A despicable “President”, a bunch of woke generals, intersectionality, no consequence Wall Street and a new culture that reveres people like Anthony Fauci. Is anyone surprised?

I APOLOGISE FOR labouring the point of Afghanistan, but I don’t think we appreciate the severity of the events unfolding there: we are literally witnessing the collapse of the American Empire, where the elimination of the dollar as the world’s reserve currency will be just one of many aftershocks.

In a week filled with disbelief, one of the more astonishing stories I heard involves Guantanamo Bay (I am anti-war – unless it is war waged against cyclists or fact checkers, in which case I am extremely pro). For all the anecdotes of torture beloved by blue-haired safe-spacers employed by crappy media companies like Now This, the Americans annually flew in a pastry chef, employed by the Ritz-Carlton at Laguna Niguel, to bake the post-Ramadan baklava for the prisoners. Do you think the Chinese have ever done stuff like this for concentration-camped Uyghurs?

Of course not. Last week I wrote that the Taliban could seek to avenge the beastly treatment of their brothers under Chairman Xi but the more I’ve thought about it, I doubt I could be more wrong. The Taliban understands strength; they would have noted that the CCP absorbed Hong Kong with only squeaks of indignation from the west, that New Xiland folded just as pathetically, that Jeffrey Epstein’s big pal Bill Gates and that little shapeshifting creep Fauci have only cosmetic interest in determining the origins of the coof – and that Biden gifted Vladimir Putin his dream pipeline. They would look at someone like Jake Sullivan, Biden’s simping husk of a National Security advisor – integral to this new “academic expert” culture – and remark “تاسو په روډس سکالر کې جرک څنګه وایاست hahaha!” (“How do you say ‘buffoon’ in Rhodes Scholar? hahaha!”). They might even have seen the video that Jen Psaki busied herself with the week before Kabul fell, in which a young man wearing a dress and fake nails ponced his way around the White House. The people who were once jeered for staring at goats – or making love to them – correctly estimated that America had gone soft, and nobody fears, or perhaps more importantly – respects – soft.

Jake Sullivan

Cue denial. Take John Matisonn, the former SABC board member and Joe Biden’s biggest cheerleader in South Africa (Matisonn spent years stationed at the Washington swamp, and its abundantly clear he was consumed by it): “US President Joe Biden” one of his recent columns for Beijing24 started, “understands that failure in Afghanistan is just one example of the failure of the political class to address increasingly urgent priorities – from climate change to infrastructure”.

The same Joe Biden authored the Crime Bill, which led to the mass incarceration of predominately young black men

Er, huh? Is that before or after the part where the midget speaks to a dog dressed in a tuxedo about where to hide when its starts raining elephants? Elsewhere Matisonn claims Biden was “praised”. He is not wrong here: I have it on authority that patients at the highly secure psychiatric hospital Broadmoor sent their congratulations to Biden via fax – at the same time that actual Parliament in the UK moved to hold him in contempt. Matisonn believes this Charlie Foxtrot will not impact Biden at the midterms: I implore you – remember those words, and the types of people who utter them.

But how did America go soft? The Papa way – gradually, then suddenly.

Gradually because: it allowed activists like Roberta Achtenberg, appointed by Bill Clinton, to strong-arm banks into issuing loans to people with no hope of servicing them. It fostered impunity and no consequences on Wall Street, then exported them via McKinsey and Mitt Romney’s Bain. The central feature of its culture – patriotism – became infected by the inferiority complexes of exiled European academics who laid the foundations for today’s gender identity and CRT radioactive madness. Career politicians from both parties stripped the heartlands of manufacturing – then stood by as doctors, in a campaign designed by McKinsey, forced addictive opiates down the throats of poor young men.

Suddenly because: In October last year we knew Joe Biden was an appalling, compromised candidate. Ignore the decades long incompetence in which the bumbling fool has been wrong on nearly every single foreign policy decision – and consider a question the likes of Matisonn and co would never dare ask: how, on a politician’s salary, has Biden acquired a property investment portfolio worth upwards of $20m? When the Gupta server and Panama Papers were leaked, we devoured the material, but Hunter Biden’s laptop – upon which evidence of Biden snr’s corruption is allegedly contained – was dismissed (with the help of the weirdos in Silicon Valley – a group pivotal to the gradual decline).

The scenes at Hamid Karzai International airport are what happens when the terminal and the rapid clash, where Barack Obama’s vanishing meaning (“hope and change”) meets “follow the science”. So to this we squeeze in another line item to the 7 Ages of Empire documented by military historian Sir John Bagot Glubb, where Delusion now sits between Decadence and Collapse. Its features include a “climate envoy” (John Kerry) who shrieks about rising temperatures from the comfort of a Gulf Stream. It is the spectacle of an arms manufacturer speaking in ESG platitudes. And it is the cocking-up of a situation so badly that it looks like conspiracy – then scolding people for believing in conspiracies.

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  1. I’m embarrassed by my countries government. It seems that incompetence has no end, it continues unabated!

  2. The dollar will remain the world’s reserve currency for the foreseeable future for the simple reason that there are currently no credible alternatives. In the meantime we get to continue our steady decline since we can never run out of money until we do. All you foreigners including the Chinese keep buying our debt. Suckers!

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