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When the sun went down on June 30th 2022, this planet had become a little poorer. You see, an unlikely hero (and probably unwilling even to be recognised as such) passed away, aged only 48, after a protracted fight with a relentless and very rare malignancy – a nasty, but deadly cancer called pulmonary artery sarcoma. One of our world’s good souls is gone too soon, leaving 8 kids without their loving father.

Vladimir “Zev” Zelenko was born in Kyiv (yes indeed, that Ukraine place) in 1973.  His parents moved to the U.S. when he was three years old, and they all settled in Brooklyn, in New York. Zelenko earned an MD degree in 2000 from NYU, Buffalo and subsequently specialised in family medicine. His father was a taxi driver and his mother worked at a fur factory. Like me he was a commoner, and a lowly GP, But hey, what a boytjie!

When Covid 19 hit the (now not so united) United States, Zev was practising as a family doctor. He had cared for the Satmar Hasidic Jewish community in Monroe, New York for 17 years. We now know that the SARS 2 corona virus only kills less than 1 per million healthy people under the age of 40, but it nukes older people, and people with serious co-morbidities, like terminal cancer for example. But that didn’t stop this man from cleverly using basic principles to save literally hundreds of infected people’s lives, at some considerable risk to himself.  A lot of people do not remember that chloroquine was used very effectively to treat SARS CoV 1; something vaccine vendors desperately wanted hidden. But Zev used it anyway.

To make more sense of this man’s story, let us briefly go back in time.

In the 1930’s, billionaire oil baron John D. Rockefeller decided there was money to be made in medicine, lots of money (ask Bill Gates who has stated that making money selling vaccines was 10 times more lucrative than selling his Microsoft stuff!), and so he set about the long term capture of the health industry of the US of A. The dreaded Big Pharma was born, and Rockefeller set about cementing his autocratic stranglehold on the throat of modern medicine by controlling universities, where doctors were born, and hospitals, where doctors plied their (very strictly controlled) trade with money, lots and lots of money. The return on his investment, like the damage he has done to the health of this world, is incalculable – and anyone who thinks he did anything remotely philanthropic is smoking his or her socks. The dumbed down doctors of today are little more than BP’s sales reps.

John D’s legacy is the incredibly expensive pay (through your arse) – for – service system that is American medicine today. It costs REAL money to be sick these days, boatloads of it. Ask anyone who has had their cancer treated in RSA recently, as this poisonous legacy has spread like a gigantic cancer to our neck of the woods – there is usually not much change from a million. Nest eggs that took a lifetime to save disappear in months; treatment success is far from guaranteed, and the outcome with some cancers is more often than not a complete failure; a useless waste of some now poor bastard’s hard-earned money. In my opinion it should be illegal to treat cancer without first giving the recipient a good idea of his or her percentage survival rate, which is often a dismal sub 10% figure, making expending vast sums of money at trying to cure the cancer nonsensical. And surgeries cost hundreds of thousands. But I digress.  The point is Big Pharma has hijacked our health systems globally, and huge numbers of doctors have been vilified, have had their licences revoked (and have died mysteriously if these first two punishments fail to control the errant doctor) for going against the “wisdom” of Rockefeller’s medical establishment. Trust me, not toeing Big Pharma’s party line can be a fatal mistake. The courage required to go up against these genocidal maniacs cannot be measured, and Zev slots nicely into this group of unsung and abused heroes. The many horror stories about this latest pandemic illustrate all too well the obscene manner in which medicine is practiced today. It seems to me that all of the first world countries are party to the mandated and criminal withdrawal of effective CHEAP medicines by the “authorities”, and their replacement with dangerous and ineffective interventions. Ivermectin, Chloroquine, Zinc and Vitamin C are rendered unavailable and sometimes outlawed, while Remdesivir and “vaccines” are mandated.  

The health authorities in the US and Europe have all forcibly insisted that people presenting with Covid at emergency rooms should return home and convalesce there, and thereafter only return to the ER if they became too breathless to manage their symptoms independently. This, I believe, was intentionally done to exaggerate morbidity and mortality figures to pave the way for the “life saving vaccines”.

Current stats show conclusively something I had never heard of before now, called ‘negative efficacy’. You are now provably more likely to get severe Covid and die AFTER a few doses of these abominable injections than if you had not been vaccinated at all! Even with the current irrefutable data hoisting the biggest red flag we have ever seen, those above mentioned ‘authorities’ are STILL advocating the use of these untested injections, while even Fauci and Gates are apologising for the clot shots!

This is the first time in this world’s history that sick people presenting at emergency casualty units have ever been told to go home, with NO TREATMENT, and were further advised to return when they could no longer breathe! And anyone going against these directives was fired. Ask another proper doctor, Dr Paul Marik, who I watched break down sobbing when he was describing how he had been stopped from saving black and Hispanic lives, using his tried and trusted, and very effective treatment protocol. He was later fired for doing this from the hospitals where he worked, and he is arguably the best ICU consultant in America! Incredibly, this South African born ICU specialist (the most published internist in this speciality in the US) was summarily removed from his job simply for bucking the system. Paul, like his FLCCC colleague Pierre Kory, was flayed alive professionally for advocating the use of ivermectin, vitamin C and D, which are all part of the life saving and repeatedly validated FLCCC protocol. I know these nutraceuticals to be extremely effective, as vitamin C alone helped me in the pre-ivermectin days – I am an obese 63-year-old man, and I returned to work almost completely recovered after less than three days of illness! Ivermectin used early reduces viral load to ZERO within FOUR DAYS, and is actually phenomenally effective if used at any time in the course of Corona virus disease; something that has been shown in now dozens and dozens of excellent peer reviewed studies.

 Ivermectin remains illegal to this day in most SADC countries, and the wonderfully brave Dr Jackie Stone is in a Zimbabwe court fighting for her medical life because she advocated its use. Again, she deployed it with amazing results, saving hundreds of Zimbabwe’s citizens’ lives. SAHPRA has recently (May 30th 2022) withdrawn its support of this wonder drug, stating “Given that there is currently no credible evidence to support a therapeutic role for Ivermectin in COVID-19, SAHPRA has decided to terminate the (Compassionate Access Use) Programme with immediate effect. No further importation of unregistered Ivermectin products will be allowed”. Ridiculous, and an obvious lie, given the dozens of excellent trials that prove Ivermectin’s astonishing worth in the treatment of viral diseases.

Instead, in First World medical units, people are given the expensive and dangerous drug Remdesivir (another Fauci / NIH / HHS special) – I think I am right saying that this is STILL their recommended first line drug, which BTW kills roughly 20% of the people it is given to, by destroying their kidneys. Remdesivir costs over US$ 3000 and Vitamin C which has never killed anyone costs $ 30, so go figure. It has been hospital policy to vaccinate recovered patients before their discharge, something that (again provably) REVERSES their hard earned immunity! You can’t make this shit up.

Another wonderful intervention recommended by Fauci et al is intubation and mechanical ventilation, which in over 80% of cases means they leave that hospital in a box. Even more unbelievable is the fact that hospitals throughout the States were rewarded with serious money if they ensured that their co-operating doctors diagnosed Covid -19, and made it the cause of death (death certificates of people who died falling out of trees or in motor vehicle accidents show that somehow they died of Covid!), administered Remdesivir, and put them on ventilators. Doctors declining to do this lost their job, like the hapless Dr Marik. You want dystopic on steroids? Just visit any American Hospital!

Ah sorry, I forget we were talking about poor old Zev. Undaunted by the vastly exaggerated MSM bred specter of Covid 19, and disgusted by the Fauci / CDC / FDA / HHS / NIH solution to Covid management (send them home and tell them to come back when they can’t breathe, and then slap them onto the ventilator that would kill them while helping them into the hereafter with a bit of Remdesivir) Dr Zev developed his own Covid treatment protocol.

His meteoric descent into infamy, ignominy and humiliation began when, in March 2020, Zelenko published an open letter to U.S. president Trump after he had successfully treated hundreds of Covid – 19 patients in upstate New York with a five-day course of his protocol: Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc and Azithromycin. Zelenko’s treatment protocol quickly gained notoriety, with several right-wing media figures and various Trump administration officials promoting it, including NY Mayor Rudi Giuliani and the then White House Chief of Staff Mark Meadows, despite cautionary messages from “health experts”; experts like Fauci and his merry men. This prompted a swift pushback, and Zev was quickly disgraced, slandered and reviled by everyone in the MSM, and the abovementioned US agencies, and their dogs!

An excerpt of his open letter to Trump follows: “I developed the following treatment protocol in the pre-hospital setting and have seen only positive results. The rationale for my treatment plan is as follows: we know that Hydroxychloroquine helps Zinc enter the cell. We know that Zinc slows viral replication within the cell. Regarding the use of Azithromycin, I postulate it prevents secondary bacterial infections. These three drugs are well known and usually well tolerated, hence the risk to the patient is low. Since last Thursday, my team has treated approximately 350 patients in Kiryas Joel and another 150 patients in other areas of New York with the above regimen. Of this group and the information provided to me by affiliated medical teams, we have had ZERO deaths, ZERO hospitalizations, and ZERO intubations. In addition, I have not heard of any negative side effects other than approximately 10% of patients with temporary nausea and diarrhea.”

There is a link below, so you can meet this man posthumously in what was probably his last interview. Listen to how he advocates that we should never again accept these completely useless mandates, and how we should deal with what these genocidal maniacs have in store for us. Sweden politely refused most of the WHO’s directives and today has an intact business sector and is listed way down at +/_ 50th position in terms of Covid deaths per million population. NO ONE could argue we need better proof than this that the globally mandated precautions have ANY justification or effectiveness whatsoever. America, under the WHO’s expert guidance, probably occupies pole position in the deaths per million population stakes. This speaks volumes about the WHO’s ability to look after anyone’s health.

Just yesterday, that idiot WEF puppet Tedros Ghebreyesus, the Director General of the WHO, declared Monkey Pox to be “a public health emergency of international concern”. What utter horseshit! Tuberculosis, HIV and malaria will kill thousands of times more people every year than Monkey Pox ever will, and Tedros hasn’t batted an eyelid about these, or suggested we adopt WHO’s draconian constitution to prevent these deaths! But what can you expect from a man who not so long ago appointed the murderous Robert Mugabe as the WHO’s Goodwill Ambassador? FFS.

Understand the long game of these dedicated deviants and remember if RSA signs the deal to accept and adopt the WHO’s constitution later this year, this same douchebag will have the power to use South African and possibly UN resources to quarantine you indefinitely and give you any medicine, including vaccines, that he deems necessary. This clown has been elected by no South African and is accountable to no South African and yet he wields enormous power over the country. The ANC leadership appears poised to partner with Tedros (what better way to ensure they remain in power?), BUT can only give him this power if YOU do not do something to stop them.

But the shameful reality of it all is that Zev’s outlawed protocol saved many lives, and I for one am grateful for his fortitude and direction, given in the face of massive opposition by some pretty scary authorities and their threats. All Zev wanted was to save the lives of people who were cut loose and ignored in their time of need by the US medical “protocols” developed by the criminally negligent agencies. Eventually other individuals like Peter McCollough and the aforementioned Stone, Marik and Kory amongst others, started sharing their ideas and successes like Zev. Hundreds of thousands of deaths were avoided.

In January 2022, Zelenko cemented his #1 doctora non grata status by claiming that children are more likely to die from the Covid “vaccines” than from COVID-19, generating a fresh salvo of MSM vitriolic abuse.

Current medical data proves he was right all along, about everything, and I for one believe every word he says in the following 30 minute video clip produced not long before this absolute gem of a doctor passed away. Given current Covid data, no one could possibly fault ANY of his beliefs and actions, as he has laid out in this and any of his previous interviews. He was obviously a deep thinker, and showed considerable aptitude for putting together the pieces of the puzzle we currently live in. The why, the when, the who and the how. You will not enjoy the resultant picture.

Today I urge everyone who reads this to listen to his final gift to the world, as well as his other interviews, and you might want to join me in mourning the passing of an extraordinary and brave physician, in the finest and time-honoured sense of that word.

This is what Doctors should be like, which is sadly a very far cry from the ignorant, and industrially naïve and greedy fools I see around me today.

RIP Zev you good thing, tsamaya sentle morena, and I hope we meet on the other side, where I will gratefully shake your hand.

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  1. One of the problems weekend warriors have when debating topics like these is that they do not have the facts to back their beliefs at their fingertips. Change this then, Read Bobby Kennedy’s most recent work (“A Letter to Liberals”) that allows for informed cuting edge science based debate – here too is an insightful and interesting SA based article by his CHD team And don’t forget to allow Dear SA to watch our backs by commenting and sharing this link

  2. You say “Like me he was a commoner, and a lowly GP,”
    As am I but I have never considered myself lowly or common.
    Keep up off your knees Medic, you will find the elevated view refreshing.

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