by Hannes Wessels

Most people I know are thrilled the Trump era is over. And watching his performance in his final days they may be right; but with him gone and Democrats about to take control of the White House and both houses of congress, I lament the lost opportunities and from a place far away from America, I fear for the future.

Trump came to power with what I thought was a laudable agenda based on sound principles. Importantly, he expressed his pride in the underlying goodness of traditional American values and core beliefs based on Christian fundamentals. This infuriated the progressive elites of the metropolitan East and West coasts and the ‘establishment’ which the president liked to refer to as ‘the Swamp’.  He seemed to understand the plight of the American working class and moved to cut taxes. He wanted to secure his country’s borders, cut better trade deals for America, confront China’s expanding global aggression, pressure the presumptuous Europeans to spend more on their own defence and extricate US troops from costly, unwinnable wars in the Middle East and elsewhere. He rightly pointed out that America was indulgent to its enemies and started to withhold aid to countries he considered hostile. Closer to home, he criticised African governments and was rude about the state of some countries, though anyone familiar with contemporary Africa will struggle to disagree with his opinions. Through Mike Pompeo, his secretary of state, he did what no Western politician would dare to do and expressed concern about the safety of South African farmers. Though many of his goals have been frustrated, to a large extent as a consequence of relentless harassment, he achieved much that is positive during his term of office.  Unfortunately, there is more to do and that opportunity is denied him. The new administration will move quickly to undo what was done and reverse course.

Against this backdrop, as a white African who has long believed that what is loosely known as ‘Western Civilisation’, with roots going back to the great Greek philosophers, bolstered by a Christian bedrock, has been, on balance, a force for good in the world, spawning and growing some of the most successful polities in history, bringing health and happiness to millions, maybe billions of people. While most disagree, I also believe that this same ‘Western Civilisation’, that was introduced to Africa during the now reviled colonial era, brought countless benefits that accrued from the introduction of the rule of law, health and education services and competent governance. However, under the guise of ‘African Nationalism’, most of those systems and structures have been destroyed and replaced by home-grown autocracies which have in most cases, governed badly, bringing poverty and misery to the majority. Unlike most Europeans and Americans, I have borne sad witness to what actually happens when this process unfolds, and I fear we in Africa were only the first dominos to fall as Western leaders turn their backs on their old beliefs and their past.

For Christians everywhere looking for spiritual guidance they are certain to be disappointed. The current Pope would have been better placed as a populist politician.  A committed socialist, he seems to care more about the ‘woke’ issues of the day like combatting capitalism, Islamophobia and global warming than protecting persecuted believers and ministering to his congregation. The Anglican Church, led by a long line of feckless liberals, estranged from traditional British values, have alienated most of their following and weakened the old faith-based bonds that made Britons proud and the country a role-model for the world. Today in Britain, much of the leadership at local and national level is in the hands of people who hail from countries and cultures that are not well known for tolerance of dissent or good governance.

At the political level, Western Europe provides no leadership that talks confidently about the role the Christian ethos played in their path to being rich and influential. In Germany, little or no mention of Martin Luther, the power of Protestantism and the part played by the people and ideas that once empowered the nation. Everywhere, in the developed democracies, religious and political leaders are found on their knees pledging respect and affection for all but their own faith, even ones that openly demand the death and destruction of those very people who have delivered on the Christian commitment to inclusivity and freedom of worship.

In schools and universities around the world pupils and students are being taught that their European-Christian heritage is synonymous with slavery, colonialism and capitalist inspired plunder and that they must accept guilt for the alleged crimes of their ancestors because they are undeserving beneficiaries of their malfeasance. This message has hit home hard and generations to come are convinced that they must spend much of the rest of their lives suffering justifiable punishment for their bloodline, their faith, and their inheritances. Part of the penance they must pay will include acceptance of the end of meritocracy; in their lives ahead they will have to embrace the fact that no matter how hard they work or perform, they will likely be denied opportunities in education and their chosen careers, simply because of the colour of their skin.

With the election of Joe Biden, this sad course of events is set to accelerate, not least because his Vice President, Kamala Harris, a racist who hails from the radical left, is likely to assume the presidential reigns sooner rather than later. Their policy programme looks set to strengthen and consolidate the liberal tyranny that seeks to destroy western democracy as we know it.

Uncontrolled immigration into the US will speed up the process of marginalising and diluting the soon to be white minority. An abrupt move to socialism will increase the burden placed upon the predominantly white, working and middle-class while the number of people wholly dependent on the State for their survival ratchets up. The new administration is likely to be largely bereft of conservative whites who hold dear their country’s history and traditional mores and culture.

In a way this follows the same path we went down in southern Africa and I fear there is little doubt where it leads to. America is on a path to self-destruction and that is not good for many of us in this topsy-turvy world. But for the Chinese and all those who seek the final erasure of all semblances of Western civilisation, it is a bonanza.



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  1. It’s true. I’ve been reading articles today in the Wall Street Journal. They’ve always been more-inclined to adhere to the principles of traditional, impartial journalism, unlike other mainstream media outlets, whose journalists now more-resemble ‘political activists’. Since the shut-downs by big tech media of various voices/platforms, everyone is now running scared for the survival of their businesses/reputations so many are not supporting Trump at all. He’s been all-but abandoned by everyone. Fox refers more indirectly to him but constantly decries the power of the big tech/media (thankfully) and strongly-condemns the violence (which we all do).

    I’m frustrated as, in Trump’s speech, he did what many other public figures have done – encouraged his supporters to ‘go to the Hill and make themselves heard to the Senators inside’. He did NOT tell them to break into the building. Those who’ve combed his speech have acknowledged this and conceded that similar exhortations by public figures have been common-place in history. But, yes, emotions were running high that day, and it all went horribly wrong. Sadly, the egregious Democrats are gleefully feasting upon this hand-out of horrors as well as ramping up – and further-distorting – the reputation of all Republicans, forgetting their own experiences w street-violence, NONE of which they condemned until closer to the election. (Some ghastly calls appearing on fb – and not taken down – for ‘Republicans to be destroyed’.)

    Most Republicans who gathered felt deeply-frustrated about more than just the election process/outcome/lost evidence. They felt they had suffered through 4 years of witch-hunts, stiflings + distortions by the oppressive left-wing media; shut-downs on lop-sided social media platforms; indecent ridiculing + guffawing by Hollywood-ites, talk-show hosts and mainstream media outlets; attacks on baseball playing fields, mobbings outside their homes, on campuses, in restaurants and in the streets but – sadly – this more extreme element in the group reminded us all that ‘two wrongs don’t make a right’. They shredded the good parts of Trump’s Presidency and brought us all to this point.

    The Democrats are now high-fiving each other about the second gift that came their way, the first having been Covid, enabling the constant playing-up of all the deaths during the election campaign; the validation of their call to stay away on voting day and to rather mail-in (more susceptible to fraud); the placing of drop-boxes on random, unsupervised corners throughout America (increasing the likelihood of vote-stuffing); and all of these departures from traditional election rules/behaviours topped by the multiple accounts of hobbled Republican overseers, unverified signatures, discarded envelopes, fabrications about burst water pipes to stop the counting, etc, etc; and – second – the Capital Hill event.

    About the election outcome, Trump’s rhetoric has been deemed controversial and inflammatory but, given the number of outcries made by people on the ground during the election, why was there not an enquiry? It’d have taken a mere ten days. And now – an Impeachment for Sedition? Once again, a flogging and final-silencing of Trump by the Democrats now-shredding the substance (a second Impeachment?) upon which America was built.

    Trump – that boorish boy from Queens – put up a good fight, certainly did disrupt the establishment, changed the face of communication by circumventing the press (until shut down) and accomplished much that has yet to be recognized. Above all, he desperately-tried to put America first again – and – he stood up to China, our new rulers. We must recognize how under threat our personal liberties have become and try, if for nothing else, to thank Trump for trying to preserve them. Unfortunately, the manner in which he delivered his promises became the focus, not what those promises were.

    It’s so depressing. And I’m not even American. But, I’m a member of this big, wide world and have offspring and grandchildren – as do most of you. Our wish is for them to grow up in a
    world knowing right from wrong, truth from untruth, enjoying freedom of expression – now gravely-under attack – and, above all, kindness – so lacking of late.

    What a mess. Really.

    God bless America – the world – and God save us all.


  2. As a new member and from the UK, (though lived in SA for a number of years) this was a brave article.
    Not quite sure if I agree with all of it, however, seeing the demise and erosion of traditional Christian values here I would agree with most of the article.

  3. You have avoided the issue. You spoke about his behaviour. The fact that he has deliberatly chosen to not to engage with the traitors in his political party or to continue to attempt to justify himslef to anyone is not bad behaviour.
    The media, i.e. the MSM have been relentless in their attcks on him from even before his inaguaration.
    Have you though why that is? Has it occcured to you that even after he has issued a stament about the transition of power they continue to atack him? Why, because he did not concede. Conceding to fraud is capitulation IMHO. Here it is :
    “Even though I totally disagree with the outcome of the election, and the facts bear me out, nevertheless there will be an orderly transition on January 20th.”
    “I have always said we would continue our fight to ensure that only legal votes were counted.While this represents the end of the greatest first term in presidential history, it’s only the beginning of our fight to Make America Great Again! “

    He aslo berated the invation of the Capitol and condemned the behaviour.
    I don’t think any of that is bad behaviour?

    I am of the opinion that Trump was an existential thereat to the Globalist order. Therefor the sustained attack on him before his inauguration and during his presidency. By all accounts it looks like it will continue after the 20th Jan. They have a score to settle.

    For many he was a hope for bringing back democracy and freedoms to the people of the US that would be viewed with by many with envy. The threat would become even more dangerous if that occurred. Other countries would demand the same including the UK who has capitulated.

    The threat was too great.
    All means possible bar assassination were used including denial of access to courts.
    He remains a massive threat to them, so assassination is not out of the question. I think he is aware of that though. They underestimate him.

    The power of these globalists is such that even the Supreme Court of the US shudder in their boots and are terrified at the thought of swift retribution by these megalomaniacs if they dare step out of line. The reaction of the senators and congress was the same.

    It will take a man of Trumps courage to liberate humanity from slavery that these Globalists wish to impose on us.

    They can call him what you want but he remains a very brave man. In spite of adversity, he has remained strong, it’ s called fortitude, few men have it. Look at the hysteria in the media. The reaction of the left wing media and social medis refusing to allow him to speak, that is disgraful. They have tried everything insults banning, deplatforming, he will still outwit them. This terrifies them all.

    I am not sure when, it will happen that these Globalist criminals will have their day of reckoning. I hope it is sooner than later.

    There is more to this attack on Trump, I recognise fear when I see it. It could get uglier., unless he stops it in its tracks. We all need to still hope he can.

    1. Thank you John. I find this very enlightening and interesting. And I must say I agree with what you say. I suspect the next step is to find a way of indicting him and sending him to prison to further humiliate him. As far as the ‘Deep State’ is concerned he simply tweaked the tiger’s tail and the reaction has been ferocious. God knows where this is headed but it looks very ugly.

  4. I have not visited the website for a couple of months, but upon looking in today, it was a pleasant surprise to read this article. As a native born citizen of the USA, I must say this is an exceptionally clear and coherent assesment of the situation. I have not seen or heard any American summarize it half as well. Thank you, Mr. Wessels.

  5. I always had the impression that Trump talked about civilisation, Christian values etc. for the sake of getting elected, not out of any core beliefs. I doubt he has any core beliefs that don’t involve money. I don’t share the concerns about Biden – he’s no Bernie Sanders – nor about Kamala Harris, who may be black and Democrat but is not exactly a “bleeding heart liberal” if her record as a DA is a guide e.g. she opposed an attempt to ban capital punishment in California. In general, the idea that Trump was some kind of defender of (small c) conservative or Christian values in the USA just doesn’t work for me, because I saw little evidence that he genuinely had such values.

  6. American politics has descended into the depths of the gutter. The Democrats and their cronies hounded Trump from before he was elected. Now it is the turn of the Republicans to hound the Democrats and their leaders. When is this never-ending hounding of each other stop?

  7. Sadly Donald Trump was no Christian, but Christians in name only put up with his antics. He did nothing for the middle class, he gave them a minuscule tax cut while giving his wealthy friends both in business and privately huge million dollar tax cuts. In fact if you live in the US as I do and are middle class as I am your tax cut sunsets in 2025, but the business and wealthy individual’s tax cuts don’t. Donald Trump is at heart a con man mixed with a mob boss. He has spent his life bankrupting businesses, ripping off contractors, living the hedonistic playboy’s life and bullying people. Read about him before he became President and you will find out his mob tendencies, look forward the stories of the small time contractors whom he refused to pay and then forced them to accept lower sums of money on threats of lawsuits. He has run the presidency in the same way. I fully believe that in a few years we will find out that he was actually bankrupt and his run for President of the US was a way to enrich himself and his family. People pony to him refusing his salary, but his expenses cost the US taxpayer far more, jaunts to his resorts, trips for his kids, thousands of golf games, nights paid in his high priced resorts fir his security detail. The Trump family are nothing more than grifters and a mob family. My only hope is that Biden can reunify our country that Trump has torn asunder.

    1. The people who get the huge tax cuts are the ones who are enabled to employ people like you. That is why the USA under Trump had the best unemployement ever. I admit he is not everyones cup of tea, you are forgiven for not liking him

  8. Money can’t buy you love (Beatles) but it sure can buy you hate .The rent a Antifa crowd to storm the building was in my view a well planned and orchestrated move by Democrats .Principally to divert attention. from election fraud narrative and demonize Trump in eyes of fence sitting Republicans. Hopefully investigative journalism will reveal who the mob were and include the recent revelations from Italy on election fraud to focus attention back on the real agenda to get Trump out.

  9. Hannes as a committed Christian I agree with all you say, however we have been looking at the tapestry too closely. We need to step back and look at the bigger picture. I predicted last year that Trump would lose despite being a supporter of his. The reason for my prediction is that the Christian timeline revolves squarely around Israel. She will become the last bastion of sanity on this planet and will soon, not too far away be attacked as and when Biden undoes the recent treaties in the region. The war is referred to in Ezekiel 38. This war will be vicious but it’s essential that GOD alone protects Israel and not Trump, an avid supporter of Israel. THAT is why he had to lose the election as the world cannot become the cesspit it needs to be with Trump still in office. We will all have our day laughing when our true enemies stumble as it says we will do in one of the Proverbs. I am nonetheless very sad about what has happened as I love America.

    1. Rulers will come and go, but we have a sovereign God who sits on His throne on high and has preexisted the beginning of time and will be there at the end if time.

      Rulers – the democrats, republicans, socialists, far left, far right, fascists, dictators are but a puff in the wind.

      We can not see the bigger picture bit when we stand at the cross, we experience the convergence of Gods sovereignty, love and can trust that only He knows what finished work at the end of time will look.

      In the meantime, come what may – we can only live trusting His preferred love for each of us.

      What ever downstream collateral the democrats cause – God will remain sovereign over every circumstance.

      Victor Frankl said it is mans destiny to suffer , and each of us have the unique opportunity to bear our burden. That we should accept suffering as a unique task. This distinguishes each individual and gives meaning to existence. God holds all in the palm of His hand, sonwe should not be anxious.

  10. Hannes you have laid it out well and the Americans will pay dearly for their bias of what Trump accomplished for their benefit. John Davidson I completely disagree with your view – please do yourself a favour and read up in detail of what a narcissist is – you will be astounded. You have no fear of Biden and Harris – watch the space going forward and lets discuss in a years time to see if you still don’t fear. If you are unware he whole heartedly supported the PF terrorist leaders against us Rhodesians.

    1. Hannes, this is a well-written and thought-provoking article. Chris, the academic left in Australia are among the most narcissistic people you will ever come across. As Hannes mentioned, our youth have been brainwashed in our schools and universities. Marxism, socialism, colonialism and white privilege are entrenched in our Australian system,. The Australian Defence Force is currently embracing ‘post-modernism’. The same has occurred in the US and Canada. Please watch this video. Australia’ national anthem is next. The left hate ‘white ‘ males.

  11. So the Democrats have just managed to pull off the biggest political heist in history, and at this stage I am not sure who is worse, the usurpers or the cowardly Republicans and treacherous Rinos who allowed this to happen. When Trump came to power, those of us who took an interest in American politics knew he was an imperfect President and had ‘baggage’, yet for many, his arrival was seen as timely in the light of the increasing criminal and morally reprehensible activities taking place in American politics. Just the unnatural frenzy of outrage that resulted from his appointment and from the most unlikely souces and for the most ridiculous reasons indicated to me that his enemies realised here was someone who posed a threat to the comfortable lifestyles of parasitic and corrupt politicians and those associated with them. Sadly Trump did disappoint more and more as time went by and I guess we will never know the reasons for some of the questionable things he did or did not do. In any event, it is clear that the Democrat freak show has begun with them opening in prayer in Parliment, thus – “We ask it in the name of the monotheistic god, Brahma, and god known by many names by many different things.” and ending with “Amen” and “A-woman!” Evidently none of them realised that Amen (meaning ‘so be it’ in Hebrew) has no connection whatsoever to gender.

    Yet judging from one comment here, I see Trump Derangement Syndrome still prevails. If Trump is a “detestable, lying narcissist” then what is Biden and his son with their criminal activities in Ukraine? And what about the treasonous activities of Obama, Bush, Clinton and the rest of them? One day I would love someone to tell me why it is only Trump that is used as a punchbag and not the rest of them. Well my prediction is, is those who hated Trump with so much passion are going to be wishing he was back once Joe Biden, the professional country wrecker gets busy finishing off the U.S. and if he fails there is always his VP, Kamala Harris who I am sure will very ably continue where he left off. Interesting times.

  12. Thank you as always for your thoughts and observations, Hannes. The view we are getting at the end of Trump’s term is the myopic and distorted view of a leftist controlled tool and weapon, but like you, no matter what narrative is spewed I fear the future of democracy here in America. Harris will, as you say, seize the rei(g)ns of power and become the puppet of the hidden manipulators before Biden’s cheeks warm the seat in the Oval office. I only hope this does not drive the 4,2 million or so of us legal gun owners to resort to civil war again, as that would surely leave the way open for Eastern power and remove the bastion of refuge and succour from this World. Stay well Sir, and may 2021 be all you desire it to be. I remain your fellow displaced African and appreciative reader.

    1. Thanks Simon. I live in hope but feel very despondent right now. I feel coming from where we do we have seen it all before and it ends badly.

      1. Yes indeed Hannes, I too am despondent, but am trying to remain positive and hopeful that this time round the outcome will be different in a different land and circumstance. Take care and thank you as always for your perspective.

  13. These events will usher in the era of the Anti Christ……

    Jan Markell, Pastor Billy Crone, and Pastor Brandon Holthaus begin a two-part series exposing the agenda of the Great Reset of the World Economic Forum. This is paving the way for the kingdom of the Antichrist. How can we push back against this global tyranny? This scheme is hiding in plain sight.

  14. Agree with you John. The biggest failure of the Republicans was Trump himself. He saw himself as the self proclaimed messiah using his power as a threat to manipulate and intimidate to get HIS way. Had Republicans elected a leader that was not a self serving nepotist and narcissist liar, the result of this election may have been far different.

  15. Great summary as always, thanks Hannes. It’s not necessarily over yet though,
    My info is that he is in Texas with the nine Demo laptops they borrowed during the chaos when pelosi et al gapped it. Gathering more evidence of treason and fraud.
    Still 12 days to go until the 20th…….

  16. When Mugabe came to power in 1980, some looked forward to the benefits that peace would bring. I wished them well and left.
    In the last stages of his Presidency, Trump was attempting, through a committee headed by Senator Ted Cruz, to make Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook more accountable for his social media activities. Some of you will have now received notification from WhatsApp (which was acquired by Zuckerberg in 2014) that unless you accept revised terms and conditions from February you will no longer be able to use WhatsApp. I have attempted without success to attach an independent summary of the invasions of privacy, extending even to bank details, that can be expected thereafter. At present I can only forward that summary on WhatsApp itself.
    I also suggest you digest Hannes Wessels’ article above (The End of Donald Trump) before succumbing to the tempting euphoria at Trump’s demise.
    I can only hope that faith in Biden is not misplaced, but fear that hope is slender.

  17. Sadly, you’re right on the money Hannas. The coming full swing to the left in the USA will be hard to stop and it will have a global impact. The future does not look bright for those with even marginally conservative views. We are living in interesting times.

  18. Hannes Wessels you write very well but you are miss informed. When do the media call the election? The might of the American military are taking down the Deep State and they ask DJT to run as president because he could not be bought. He is a brilliant man and up to the job. He and the military will succeed and we need to get behind that in Africa, Australia and around the world. If you had the inside intel you’d write a completely different article … hope you will VERY SOON write a ‘I was wrong’ article. Biden is a criminal and will face treason. Harris too and 70% of the government. They have lied, cheated and financially defrauded the US and other countries for personal gain, with hundred/thousands of indictments to prove it. Because the judiciary is compromised everything now goes to military tribunal … exactly where Trump wanted them. Read and understand his Executive Orders. You cannot put out this stuff and weaken the resolve of your readers. This is the last stand for liberty in the world without which our future is a lot worse than you suggest in your article – in less that 10 years. We need to get behind Trump and not spread hopelessness needlessly. We are responsible for the words of our mouths as they are swords. If you want some intel contact me, a Zimbo living in Australia who would much rather be in beloved Africa.

  19. Sadly the liberal forces around the world rallied from before Donald Trump even took office to oust this threat to their global ambitions. They have achieved their goal by placing a puppet in as President of the USA. I fear for the future that awaits my grandchildren in a world that is focused on removing all western civilized values from the face of this planet and replacing then with a frightening satanic system.

    1. Why on earth have you all and the author given up on Donald Trump? The media DO NOT call the election and with the mammoth amount of evidence of criminal election fraud Biden can not be president never mind the fact that he could no get a security clearance to take office because if defrauding the US tax payers and putting the US at international risk. Harris has not resigned her senate seat … why? Could it be because she knows this is a sham. The might if the US
      military is doing this. Stop report like the fake news. Do your research. The article nevertheless is very well written. A Zimbo living in Australia.

      1. Right now, only Trump is calling fraud: everyone else on his side who matters – including Mike Pence, William Barr, Mitch McConnell and so on – have accepted that Trump lost. We had some Republican Senators raising objections, without claiming that there was evidence, so that went nowhere.

        If the Republican party platform evolves to reflect the will of a majority of Americans, they’ll be back, and they can win without gerrymandering, voter suppression, and all the other dirty tricks that worked for them before.

  20. I think you are right and it does not bode well for America, the democrats will soon see the light.
    It has been achieved without firing a shot… almost ok one or two.

  21. Speaking as a right of centre conservative Republican supporter I am glad Trump is or will soon be gone. I am furious at the GOP for going all in behind him. In doing so they lost the centre ground to the Democrats and that is why they lost the Presidential and Senate elections.. A half decent human being with conservative policies and an empathic personality would have easily won against Biden/Harris. He should have been impeached and replaced with Pence when they had the opportunity but they totally misread the mood of the centre and that is why we are where we are.

    I dont fear Biden/Harris as much as some people do but time will tell. If I had been voting I would have accepted that risk as being preferable to Trump. He is a detestable, lying narcissist and only thinks of himself. How any decent human being can endorse him is just beyond me.

    1. Mr. Davidson:
      after that post, I doubt very much that you are a conservative at all. Most of Trump’s policies and successes, putting his often crude methods aside, were solidly conservative. BTW, don’t know if you live in the US anymore, but there is no ‘centre conservative’ nor “center conservative’ remaining. Many conservative values and ideas have been completely abandoned–‘sound fiscal policy,’ ‘deficit hawk’? I don’t know a single politician that is a deficit hawk. NO politician talks about the national debt, that’s all been conveniently forgotten (until hyperinflation slams us).

    2. Thanks Hannes. It takes a brave person to say anything vaguely supportive of Trump and so hats off for your assessment of some of the significances of his time in office. The events of these last few days will stay in people’s’ memories far longer than anything Trump achieved.
      It does feel as if anyone with conservative Christian views is now branded an ‘ist of some sort, and right of centre persons will readily vote for left leaning politicians and accept the risk of Kamala Harris becoming President.
      How the CCP must be rubbing its hands with glee..

      1. Yes Nick I agree, his recent behaviour has been unacceptable and indefensible but I do think he set out with good intentions but was horribly hounded every day of his term. I also think there are a lot of very angry Americans out there who do not believe their voice is being heard and this bodes ill for the future of America.

        1. Please elaborate on what you state as “His Behaviour” I’m intrigued as to what you mean.

          1. I think post the election he has handled the situation badly. Even his close lieutenants seem to be distancing themselves and he has given the media plenty to work with in the ongoing vilification of this man.

        2. Hi Hannes. Please watch this video. Lt Gen Thomas Mclnerney had some very interesting things to say on 12/1/2021 It is interesting that the Pentagon took a few hours before they dispatched the National Guard to the Capitol. Why? Please watch this video.

        3. Hi Hannes, Youtube just knocked Lt Gen Thomas Mclnerney talk off the internet a few seconds after I posted earlier.. I did manage to download a copy. If you contact me, I can upload it to dropbox. So much for ‘free speech’.

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