by Hannes Wessels


It’s getting harder and harder to find a news publication to believe in.

It was with some dismay that I noted the ‘Economist’ trumpeting the accession to power of Barack Obama insisting only he was the man with the tools to mend America’s broken economy. John McCain, we were told was tainted by association with a failed administration and lost for new ideas. The ‘Yes We Can’ man, notwithstanding a curriculum vitae bereft of any indication that he was anything other than a smooth-talking party hack from the most corrupt political machine in America, got a firm thumbs-up from the wise men at ‘The Economist’ and the doubters were damned; Fox News anchors, asking some intelligent questions about Obama’s ability to govern in the national interest, were dismissed as ‘loudmouths’ undeserving of a serious audience. Most now agree Obama has an excellent chance of going down as the most inept president in the history of the American Republic.

On ‘Global Warming’ ‘The Economist’ rallied early to the Al Gore call and repeated his warning that if desperate measures were not quickly followed, a catastrophe was likely. When ‘e mails’ were revealed along with evidence of a large information-suppression conspiracy designed to perpetuate what was unproven and in some cases blatant falsehoods, their reaction was a diffident one and they continue to plug an alarmist line despite the discrediting of the principals who transfixed the world with terrifying theories of looming doom. This is them playing their part in the strategy of the ‘politically-correct’ shock-troopers who contrive to control through fear.  News that ‘General Gore’ took time off from saving the world at a Climate Change conference to make some unwanted advances towards a pretty young masseuse has predictably been ignored. Latest data shows that the polar ice-cap Gore predicted would have melted by 2014 has actually expanded.

Recently they ran a cover-story taking a sanguine view of the rocketing growth in the world’s population.  Those of us who look at the population decline in Western Europe with concern were informed we need not worry; we could rejoice in the fecundity of the Third World where rampant libidos would more than plug the deficit. We can, we are told celebrate a total population of roughly 10 billion by 2050 which will drive economic growth, albeit from a different hemisphere. This is because only about 10% of the total population will then reside in the ‘Developed’ north; the USA, Canada and Western Europe combined, and the bulk of the new-arrivals will appear elsewhere. The biggest jump in numbers is certain to be in Africa.

Their premise seems to be based on the incredibly stupid presumption that numbers equal economic growth so if there are only 40,000,000 Germans left we need not fear; the population of Tanzania will be over 40,000,000 by that time and all will be well. Tanzania, like Germany might just be an economic powerhouse and if all goes according to plan should be able to help their former colonisers drive global economic growth.

This is specious nonsense that flies in the face of a plethora of potent evidence to the contrary and another example of the politically-correct mindset playing havoc with reality. Surely the people who run the ‘Western World’ take a unique position in being clever enough to create the most just and prosperous societies the world has ever known, but dumb enough to think that other people from other cultures and races can simply do the same.

But in the midst of all this confusion it all becomes a little more understandable because it is now known that ‘Economist’ staff were part of the informal but secret, sinister and powerful ‘JournoList’ which boasted members from virtually all the principle publications in the print and electronic media.

Their mission, in the same spirit as the ‘global-warming’ frauds they were so supportive of, and in keeping with classical liberal-fascist dogma, was to suppress the inconvenient truth when deemed necessary and punt the lines that conformed with their political agenda. Thus it was Sarah Palin was given a thorough thrashing, condemned as a dunce and dismissed but Barak Obama was never asked he became editor of the Harvard Law Review having never written an article. Stalin would have been proud of the spin-boys at ‘The Economist’.


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