID; the cytokine storm; or the health rights I cited earlier. Science is not perfect, but epidemiology provides some insight into predicting the odds, risk, relative risk, attributal risk and polulation risk. I, this context I cite Gordis Epidemiology, 6th Edition by David Ceelntano. I have uploaded a spreasheet in my dropbox with some of these epidemiological calculations that evaluate risks, Case Control and Randomised Control Trials and Confidence Intervals Further, It is of note that youa have offered a counter argument to dispute my assertions on what precedents I able to use to argue against your claims, ‘no lawyer can save me’. If COVID was BS, why woufd AHPRA reregister 20,000 retired doctors and nurses; ICU double up the bedspaces and ventilators be so in demand that Donald Trump ordered companies to manufacture ventilators (back tothe V/Q Mismatch & shunt. It is of note that Donald trump invested in a German manufacturer of COVID-19 vaccines, despite his claim “it would go away.” . John, neither have contested that Sweden may have got it wrong. I offer Dr John Cambell’s interview with Swedish doctor, Dr Tallinger, who publicly states Swedish doctors were ordered to give morphine without oxygen to those over 80, without obtaining consent.. That amounts to euthansasia, without consent, whcih is professional negligence, which meets the threshold for a criminal offence. It is of note that the Medic has elected not to respond to my comments. Please pick one topic from the ‘word-salad’ and provide more credible evidence, than Tucker Carlson. Take care bru. Are you Russel’s brother?

          1. Oh dear Quentin. You do get the bull buy the udders.

            You seem to repeatedly avoid the MAIN issue at hand – the reason this article was published in the first place. So I must assume you do it intentionally.

            The fact that this provably manufactured American bioweapon has caused the greatest harm to humanity ever still escapes your disinclined consciousness! Hence the greatest crime against humanity part. I do not even begin to understand how you dispute that the careful and premeditated mass murder and mass harm, the annihilation of our way of life for 2+ years, the destruction of middle class commerce, the outright theft of good peoples’ money is the worst criminal act that has ever been committed. A crime against the entire population of this world.

            And the intended consequence by these acronymed arseholes … the fact that the purposed rollout of the SARS CoV 2 spike protein has paved the way for changes that will enslave us all IF WE DO NOT WAKE UP AND FIGHT THIS. Do you follow this?

            Bouncing around invoking all sorts of other stuff has been fun, but time consuming so this will be my last post. While I concede Tucker may not be the best news source, he is in the main honest and on point – here is Bobby Kennedy, advocate for responsible vaccination who wholeheartedly backs The Medic’s narrative (read his book perhaps?).

            So, here’s my last stab at trying to get what this entire exchange has been about into that thick and very reluctant skull of yours– or is Robert Kennedy Jr also a bullshitter whose last 20 years of trying to protect children (and by extrapolation all of us with it) means zero?
            #StopTheTreaty: Act Today to Stop WHO’s Disastrous Power Grab • Children’s Health Defense (

    3. Stupid dumb ignoramus, ideal steeple for what you cannot comprehend. You may love to suffer your wokeness

      1. Rudolph, thanks for you repsonse in regards to me being “stupid, ignoramus, ideal steeple for what I cannot comprehend” and my wokeness.” Please read my response to John Pridgeon.

  4. Pedophilia is not a sexual preference.
    The MRNA injection is not a vaccine.
    The news is not real.
    Men are not women.
    Climate change is not a threat.
    The government is not your friend.

    1. Viagra does work. That’s a fact. There is so much to debate when it comes to ‘conspiracy theories’ versus ‘facts’. We could be here all day. Pfizer produced a ‘winner’ with the ‘blue pill’. Big Pharma has a history of ‘trial and error’ and so do a lot of other big and small businesses. Kodak failed to progress in the camera industry and went bankrupt. Technological advances are paramount to progress and we will never know whether we were right or wrong. I had the Covid vaccine and am still alive…for now.

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