by Hannes Wessels

For someone living in South Africa, watching as we march inexorably towards the cliff from which we will be compelled to leap into an economic abyss, there doesn’t seem to be a lot to cheer about these days;  and finding relief in sport, laughter and  the good cheer of the pub seems all quite distant suddenly. Thanks to the uncharacteristic concern for our well-being shown by our leaders the bars are closed, the beer taps are shut and we are confined to the sometimes sullen silence of our homes where I irritate quite a few people with my dystopian view of the world.

But reaching out further in the increasingly difficult search for ways to be distracted and entertained I’m really not sure the situation has ever been so dire. There was a time, not so long ago that one could find a show on TV or a movie that was funny but that seems to have passed us by too. The new rules on laughter stipulate that no attempt should be made by any white person to engender laughter if the person or persons mentioned in whatever humorous endeavour is embarked upon, comes from a ‘disadvantaged’ or ‘minority’ background. Under the rules then, it’s pretty much a given that all racial groups except Europeans are from ‘disadvantaged’ or ‘minority’ backgrounds so that limits the comedic possibilities considerably. The fact that Europeans are a minority of little over 10% of the world population is utterly irrelevant and we must simply wrap our bigoted little brains around the fact that we have never, in all our days, been ‘disadvantaged’ in any way. I suppose we whites, despite being universally despised, will just have to try and find ourselves and our dwindling ethnic community a lot funnier while acknowledging it’s open season for the rest of the world to have rollicking good time cackling away at us idiots.

With comedy gone I look to sport and here things are looking a little bleak for me too. As an avid golf fan,  I have often rejoiced, watching Rory McIlroy, the great Ulsterman, swashbuckling his way around the courses of the world with a jaunty smile, great style, skill and immense power. But sadly, I’m no longer a Rory fan and that’s taken a lot of the fun out of the game for me. I went off him when he buckled to the mob, apologised for playing golf with President Trump and undertook not to repeat this egregious error of judgement.

Let it be clear, I don’t think Trump gets it all right all the time by a long shot and I respect McIlroy’s right to differ and disagree; but the guy is a guest in a country that has been very generous and kind to him and Trump is the duly elected president of the host country (unless one believes he was put there by Vladimir Putin as the Democrats spent three years trying to prove). With this in mind I have to ask if Rory could not have dug deep and maybe shown some steel in resisting the pressures of the woke brigade while explaining that playing golf with the president of the US does not signal an endorsement but is simply the well-mannered and right thing to do? Unfortunately not, and although it matters not a jot to him, I am no longer rooting for Rory.

Thanks to Netflix and the ‘Drive to Survive’ series, I and my family went from being utterly clueless about Formula One racing to absolute experts and mad fans in about the week we took to gorge ourselves on the human, technical and financial dynamics of this fascinating sport. Ever since, amid huge excitement, we have been counting the days until the Austrian Grand Prix which took place last weekend but only after another miserable blow to my low morale as this great spectacle suddenly morphed into a political platform for the BLM (Black Lives Matter) with Lewis Hamilton leading the charge.

With great gusto he weighed into the campaign to dump statues of great Britons who were deemed offensive, lashed out at the perceived endemic racism he and his kindred ‘people of colour’ were condemned to suffer under and then demanded all wholly white people immediately repent and reform. All this from one of the richest sportsmen on the planet, who should be on his knees, not signalling black oppression but thanking someone for being blessed with being born in England rather than some poverty-stricken, failed state in Africa, forsaken by his father. And it seems, if the reports are correct, Hamilton is not a victim of racism but the very opposite; an extremely fortunate beneficiary of ‘Black Privilege’ having been given all the breaks as a teenager, because of, not in spite of, the fact that he had a black father. Unsurprisingly, for the country that set him on the road to almost unimaginable riches there is no reward. As a resident of Monaco, he will be minimising his contributions to the British exchequer.

Reeling from all this, not wanting to have to try and process any more bad news, I took a peek at the UK papers this morning and regretted it immediately. I see both England and the West Indies cricket players will ‘take the knee’ before their games in the forthcoming series. When they do this, I wonder if any of them will spare a thought for the sailors of the Royal Navy, thousands of whom died, who sailed so selflessly into danger in the maritime campaign to end slavery. And will the ‘Windies’ players feel any animosity towards their forefathers without whom the trade would not have been possible, who profited mightily having marched their captors to the ports from the hinterland and happily loaded them on to the waiting ships. I suspect not.

As part of the squad, I guess the Curran boys will also be on their knees. They too must hang their heads in shame because being part of a ‘privileged’ Zimbabwe family, they were lucky enough to lose their home, their country and their future because they were white.


14 thoughts on “Sport and Politics”
  1. Top article, Hannes. What a talented writer you are. Oops, your gift must be due to your ‘White Privilege’ so time to grovel on one knee right now to prove your guilt.
    Seriously though, your article proves there is a War Against the White Race. As a race, our talents, gifts and abilities are God given. We thank God for his gifts and must NEVER apologize to others whose ‘gifts’ (such as amazing riot ability) differ from ours.

    We as a race seem to be passively tolerating any hatreds, lies and bigotry thrown at us. Have we all become such ‘eunuchs’?

    Perhaps its time for ALL of us to forget about sports and entertainment, get off our knee and instead to spend the time to Push Back as you personally are always doing in your own unique way (always with non-violence of course), through the pen and/or making videos etc about the true facts to deflect the B.S. and highlight the prejudice and hypocrisy used against us.

    Cape Townian (ex-Rhodesian) Dr Peter Hammond too is tirelessly pushing back this way against fake history and propaganda, using the extra time from the restrictions on gathering to do just that. I recall you wrote recently of your respect for Cecil Rhodes so this may be of interest:

  2. I am not really a golf fan, I know the names of most of the big players – maybe not all but the well-known ones. I am not shy or hesitant to say that I am a huge Trump fan. O.K. I know he is not perfect but compared to what else is offered he wins by miles! For a mere sportsman – O K Rory McIlroy! – to do what he did is just plain bad manners. He obviously thinks he is above the President of America!
    Now we come to Lewis Hamilton, oh boy!!! I used (yes note USED) to be a big fan, but like one FB member said the other day ‘he might have won himself a 1000 NFL fans, but lost thousands of other fans’. I am one of those other fans. I never and I mean never saw him as a man of colour, he WAS just my favourite Grand Prix driver. Sad to see you go from my favourite to me seeing you as a man of colour as well as a idiotic man of colour

  3. Homo Sapiens have evolved for tens of thousands of years according to anthropology. ‘Sapiens’ being the Latin word for ‘wise man’. Estimations of the European genetic divergence from the ‘Cradle of Africa’ happened long time ago and we cannot halt mankind’s gift for communication and advances in technology, and why should we?

    Times are changing, and you and I will always get upset about all the ‘universally despised’ label that befits us as white, heterosexual males. Before we were both born, the Europeans were giants in global manufacturing and taking the lead. Industries like ship building, cars and aviation, not to mention the internet and flying to the moon and back safely, set the world on fire and the tide will never turn. I am a proud Caucasian.

    Young Rory has McIlroy always played politics. He made it clear that he would represent the Republic of Ireland in the Olympics as opposed to Great Britain. That is his political choice and I am in no way offended by who he represents. He will however, also talk faux outrage, pretend to be sincere in his grasp of the facts which can be distorted and artificial. His biggest paymaster is Nike and he daren’t rock that boat. He, and others will make empty apologies.

    J. K. Rowling on the other hand, has had her payday and now has the time to accurately research facts. She won’t apologise for her essay regarding feminism and transgender rights. And until ignorant people, not mankind per se, read the full transcript of her debate, on transgender law reform, she will remain a villain of the hate campaign. The young actors that played roles in the Harry Potter films remain opposed to her stance. They don’t want to rock the Hollywood boat.

  4. Hi Hannes,
    Are you able to confirm that Zim’s Minister of Sport, the Olympic swimming champion Kirstie Coventry, was given and accepted a farm by Emmerson Munangagwa after the white and no douibt very efficient farmer was thrown off it around 20 years ago, more than likely with violence? Even though that farm will most likely be derelict or have been burned down by “developing Africa.”
    Coventry had previously refused membership of ZANU, ownership a posh gratis Mercedes Ministerial car and no doubt much else from privileged loot available to all downtridden black politicians, judges etc at the time. Now it seems she goes and shits on herself in this way and if she has taken 30 pieces of silver and is consequently getting mountains of white man’s verbal excrement on her curly (not crinckly) hair (I hope), it is well deserved.
    If I can confirm her deviation from basic decency, I will send her another verbal bucketful. As the little boy famously said to the disgraced famousand corrupt baseball player in America: “Tell me it isn’t true!!” Could this be a subject for another Wessels assegai?
    Best regards,
    John Kelley
    All best, John Kelley

    1. I don’t know about Ms. Coventry John but she has not, to my knowledge, denied the reports and people I have spoken to seem to think it’s true. Very disappointing indeed.

  5. Maybe Lewis Hamilton and Barry Obummer should use more spray tan if they want to look the part and play the “black” victim card!!!! Same with Megan Markle. Makes one wonder why they hate the white part of their DNA so much????????

  6. It’s easy for the apologists to kneel and say sorry, it’s a cost free gesture.

    If they are genuinely apologising, then they should lead the pack by demonstrating their sorrow not just in word, but in deed.

    They should donate a substantial part of their privileged income and assets to the organisations (or individuals) seeking historical redress.

    Quite simply, put your money where your mouth (and knee) is.

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    Viewers should go back a couple of weeks (they broadcast Mon-Weds-Fri at 1pm BST) to pick up the picture. They have done some excellent graphs exposing the CV-19 con!!!
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    1. Yes. CV-19 is just the mask behind which the international bankers/royalty cabal are carrying out their Covid World Coup against MANkind [we must never avoid traditional words to cowtow to cultural marxist fanatics and their presstitute media and indoctrinated feminazis].

      10 years ago the Rockefeller Foundation financed the presentation of a Blueprint for a corona virus pandemic starting out of China (now enacted according to script) and that Blueprint included the opportunities it provided to remove our freedoms and rights across the globe including Lockdowns (Lockstep).

      The beauty of this strategy is we all co-operate in our demise, and they can create as many ‘waves’ as they need to repress any uprisings and select specific cities or regions to ‘lockdown’ to stop any pockets of resistence against totalitarian authority.

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