Hannes Wessels

I have been a Covid sceptic from the outset; not because I know anything about science or medicine, but because I picked up some early signs that gave me a hunch this might not be the devastating plague we were being told it was.

With the global narrative being led by the WHO (World Health Organisation), which I knew was heavily influenced by the Chinese, who almost certainly had a hand in causing the problem, I was underwhelmed by the warnings of imminent catastrophe, being broadcast by their head, Tedros Ghebreyesus .  Here we had a professional politician of highly questionable principles, in the thrall of the Chinese who put him in that position, with little or no real knowledge of epidemiology, making decisions that would impact on the lives of billions of people.  

I also noted early on that most of the scientists, led by the much-vaunted Professor Neil Ferguson of London’s Imperial College, were of a far-left political persuasion, who outside of the medical arena, are firm believers in the wonders of big governance; who consider the world is a better place when politicians and bureaucrats are allowed to make all the decisions, and the individual must show unconditional fealty. These decisions include the limits to personal freedom they will impose by fiat, and what chemicals are to be injected into the bloodstreams of the stupid citizenry.

This particular individual was shown to be the dishonest hypocrite he undoubtedly is when he was caught indulging in illicit sex in breach of the rules he substantially framed! His example was emulated by Matt Hancock, the UK Health Secretary, the man responsible for converting Ferguson’s ‘science’ into law, when he too was caught ‘breaking the rules’ with a woman who was not his wife. More recently it has become known that PM Boris Johnson, his wife Carrie, and most of the 10 Downing Street staff, have been having a merry time, partying hard throughout the so-called pandemic, in brazen violation of the rules they mandated for the English people. What all this tells me, is that all these, important and powerful people, were actually, like me, sceptics all along, but happy to pretend otherwise, in order massively to curtail civil liberties on a scale more punitive than those imposed by Churchill’s administration in World War 2.

Across the Atlantic, the man leading the terrorising campaign was Antony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. One should not judge people by their looks, but he struck me as a creep from the start and I’ve seen nothing to change that view. Based on his reaction to the discovery of the HIV virus back in the 80’s, there was every reason to be sceptical of his pronouncements on Covid.

AIDS first appeared among the homosexual communities on the east and west coasts of America in 1981. Statistics soon showed that this disease manifested itself mostly in gay men, intravenous drug users and haemophiliacs. But Mr. Fauci chose to ignore this particular ‘science’, which he thought stygmatised gays, and sounded the alarm signalling the virus was a threat to virtually everyone, no matter their sexual preferences or mores. Four years later, with no proven cases of heterosexual transmission in the US he still communicated the same message but went a step further to warn that the virus was found in saliva, so kissing was a possible means of transmission. Not surprising then that he leapt aboard the Corona bandwagon with alacrity and has been getting everything wrong ever since.

It was also in the early stages that the cruise-liner, ‘Diamond Princess’, docked off America’s west coast, with 3,711 passengers and crew, and announced Covid-infected passengers were aboard, many of them elderly. If the doomsayers were correct, with this number of vulnerable people in a confined area, serviced by a single air-conditioning system, providing the perfect nurturing environment for the dreaded virus to have its deadly way, a tragedy was surely about to unfold. Well, this is not what happened; no healthy people perished; reports vary, but up to nine died at varying times following the ship’s infection;  most, or all of the deaths involved people over 80 with co-morbidities. Here, for all who were interested in a better understanding of the alleged threat, was a very compelling reason to conclude that the dangers were being deliberately exaggerated.

On top of this we had the usual suspects in the mainstream media, at their hysterical best, churning out mountains of dodgy data, while warning us that if we did not race inside our homes, close the windows, lock the doors and disappear from view until further notice we were all likely to die. Dissenting views, no matter how well informed were summarily banned from the airwaves. All along, it was interesting, and for me disturbing, how little media attention was paid to Sweden, one of the few countries where sanity prevailed, and harsh lockdown rules were eschewed, without the resultant catastrophe the scientists and politicians in the rest of the world predicted.

The politicians, never ones to miss an opportunity to grab more power, licked their chubby chops and chuckled because suddenly, thanks to the universal command to ‘follow the science’ they had been gifted an opportunity to rule by virtual decree, unconstrained by parliament or any other mechanism designed to moderate virtual absolute rule. With few exceptions they snatched the opportunity and wrecked millions of lives.

When our own President Cyril Ramaphosa first appeared on television with a faux forlorn look on his face to tell us, his much loved ‘fellow South Africans’, how sorry he was that he was going to make our lives harder by locking us up, closing our businesses and schools, and denying us booze and fags, I did not know whether to laugh or cry. Here was a man, who leads a party that has really done little else during its tenure in power than enrich itself at the expense of the people they are pledged to serve, suddenly transformed into our guardian angel. My mood was not enhanced when I discovered how many people I knew actually believed he was sincere but then; although I did not realise it immediately, I was in a very small minority. Most polls suggest over 90% of the country was fully supportive of the drastic measures ordered by the government. Such is the power of propaganda aimed at scaring people witless.

This was a difficult time once again to be at odds with the received wisdom of the majority. When a mass panic spreads and people who decline to be similarly scared are seen as being pariahs and a threat to society. I did not have a lot of friends in my neck of the woods when this nonsense started and I have fewer now; but out of this I salute Nick Hudson and the wise and courageous few who make up the PANDA  (Pandemic Data and Analytics) panel who raised a credible, intelligent and articulate voice in the face of the universal madness, and provided those of us who simply wanted to know more than what was being trotted out by the mainstream, the information to buttress our positions. Without going into all the details, their position all along was that the virus posed a serious health risk but one that had been exaggerated and I believe that sums it up.

Recently the US Centre for Disease Control, released a report after tracking over 1 million people across the spectrum and concluded the chances of being in good health and dying of Covid alone was 1:150,000. The risk of being killed by lightening is greater so to all those who ran inside when Corona came calling, maybe you should stay there.

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  1. Ah! but is there another agenda? I am concerned that hidden behind all the hype and relentless scare tactics people are now being forced to carry vaccination certificates for an increasing host of reasons. Work applications, keeping your job, travel, social occasions, sports, university and schools, the list is getting longer and will soon affect every aspect of our lives. I ask, is this an insidious way to dominate peoples lives and enforce the will of the likes of Bill Gates and his ilk, or some inexplicable world order.

    Crazy ? Think about it!

  2. Oh dear, seems that I am a halfwit. Well according to Hannes and his loyal followers.
    Well never mind.
    But this article is once again like a broken record. Any person with half a brain, I.e. me, will see that the article is flawed. It is well written. But let’s examine some of the utterings.
    Dr Fauci. Served 7 presidents, and widely respected. Over the Aids outbreak he got it wrong. Clashed horns with Larry Kramer. Since then Kramer has come out and stated that Fauci was a Knight in shining armour. In fact the plaudits are numerous for the doctor.
    Then the case of Sweden, that Hannes harps on about. They have been in voluntary lockdown. On Wednesday they are opening up, declaring the pandemic is over. But the truth is that Sweden can’t afford to test freely. In amount of cases Sweden ranks 26, ahead of Spain,Italy and Germany. In deaths they do slightly better.
    Let’s not forget other countries. Look at Tonga. One case for years. Now 66 cases, shot up after the volcanic eruption at sea. They were isolated and safe. Luckily no recorded deaths,yet.
    Tanzania. Had 503 cases for 18 months. God will save us, declared the late president. Yes you remember him, died of Covid.
    Deaths in the UK. The figure is not of people that died exclusively from Covid. It is of people that tested positive for Covid in 28 days prior to death. Death certificates have two parts. If you have a heart attack, and have Covid. Generally both cases are recorded as cause of death. Any halfwit in the UK knows that. Are the figures massaged? Not in the west, but who knows about Asia, Africa and South America.
    Lighting deaths. Average about 2000 worldwide annually. 51 in the USA last year. Mexico ranked first with 223, then Thailand and South Africa. Where Hannes got this article from is mysterious. Would love to know.
    It seems Hannes just doesn’t believe in Covid. Now if only a few countries had an outbreak, you could shout conspiracy. Blame Bill,China, G5 , anyone you like. But as the whole world, except North Korea, has recorded cases I think you can safely say it is here. Luckily the hodpital cases are declining.
    Hannes comes from a military and medical background. So he will know that a dead soldier costs alot less than a seriously wounded soldier.
    Finally let’s not forget that the great Dennis Croukamp died of Covid in January 2021.

    1. Good grief, as my friend Charlie might say!

      Annette your estimation of your knowledge of current Covid affairs is 100% correct, but a smaller fraction than half might be more accurate, in my opinion. You have to have been living under a rock to write what you have written here, or maybe everything you read or watch comes from the long-captured media (you DO understand that part I hope?).

      So please allow me to debunk some of your letter, using fact, science and all of that other good stuff, rather than whatever it is you prefer to use…

      1. Fauci – read Kennedy’s extremely well researched and totally verifiable book “The Real Fauci”, and any number of similar works that expose the not-so-good Dr Fauci. I suggest you verify what is written by examining Bobby’s unimpeachable references. Then perhaps you will understand the evil psychopath that Tony undoubtedly is. Or maybe all of those writers have the bull by the udders? That he has been around for nearly 40 years as the head of NIH, HHS, and NIAID is testimony to his great and devious cunning, nothing more, except perhaps the massive flaw in any government that has allowed and continues to allowA this maniac to call the shots.

      2. The data you talk about are based upon PCR tests. Completely unusable at the currently standard 40+ amplification cycles for the purpose of estimating Covid “cases” (as per the inventor Kary Mullis AND the makers’ opinions). Any and all data gleaned from this source is just plain wrong, and grossly and intentionally exaggerated in favour of creating the fear that has driven this non-pandemic. Again, maybe you should read Bobby’s book Annette, or at least listen to the medical giants that agree with him – Nobel Laureate Mullis, Mikovitz, Kory, McCollough, Marik, Cole, Cahill, Zelenko, and about a zillion others. Or maybe all of those scientists and doctors have the bull by the udders?

      3. Likewise the Covid Deaths that you talk of. Complete and total BS figures!!! Do you know that listing your patient as dead by Covid has been incentivised since day 1 of this pandemic? What doctor can resist a few thousand USD for giving a harmless misdiagnosis? But this simple deed exploded the figures. Last year Dolores Cahill demanded the Irish health authorities re-diagnose deaths in Ireland since this Covid crap started, and the figures, in their thousands, were reduced to 87 I think it was. Did you know that TODAY, in the good ol’ US of A, doctors and hospitals are paid for doing the BS PCRs in ERs, paid for admitting the (false) positives, paid for giving the dangerous remdesivir (this standard of care in US hospitals has been killing people since mid 2021 and guess who gets a cut, yes you guessed it, those 2 saints Bill and Tony), paid for putting Covid people onto respirators (if remdesivir doesn’t kill you, this will), and for writing Covid on their death certificates? You couldn’t make this up if you tried.

      4. Speaking of Tanzania, I find it very interesting that since Wuhan something like 5 African leaders have died, starting with Tanzania’s John Magufuli, along with a couple of high-ranking ministers, like Ministers of Health for example. In less than 2 years. Coincidence? I think not, as they were all outspoken antagonists of this crazy Covid narrative, and verbose critics of the global response as demanded by WHO, CDC, FDA etc, who all have a well documented vested financial interest in the massive profiteering going on, in terms of tests, “vaccines” etc. Did you know that since 2016 there have been OVER FOUR THOUSAND patents registered for Covid related technologies, and that the first patent that the brilliant David Martin found linked to SARS CoV 2 was registered over 30 years ago, by Pfizer in 1989? Yes. SARS CoV 2. 1989. I believe anyone whose name appears there is automatically definable as a “player” in this massive fraud. Bill and Tony’s names appear prominently BTW. Along with the many acronymed entities, that are meant to be impartial and there for our health and well being. Colour me very disillusioned in these not-so-august bodies, but the facts are inescapable – they are an integral and necessary part of this massive deception. Remember, the FDA needed to give the EUA go ahead to allow Pharma to roll out these injections.

      Anyway, Monday beckons. Get out from under that rock Annette, and remember that conspiracy theories cannot be proven as these have been, because you are missing a great fraud. The best ever in fact. You had better pay a little more attention to this broken record, your life may depend upon it.

      1. I have decided that I like being a halfwit , living under a rock. Nice and cosy here.
        John certainly knows his stuff. So will bow to his superior knowledge. Know of his pedigree.
        I am continuing amazed about all the Covid shindigs.
        The big worry is if Evil Tony is as bad as stated, we are in serious trouble.

        1. You might be right Annette, no news may indeed be good news. But don’t get all cosy all please – your services are required – sadly I believe we must all get involved or we will allow ourselves to become enslaved and subjugated by some nasty, rich, self entitled arseholes. WE after all, greatly outnumber THEM.

          This is NOT an exaggeration! According to the World Economic Forum, and a real psychopathic beaut by the name of Klaus Schwab (who advocates for the New World Order, and wrote The Great Reset) “by 2030 you will own nothing and you will be happy”. Ja, right!!! These dicks propose to flick you too litle survival money if they feel like it, on condition you do not question their draconian demands, and to get any money at all (they will control the ONE world bank) you will have to blindly obey their dystopic directives. That is IF you survive the boosters they have mandated 3-6 monthly between now and then …. part of their horrible plan is to reduce the worlds population to 500 million (using vaccine and other methods), so you have a 1 in 16 chance of making it through to the most miserable existence imaginable. the Georgia Guidestones were erected in 1980 by these deviants – have a look and your hair will curl when you realise all the nice parts of those engravings don’t include you https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Georgia_Guidestones

          Firstly, I believe apologies are in order. I have been very involved in this thing since I got Covid in early 2020 – as a result have been following this debacle closely, and as such I am in a state of high anxiety (and more than a bit of a douchebag) vs being my normal chilled happygolucky self. I dearly HOPE my authoritarian stance is vindicated by the fact that I actually DO know a shitload about pretty much every aspect of this ghastly plague of deceit and hardship, that has been visited on mankind after decades of evil plans being formulated …

          But knowing what I know does not entitle me to be a boorish chop, or vindicate my being a bully, which reading my comments I undoubtedly was, so I respectfully tender my humble apologies for the unkind way I have addressed you. Please forgive me dear Annette, for being a total arse!

          However (there is always a but right? 😊), knowledge IS power and if you are going to be part of the growing number of people who don’t want to be completely controlled by self entitled uber rich sociopaths, that see this BS for what it is, and refuse to be manipulated, who are prepared to stand up for their and our basic human rights, then please enlist in Covid School – here are lessons #1 and 2:

          1. One of the best speeches EVER https://childrenshealthdefense.org/defender/rfk-jr-speech-defeat-the-mandates/?utm_source=salsa&eType=EmailBlastContent&eId=9a7fe343-1fb0-4b38-a7ef-b14f427525cf
          2. Hard going, but by the time you are done you will KNOW https://b-ok.cc/book/18165725/65a32e
          3. If you page through the great Reset, you will read what Klaus & Co have in mind for your future…

          These will bring you up to speed nicely. So my dear Annette, welcome aboard the good ship S.S. FokjouFaucijoufokkenMoer! Share share share

    2. Denis had just finished hectic Cancer treatment and he would have probably died from a common cold or any other type of flu. That should not be written-off as a Covid death !

  3. Interesting article and perhaps more interesting are the comments below. This flu virus has become, if nothing else, a strong divider of opinion. Such an emotive issue. Personally, I agree with Mr. Wessels and the PANDA team, headed up by Nick Hudson, who do pitch a compelling argument.
    “Follow the science” is the message that comes out of all the noise, yet both camps produce their versions of ‘evidence’, demonstrating the seriousness, or lack thereof, of this plague.
    According to the UK Government, there have been 18m confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the UK and 180,000 deaths, give or take. Whilst any single death is a tragedy, the statistics are revealing – a survival rate of 99% which is perplexing (I should say staggering), given all the fuss. As for masks, my own experience is that they make breathing more difficult than it should be. Can that be a realistic solution for a killer bug? I wonder…

  4. What this Covid pantomime has shown to me is 99% of the worlds population are halfwits. For this charade to have continued for 2 years is clear proof the world’s population are stupid. A fatality total of 6 million after 2 years (vast majority very old and suffering from co-morbidities) and these numbers “massaged’…… yet a world population of 7.8 BILLION, surely these facts should serve as a clear indication this “flu” is of no consequence. To Shumbaman who suggests the actions taken by the authorities may have prevented a far larger death total….. I say this…….. even if the death total was a couple hundred million, it is still insignificant against a total population of 7.8 BILLION !. Enough of halfwits who are still perpetuating this ridiculous charade. Massive world wide resistance against this crap is long overdue……. Canadian Freedom Convey is the way forward for the entire world. Time to awaken from this pantomime.

  5. Good one Hannes, thanks.
    I believe the part played by the maniacal Bill Gates should also be emphasised – this so called (and yet he is anything but) philanthropist is a seriously pathological arsehole. He gives not a single crap about who dies or is maimed as long as he gets pots of money from selling untested, expired and extremely dangerous injectable “medicines” of very questionable efficacy. How much money is enough?
    After China, Bill and Melinda Gates’ foundation is the biggest single contributor to the WHO, and he has a decades-long sllimy pay-for-service relationship with that scumbag Ghebreyesus, who unquestioningly does exactly what Bill tells him to do.
    It must be wonderful to have the world’s go-to medical “authority” in the palm of your hand, continuously and vociferously advocating people get vaccinated every 3-6 months for the rest of their (soon to be shortened) lives, when you literally own the Covid-19 vaccine industry! Gates’ net worth has skyrocketed these last 2 years, an obscene demonstration of how this plandemic has decimated and robbed the poor, and given it all and more to the rich. Gates openly stated that the vaccine business has given him a 20 to one return on his investment since he first climbed aboard the biggest gravy train ever known 20 odd years ago, when he first made friends with the psychopathic Dr Fauci, who I believe will soon be making Mengele, Hitler, Stalin & Co look like rank amateurs when it comes to mass murdering innocents.
    I sincerely hope that the actual role of WHO becomes clearer to anyone still idiot enough to believe they are a force for good. Recent evidence brought to light by this global tragedy shows unequivocally how these evil bastards have been killing and maiming untold numbers of people in Africa and Asia since the criminally immoral Prep Act was first promulgated in 1986, when vaccine makers first were given immunity to prosecution no matter what shit they stuffed into their vaccines. People STILL do not understand that vaccines haven’t been tested for their safety or efficacy since this disastrous document was signed into law by the misguided or possibly even bought President of the United States, Ronald Reagan. Big Pharma has been buying US presidents for ages.
    And the reader should beware. I believe this extraordinary SARS CoV 2 situation is likely just the beginning. Know who and what these extremely nasty people and organisations are, because in my opinion they are just warming up. This is round 1. Big clue: be very wary of ANY acronymed organisation, and understand they are all about money and do NOT have your back. UNICEF is none other than a child trafficker, a paedophile smorgasbord for example!
    Do not panic though – you are safe from any viral malady as long as you keep stocks of the now proven to be very effective viral killers. Vitamin C, ivermectin, Lugol’s iodine, hydrogen peroxide and zinc combined with an ionophore (like quercetin, hydroxychloroquine, azithromycin or chloroquine) will negate the need to fear any new viral outbreak, or take any dreadful “vaccine” the cabal throw at us next….
    The only good news is that these chops require our fearful co-operation to be successful, which will hopefully never again be forthcoming, now that we recognise their horrific modus operandi. All anyone needs to do is to follow the wonderful example of those brave Canadian truckers.

    1. This from Will Jones writing for the Daily Sceptic: it looks like the Brits want more of the same:
      “Unions are digging their heels in and scientists have voiced their concerns after Boris Johnson announced that all remaining Covid laws including the requirement to self-isolate would be scrapped within a fortnight. Free testing is also set to be phased out as the country learns to live with Covid and treat it like flu.
      The resistance comes as a poll finds that three quarters of the public want self-isolation rules to continue, half say forever, while just 17% support the move. MailOnline has the story.
      Unison, Britain’s largest union serving more than 1.3million members from swathes of the public sector, has accused the Prime Minister of going “too far, too soon”, insisting that the virus “hasn’t disappeared” – despite a raft of data suggesting the worst is now over.
      SAGE scientists have also warned of the “dangers” of the PM’s plan to make England the first country in the world to scrap all Covid rules, after it emerged Mr. Johnson had not discussed it with the committee which is now infamous for its gloomy predictions about the pandemic.
      And business leaders desperate to get staff back into largely-empty offices costing them a fortune admit they are struggling to compel people to return because workers are now so used to working from home.
      This has been compounded by a new YouGov poll of nearly 4,500 Britons that shows three-quarters of people believe the self-isolation requirement after a positive Covid test should remain in place. Half of people questioned admitted they want the legal requirement to stay in place forever.”

    2. Right on! Bill is set to make many, many billions of dollars from selling his vaccine to governments around the world; people think this is benevolence. It’s not. Bill will finance the UN in it’s implementation of the next steps in Agenda 2030 – for a return of course. Gates is a eugenicist and believer in depopulation as the saviour of humanity — Nazi Germany anyone? When mandates are lifted and covid disappears (just as the regular flu season returns) the freedom campaign must next focus on the ruling class and its support of the a one world government. Covid is but a smokescreen — a conditioning of the masses so that we are inured to the dangers of compliance to the higher order.

  6. “Recently the US Centre for Disease Control, released a report after tracking over 1 million people across the spectrum and concluded the chances of being in good health and dying of Covid alone was 1:150,00. The risk of being killed by lightening is greater so to all those who ran inside when Corona came calling, maybe you should stay there.”
    Need to tidy this up a bit Hannes

    Is this one in 15000 or 1 in 150000
    Even if it is one in 15000 and all of America was healthy the total deaths would be 20000
    There have actually been just short of a million people not 20000 who have died in America where cause of death is listed as covid That means 98% of the deaths were in unhealthy people regardless should we not be caring for the unhealthy as well
    Also not considered is the bedspace covid patients tied up in hospitals not important Around the world they crowded other patients out of bedspace
    The point has become irrlevant to a large degree with 2 factors in the developed world The high vaccination rates and the onset of the more transmissable but less deadly Omicron variants These will I think be the third world vaccination

  7. “Recently the US Centre for Disease Control, released a report after tracking over 1 million people across the spectrum and concluded the chances of being in good health and dying of Covid alone was 1:150,00. The risk of being killed by lightening is greater so to all those who ran inside when Corona came calling, maybe you should stay there.”

  8. Hannes, I am 100% on your team. An excellent precis of arguably the biggest con in our lifetime.

  9. Day 1 started my skepticism and unwavering; maintained it was not lethal, I got infected at 83 and survived. My two sisters had the jab – 1 a 80 year old negative and fit for tennis died from cardiac failure within two months. The other positive but asymptomatic succumbed weeks later after admission to hospital for depression and only treated by a physio then 4 days later died of pneumonia.: Suspiciously the Omicron known to be innocuous was used to continue the fear tactic

  10. I live in the police state of Asstraliar and our Covid Nazis are in overdrive. We have a few good politicians like George Christensen but a lot of Wokie~Cokie Mickey Mouse Libtards unfortunately.
    Great blog to tune into is:

    Jan Markell hosts two pastors,​ Tom Hughes​ and​ Mark Henry, for the hour. Everything is being set up as we trend towards the Tribulation. Tribulation-like distress with perplexity is exploding. And the globalists are always looking for a crisis to play off of. They consider potential crises for 2022 as well as the apocalyptic actions of Pope Francis.

  11. With you on this one Hannes. Scared witless and praising the clowns in charge eg WA in Australia.
    Engage brain and look at the appropriate science.


  12. It is always easy to be critical and cynical after an event and to pass judgment on those tasked with the very difficult task of having to take decisions in the absence of any definitive data at the time. Maybe their actions are what is responsible for the virus not reaching the level of devastation that was feared. Nobody knows with any high degree of certainty and far better to err on the side of caution than risk the consequences of inaction and what may have resulted from that. I do not accept the assertion that this is a left wing plot as I am centre right and support the actions of those who you choose to denigrate

    1. I would have agreed with some of your commentary a few short months ago shumbaman, but the writing is now indelibly on the wall. The MASSIVE and irrefutable data we have at this time, the patent trail as was uncovered by Mike Martin, the obvious association of some pretty dark characters with what has happened provably shows what has actually occurred since Wuhan, by whom and why. May I respectfully suggest you bury your snout in Bobby Kennedy’s immaculately referenced book “The Real Fauci” and you will have a better grasp of this shit show. This thing is a conspiracy theorist’s delight – more and more of some really outrageous plandemic stuff is becoming irrefutably true 🙁

  13. All I can say HANNES is that like you, I have been a huge sceptic to the point of internal family feuds. Although we were right the real tragedy is that these individuals who have destroyed millions of livelihoods will go unpunished when in fact they should all be imprisoned for life for crimes against humanity. I am galled at how stupid society is as a whole in even thinking this was nothing more than a man made disease to control the worlds populous and bring economies to their knees.! This has been the greatest crime in history

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