by Hannes Wessels

I took some flak following my last article on ‘experts’, but since then I’ve seen little or nothing to lead me to believe I should change my opinion. In fact, events since then have buttressed my view.

We can start with Professor Neil Ferguson from Imperial College, London. A leading epidemiologist, Ferguson is arguably the pivotal ‘expert’ in influencing the decisions taken by Boris Johnson and Donald Trump that have triggered the collapse of the global economy. Trump was about to get it right when he said, “We can’t have the cure be worse than the problem…”; but in the face of the media storm created in large measure by Ferguson, he buckled and Boris followed.

The professor’s doomsday report predicted upwards of 550,000 deaths in the UK from Covid-19 unless a strict lockdown regimen was implemented.  That bombshell continues to reverberate today. But now we know that the lockdown insisted on by this Establishment bullshitter, was apparently intended for everyone except him and his married lover. It would now appear, when not working out how to destroy our lives, the “Bonking Boffin” or “Professor Pantsdown”, as he is now sometimes known, was also applying his great mind to shagging his ‘side-line’, Ms Antonio Staats, a married, wealthy ‘lefty’, and in pursuit of that noble goal, lockdowns and social-distancing did not apply to him. If you can’t trust a man to follow his own rules where does it end? He has since, mercifully, resigned.

If this is not sufficient reason to doubt this man’s credibility, there are increasing calls on him from senior UK politicians to release the codes and the modelling upon which the national lockdown was based. Thus far to no avail. ‘Pantsdown’ has deferred disclosure arguing that the computer code is 13 years old and thousands of lines of it are “undocumented,” making it hard for anyone to work with, let alone take it apart to identify potential errors. This begs the question: why has an old computer-code been used to justify the closing down of Britain?  Adding to the high-level drama, the Swedes have announced that his model predicted 100,000 deaths there by June if he was ignored. He was ignored and the latest figure for Sweden is 2,680.

Michael Ryan, Executive Director of the WHO Health Emergencies Programme is another ‘expert’ who has had a profound impact on political decisions around the world, leading to the imposition of draconian rules that have ruined hundreds of millions of lifestyles and livelihoods. It was Ryan who suggested confinement might not be enough and that the authorities in affected countries should “actively look” for infected people wherever they maybe including their homes and when found, remove and isolate them. This interventionist approach was seized on in South Africa and may well have had something to do with the decision taken by soldiers to enter a private dwelling in Alexandra, north of Johannesburg where they allegedly assaulted and killed a man for violating the lockdown rules.

Maybe Ryan had just kissed the Blarney Stone when he recommended his hard-line approach because he seems to have changed his ‘expert opinion’ recently. He is now on record appearing to praise the “…very strong public health policy” in place in Sweden which is the most relaxed in Europe and suggested that “….Sweden represents a future model.” I might be missing something but it looks to me like this bloke also got it all horribly wrong to start with but who cares?

There’s more. Dr. Judy Mikovits, formerly research director at the Whittemore Peterson Institute in the US where she worked with Dr. Anthony Fauci, is about to publish a book. Fauci, as most of us know, is the man directing the Trump administration’s response to the virus. In it, the picture she paints of Dr. Fauci is an unflattering one. She alleges his involvement in a cover-up of a research report that involved financial profit for some and accuses him of delivering a narrative on Corona that is “absolutely propaganda”. Her story is a deeply troubling one about the price she paid, which involved arrest, dismissal and a gagging order, for dissenting from views held by Fauci.  She looks to me like she knows what she’s talking about and is telling the truth. In Fauci’s hands rests the fate of many millions of Americans.

Unquestionably, these three individuals have played pivotal roles in getting us to where we are today and it seems, as we watch our economies and countries collapse, we are faced with more uncertainty, verging on downright confusion than ever.

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has referred to the latest data made available to him as “shocking” because it reveals that almost 70% of the people admitted to hospitals in the state were people who had not left their homes. Obviously, the confinement, he enforced has not done much to help the folk that followed the instructions. NYC has reported over 11,000 deaths with strict rules, while Tokyo, with people allowed to move has had less than 100 fatalities. Reports are coming in indicating a spike in the number of deaths caused by Tuberculosis as a result of the rules relating to confinement and social-distancing. In Australia, The Australian newspaper has reported that deaths from suicide following the implementation of lockdown rules, are likely to exceed those from the virus by a factor of 10. These are just some examples of the unanticipated consequences of the international response which they have orchestrated and there are many more.

With way more questions than answers about the virus; its origins, its lethality, infection rates and what the future holds, and bereft of people who can provide the correct information, we seem to be wondering around in the dark regarding the disease but what is clear as the light of day is that on our present trajectory we are going to self-destruct.

With all the talk of herd-immunity maybe we should be pondering herd-stupidity! I’m comfortably positioned here; wallowing in the knowledge that I’m an idiot, but at least I know when I don’t know and unafraid to admit it. I’m just sorry some of these ‘experts’ are not of the same mind.



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  1. I’m a late arrival in reading this article. Just another idiot watching this hoax play out at an enormous cost to lives and freedom. Apart from the sense that Hannes articulates, perhaps the most succinct statement I have seen was …Just remember; the one’s selling the panic are the same one’s selling the vaccine.

  2. Yes indeed and I do believe the lockdown was just to give the infrastructure time to gear up I think any action would have brought scorn upon any politician in office from their opposition.

  3. Hannes – I am tired of taking “flak” from those who are caught up in this pantomime and hoax of a pandemic. In the last couple of weeks I am now openly hostile to idiots who proclaim this “disease” is a pandemic of huge magnitude. It’s time for more people to take a stand and resist the madness that has taken over the entire world.

  4. I agree on what you say Hannes with one exception.
    It is not us that are wondering around in the dark, but the Government who have based their ridiculous decisions on this pandemic based on fear driven propaganda without facts. They purport to rely on experts who have very questionable motives and agenda.

    It is becoming clear as more and more evidence comes to light that this virus is no worse that previous viruses that mankind have experienced in the modern era. The projections by “experts” have caused untold misery and politicians and especially in South Africa where the opposition parties sided with the ANC in agreeing with a decision to declare a disaster when there was no disaster. They simply fell for the ANC guise to use the WHO policies without any discernment.

    It is most disconcerting to think that we have people running government who panic and does not bode well for our future having panic mechanics running the countries. What will they panic about next? The climate… that is on the agenda as we have seen with compliance with the unelected UN IRENA agenda the energy mix fiasco that will lead to more desperation for the citizens who will have no reliable electricity.

    There is already evidence in Australia, the UK. USA and Germany that the renewable policy is a disaster. Yet we still are on track in lockstep to follow the disastrous experience in the other countries who embraced this and is leading to energy poverty.

    Back to the virus issue.
    It is worthwhile listening to Professor Knut Wittkowski latest comments on the issue. I am not sure if you have seen it?

  5. Hannes I am with you on this yet again. It constantly seems that the so called experts are actually the ones with little to no common sense, or simply in it to give their own tuppence worth for which they no doubt receive huge sums in the form of compensation/grants to continue their own scientific research. Every so called expert has their own opinion thereby raising concern that in fact none are qualified enough to give true cause for alarm when alarm may not necessarily be the right cure. The media are possibly the worst at disseminating a large portion of fake news and embroiled in fear-mongering. For what purpose I can only imagine as being one to attempt to topple conservative governments, hoping that inaction or alarming death rates may push public opinion to switch votes. I have my own thoughts being that I believe this to be the biggest scam of all time. I wish the bloody world would wake up and start challenging these so called experts and authorities. Our liberty is at stake here, notwithstanding the fact our grandchildren will be paying this debt off for the all their working lives.

    Keep the articles coming mate- don’t let the dooms-dayers get you down. They are part of the problem

    1. Warwick I can’t help but wonder if this virus would even have been noticed were it not for the press and their propensity for hype?

  6. Hannes

    Please don’t be distracted by the integrity of others. Years ago I studied a ‘bit’ on ‘who trusts the doctor?’ And there is no conclusive deposition in my book.

    We have to admit at this stage that this Covid-19 thing is uncertain at this stage. As geopolitical events unfold before us, we have to remain ‘idiots’. As a father like you, I have to advise my family what I think is the best way forward.

    I am none the wiser, but I will say this: “the global economy is in deep trouble and the way out is not as simple as we might wish”.

    It’s time to blow the dust off the ‘survival book’.

    All very best wishes to you and your family,


  7. Thank you as always Hannes for your balanced and rational perspective on this subject. It is really difficult to know what the right course of action. Should be, but isolation and weakening the herd immunity is generally not the way to do it. A temporary lockdown to get the support infrastructure geared up it possibly a first step, but the absolute treatment for a pandemic Regards to you and yours

    1. Thanks Simon. I understand this is complex but I’m just sorry these ‘experts’ aren’t a little less assertive in their pronouncements. Because they were so adamant they were right, the politicians were between a rock and a hard place. I think Trump was hesitant about a lockdown but the political risks were immense. Had he not done it, every death in the US that followed, would have been blamed on him. And the same for Boris and others.

  8. Hannes

    Watch this space. The informal settlements (shack villages) around the cities of South Africa have been mooted as the future epicenters in SA.

    A Doctor friend was on a Zoom medical conference earlier this week. The subject of the informal settlements came up. The theory advanced at that meeting was due to the fact that most dwellers are out in the open in the sun and wind for most of the day the informal settlements may not pan out to be the death traps they are theorised to be.

    Sao Paulo in Brazil has had huge deaths being blamed on the President for not enforcing lock down Sao Paulo like New York is a city of high rise buildings.

    Let us see what happens.

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