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Mixed emotions of sadness and anger are visited upon me when reading the news that the small group representing Rhodesians killed in the Great War will have to mourn their dead discretely and away from the main event at the Cenotaph in London on Sunday. The Royal Family will lead the country and the Commonwealth in honouring those millions who died for King and country. In a laudable act of forgiveness and magnanimity, the former enemy, the Germans will attend and be welcomed but not the Rhodesians.

This is particularly galling when one considers the fact that no country or Dominion contributed a larger portion of its male population to the fight and no other contingent suffered casualties as heavy. Roughly 6,000 men, (40% of the male European population) immediately enlisted following the declaration of war in 1914. Incredibly, most actually paid their own travel costs to get to the battlefields where they fought in frontline units and suffered heavy casualties. The same scenario played out in the course of World War II when again, more Rhodesians as a percentage of the European population volunteered to serve than any other country in the British Empire. Most were tough, resourceful, aggressive, fighting soldiers and many died. When Britain faced a determined Communist insurgency in Malaya in the 1950’s, again Rhodesians volunteers rushed to the rescue and made up the formation of ‘C’ Squadron of the Special Air Service. But this loyalty and commitment to the former Great Britain and shared values counts for nought because Rhodesians, in their desire to survive and save their country from ruinous misrule on a hostile continent, once refused to bow to the whims of Whitehall, offended the crypto-communist government led by Harold Wilson and for this, unlike the Germans, there is apparently no forgiveness.

Harold Wilson

But on reflection, maybe we’re well out of their Remembrance Day?  Shouldn’t we celebrate exclusion rather than mourn it? While we have not compromised our values and principles, the once great country we all cherished and venerated has forsaken us. It exists no more as we knew it and the commitment to the Christian ethos and the binding bonds of what we came to know as Western civilisation have been abandoned. It has been replaced by a socialist nanny-state where white, heterosexual men, popularly referred to as constituents of a ‘tyrannical patriarchy’, are considered ‘public enemy number one’ and the British people have been brought to their knees by a collective sense of misplaced guilt because they once built and ran a great empire and changed the world immeasurably by giving birth to the most successful civilisation in history. Members of the former ‘tyrannical patriarchy’ that survived the wars did indeed play a leading role in the affairs of the post-war UK but since their demise and the elevation of homosexuals, lesbians, bisexuals, transgenders and any population group bereft of a pale skin, to positions of dominance this is a radically transformed country that bears little resemblance to what once was.

This is a country where an insolent and ungrateful scholastic non-event named Ntokozo Qwabe who happened to be at Oxford from South Africa, courtesy of the benefactor he claimed to revile, had the country’s media and the academic and political establishment scurrying red-faced for cover when he insisted the Cecil-John Rhodes statue at Oriel College (the college which Rhodes contributed heavily to) constituted an ‘act of violence’ visited upon him and demanded its immediate removal. It’s also the country where the majority appears to have acquiesced limply to demands from students for the removal of the statue of Field Marshal Jan Smuts from the grounds of Cambridge University. Smuts was once Chancellor of this institution, might be considered the founder of the Royal Air Force, played a critical role in helping Britain win two world wars, helped form the League of Nations and the United Nations and created the Union of South Africa and the most important country in Africa, but the slobs who run the country see it differently. They now look for leadership to Muslim fundamentalists like Sadiq Khan who runs the city of London and Jeremy Corbyn, an erstwhile IRA supporter and a man bent on rendering his country defenceless against nuclear attack.

The millions who died in two world wars defending Britain, delivering a peace and prosperity in Europe that has lasted over 70 years, must surely be rolling in their graves when they see what has been wrought by those who have never fought and now, we are told, will not fight. General Nick Carter, Chief of the Defence Staff, recently lamented the fact that British Millennials are too self-interested to pursue a life in the military, that the young generation was overly concerned with “instant self-gratification” and “what’s in it for them”. As a result, army recruiters have announced they will be reaching out to young men and woman beyond Britain’s borders to fill the ranks of their armed services. A country of 70 million cannot find 100,000 of its own to defend it!

I’m not sure we Rhodesians do ourselves any favours being seen around this motley crew; let’s go and mourn our dead alone; then drink a beer, have a cheer and sing ‘Rhodesians Never Die’. I think our gallant countrymen that perished would prefer it that way.






















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  1. RHODESIA’S DEATH EUROPE’S FUNERAL by Michael Walsh has the following as the description about the book, and this about sums up the whole situation in a nutshell:

    “The handover of Europe’s African colonies to global banking corporations was slyly sold as the inevitability of Black rule. Like today’s so-called Syrian and Libyan rebels Rhodesia’s Mugabe was a front for the banking houses. The fraud was achieved by coerced Western elites. The NATO West blockaded Rhodesia whilst the Soviet Union and China sponsored armed terrorists hyped by corrupt Western media as noble partisans fighting for democracy and freedom. Government, media, church leaders, Anti-Apartheid Movement, and leftist-liberals unleashed hell on Africa. Church leaders referred to terrorists as Christian soldiers. Today the same traitors fan the ‘winds of change’ sweeping Europe. If successful, the globalists will achieve total control of Europe; Africa yesterday Europe tomorrow.”

    (The above description itself reveals extremely well the whole betrayal, for whom, and why, for we need to be aware that ABOVE Communism are those who control Communism. They are the Rothschild-led international bankers including Jacob Schiff – who funded Karl Marx and the bolshevik revolution – primarily an international revolution against Christian Russia.)

    1. For years after I had come across this quote by Oswald Spengler “Decline of the West” in None Dare Call it Conspiracy by Gary Allen I puzzled; “There is no proletarian, not even a communist movement that has not operated in the interests of money, in the direction indicated by money and for the time permitted by money and that without the idealists amongst its leaders having the slightest suspicion of the fact”.
      As Ann has indicated the full explanation of that riddle can be found in the first few pages of “The Rulers of Russia” by Rev D Fahey (free download from Internet).
      The Revolution in Russia was also a massive piece of real estate investment with slave labour included. martin.cruttwell@orange.fr

      As regards the invasion of Europe one person of note was the late(thank goodness)Peter Sutherland, Goldman Sachs banker and EU bureaucrat who sstated that he wanted to destroy the homogeneity of Europe!!!!

  2. All true Ann. I organised a meeting in Bath many years ago where Kitty Little came to speak. Regrettably she sent the audience to sleep with her droning presentation.
    The Rhodesian Lawyer John Giles was murdered at the Lancaster House talks in 1980 and though i tried to find out more only family were permitted to enquire and since I didn’t know the family that was that.

  3. The British are and have seldom been ‘politically correct’. Those that have been or are, are very few and far between. They were not called Perfidious Albion for nothing. They have always been notoriously opportunistic politically, indeed ambivalently expedient and self-servingly greedy. To Rhodesia they have been treacherously and dishonourable and nothing but Machiavellian to their own kith and kin. They have lied and openly boast about it today, when it comes to Rhodesian they even deny us a place to remember our dead.

    So now it is England’s turn to be denied her independence! – just like we were denied our independence by successive UK governments. Now they will begin to know what it is like to be denied their own destiny…. We were forced to take our Rhodesian independence by declaring UDI. So it now seems England will be forced to take her independence from the EU with an unresolved hard BREXIT! Well look how the mighty have fallen now! I only hope the English know now what it feels like to be denied your right to self-determination. We were made to relinquish our independence and adopt a crazy lunatic by the English Government. So now it is the English who are the polecats of the European world.

    If England fails now, I hope for their sakes they never have to endure a tyrannical murderous Marxist oligarchy that is force their populace into poverty like the English did to us. The English must never say they did not realised what they were doing to the Rhodesians. They forced us to accept their terms and forced us to relinquish our Rhodesian man Mr.Ian Smith and to accept their man Mr. Robert Mugabe and so lost our identity and accepted a new name Zimbabwe hence forth enslaving our nation in a murderous, tyrannical, evil, corrupt, cruel, thieving, Marxist communist doctrine with forces that were used to terrorise the whole populace and drive it to unimaginable hardship and poverty.

    Imagine the English now being forced to accept the same abysmal type of independence from accept East European form of governance? We were forced to accept this and worse by the British Government. Then imagine the English being made to endure a level poverty from what is arguably one of the highest standards of living that is sent to the to the lowest in any recorded history, and then suffer the abuse and indignity from an oligarchy that drives the country’s currency into hyper-inflation and blatantly steels all the white owned land. The British Government knows full well their man Mr. Mugabe was a murderous terrorist. Yet they installed him even though the British government knew he would steal the very life blood from all the Rhodesians now Zimbabwean folk yet, we gave more of our population than any other nation in the number that died for England in her time of need.

    Now imagine the English being denied the right to mourn their dead in front of everyone and then being ordered to mourn their dead elsewhere – out sight of the public’s eye! By the Britain’s European masters! The English have a lot to account for when it comes to what they have done to us Rhodesians. One wonders how well they would endure a murderous Marxist Mugabe imposing his thieving dogma on their populous. It was this man they swopped for Mr Ian Smith who was shot down fighting for England. So excuse me if I feel a touch synical perhaps a smig bitter because ‘Perfidious Albion’ you deserve what the EU meters out to you and nothing but distain from me!

    1. Spot on Jeremy. I would only add that the invitations for the Germans to attend the London and Paris memorial parades is an insult to those who died or were injured fighting the Germans who had caused both world wars.

      I believe this is Political Correctness gone beserck.

      Patrick Walsh

  4. Such a comfort to know there are other people who think as I do. I am living in a very ‘PC’ village in SW London, and life can seem like hell sometimes with the spiteful childish games they play.

  5. I would highly recommend Hannes book A Handful of Hard Men. He nails it.
    Hannes covers the two civilian planes shot down in Rhodesia.

    Matters had nothing to do with handing power to the Black people. However gradual.
    Everything was about the planned destruction of Africa.
    The Rhodesian military was 1 White to 4 Blacks. Please confirm.
    ‘White’ Rhodesia had more Blacks behind them than in front.
    The Blacks knew what was coming.
    So sad.
    Mugabe’s Shona 5th Brigade massacred tens of thousands of Matabele.

  6. I come from a different angle. While in the British Army in 1964-66 I happened to be in Hereford, having been flown back from the boredom of Malaya and failed the SAS selection course. One day we were called into the Main Hall by the CO Wingate=Grey and given a lecture on loyalty to the Queen!! Ian Smith had just declared UDI and there was talk of Wilson sending British troops to “put down the rebellion”. Couple that to my seeing the graves of British soldiers killed in Aden and the penny finally dropped and I bought myself out.
    I was in Rhodesia 66-69 and that was when I started to get really interested in politics but it took the battle against Heath in 1970 which really fanned the flames. If any readers are in UK or France and got any fight left in them please get in touch. Contact Martin e-mail john.cruttwell@sfr.fr

  7. To you and all the men you mention here! Salute, Hannes. We are being overrun by the likes of the ‘moral’ EFF types in South Africa as well.

  8. Britain did to Germany what they did to the Boer.
    Britain stole the Boer gold fields.
    Germany was not an enemy.
    Germany was a trade competitor.
    Rhodesia should not have fought for Britain.
    Ian Smith realised to late.
    WWI was a trade war to knock Germany out.
    WWII was to finish the job.
    Jan Smuts was a traitor?
    Joe Slovo a communist.
    The whole story while huge is not difficult to follow.
    The common enemy is Marxism.

    1. All true, Brian.

      White Rhodesia’s annihilation was planned decades before UDI (before 1940!).

      In 1940 university student Harold Wilson held a meeting of ‘selected out’ students and shared with them the secret plans of our global Secret Leaders of the ‘WORLD ORDER’. British Dr Kitty Little, one of the young students ‘selected’ was appalled and exposed the plan in a signed Memorandum to the Royal Commission on Criminal Procedure (link below).

      Chpt 9 was specifically on the plan for RHODESIA.

      (Note American ‘selected students’ were given their own version of the plan in their sphere as to the future intended for the US. G EDWARD GRIFFIN was such a student and spilled the beans too)

      This elite group of international financiers – including British and European Aristocracy play Divide & Conquer, lies and dirty tricks to ensure power and wealth stay in the hands of the few.

      I have done thorough research and Germany is not guilty of the outrageous claims made against it and was against a war. (Read the free online book by PETER WINTER : “The Six Million: Fact of Fiction?” 7th edition. for scientific information and historical fact. This edition was banned by amazon so he made it FREE online to get the facts out)

      Germany was becoming too economically successful and thus a threat to this ‘balance of power’ so had to be targeted. Could we say the same of our beloved Rhodesia?
      Here is Dr KITTY LITTLE’s link to “TREASON AT WESTMINSTER”. (Elsewhere, not here, she has named Harold Wilson):


      9. The destruction of Rhodesia:

      In 1940 the leader of the political section of the subversive organization said that the destruction of Rhodesia was the single most important objective of his section, and there would seem to be no other explanation for the actions of successive British Governments since then.
      Richard Crossman recorded in his Diaries that Wilson ordered psychological warfare tactics to be used to help gain support for his actions thus people have been led to believe that it is a colony, but Rhodesia has never been a colony, and since 1923 has been entirely self-governing.

      In 1961, at Macmillan’s instigation, it was decided to draft a new Constitution, and on 13th June 1961 two British White Papers (Cmnd 13?? and 1400) were published giving the agreed terms of the new Constitution. These were approved by the House of Commons on 21 st J? the same year. The new Constitution was accepted by a referendum of the Rhodesian electorate, following the Indaba of Chiefs.

      But in November 1961, when the Bill was introduced into the House of Commons, the Under-Secretary of State for Commonwealth Relations announced that Britain had unilaterally added “a few minor points not mentioned in the White Papers”. These “minor” points included a section providing that “full power and authority is hereby reserved to Her Majesty by Order in Council to amend, add to, or revoke the provisions of Sections 1, 2, 3, 6, 29, 32, 42 and this section”.

      It is because the Rhodesians have not recognized this totally dishonest and dishonourable confidence trick as valid that Rhodesia has been deemed to be “in a state of rebellion against the Crown”. In fact, in making this recommendation it would seem that the Ministers were recommending that the Queen should break her Coronation Oath.

      Similarly, UDI is commonly thought to be illegal, but Richard Crossman’s account shows that it is not illegal, but that the reason for the intense psychological warfare activity, directed against the British people, was to create the illusion that it is. Subsequent attacks on Rhodesia have displayed the same mentality. Sanctions have probably harmed Britain more than Rhodesia, because she has been deprived of their chrome and other minerals, while other countries less entangled with the Soviets have shown a more realistic attitude.

      Extreme pressure was put on Rhodesia to accept the Kissinger-Callaghan “initiative”. The Rhodesians have complied in meticulous detail with all the provisions that Kissinger dictated, culminating with the formation of tin; Transitional Government. Callaghan and Owen, together with Kissinger’s successor, Jimmy Carter, have kept none of their promises. Instead Britain is providing immense financial assistance for the Soviet controlled Communist Terrorists (out of borrowed money), and David Owen is now attempting to get the British army, under a Soviet Commander-in-Chief and Cuban Field Commanders to join in that attack on Rhodesia.

      The UN plans for Rhodesia include the forcible removal of children between the ages of 8 and 16 from their families and their country, in order to send them to foreign Marxist countries for Marxist anti-Christian indoctrination.

      If the Rhodesians are defeated those planning the invasion have announced that they will kill a large proportion of the population -hence, presumably, the choice of the name Zimbabwe, meaning “empty ruins” that has been chosen for the new name of the country.

      When the massacre is completed the intention seems to be to hand the minerals and mines over to associated companies of the group planning the world monopoly of essential minerals. (Note: Under revised plans of July 1978, the USSR is to buy minerals and mineral rights from Nkomo for cash, while the Cubans will have full military and police control of the country).

  9. Apropos the above I am very pleased to tell you that Prince Harry in all his Military finery met with the Rhodesian contingent and my brother-in-law who is secretary of the RAA sent me a great picture of the young Prince. He spent quite some time talking to them evidently.

  10. Copy of a letter written by Peter Petter-Bowyer.
    Patrick Walsh
    11 November 2010
    Letter to the ‘Times’ – Peter ‘PB’ Petter-Bowyer

    “On Remembrance Sunday we repeat our promise, “At the going down of the sun and in the morning – WE WILL REMEMBER THEM”. Yet, since 1965, the British government has banned Rhodesian veterans from remembering their own fallen comrades in the Cenotaph parade. Rhodesia’s small white population provided, per capita, the highest number of servicemen and suffered the highest percentage losses of any national group that participated in WWII. In 1940 the Rhodesian Government had to stop many volunteers leaving so as to maintain vital services inside Rhodesia.

    With black majority rule, Africa became a pawn in the Cold War and USSR propaganda demonised Rhodesia’s white government. The result was Robert Mugabe’s thirty-year campaign of national devastation and personal looting.

    The white minority Rhodesian Government simply wished to keep the country in responsible hands whilst preparing the black majority to govern. Appalling developments in newly independent black countries made Rhodesians fear their country would follow suit. Their fears have been amply realised.

    Unlike Australia and Canada, who decimated their indigenous peoples, Rhodesia expanded its black population from about 400,000 in 1890 to over 7 million by 1980. The country was entirely self-sufficient in food, with a highly efficient infrastructure of schools and medical facilities. Power-hungry nationalists took over a superbly managed country and destroyed it.

    Surviving Rhodesians refuse to participate as Zimbabweans in London’s Remembrance Sunday because the name ‘Zimbabwe’ now represents Mugabe’s wholesale greed, corruption and the murders that have caused millions to flee their country or face every imaginable depravity.

    Perhaps it is a blessing that Rhodesians who fought and died for King and country could not foresee how their sacrifice would be rendered worthless by successive British Governments. Nevertheless, Rhodesians in London on Remembrance Sunday will hold their own simple isolated remembrance service to honour fallen colleagues officially forgotten for reasons of ‘political correctness’

    With kind regards’

    PJH Petter-Bowyer”

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