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The Pro Protestors

It wasn’t so much a Saturday and a Sunday as it was a progress report. An analysis of the West’s now-year long project entitled, ‘Taking our civilisation to hell real quick’. It started on Saturday, when a pro-Palestine march swamped Marble Arch. Here a crotchety old union steward stood and addressed the mob: ‘Where is the leader of the Labour Party? I haven’t seen the shbag….’ Islington’s speakers at performative outrage protests such as these are usually angry because at the age of 76, they’re still living with their 90- year-old-mother, and the mad old bat stubbornly refuses to kick the bucket. The effortlessly stupid Jeremy Corbyn then got up to speak, and people went more mad. 

Later that day, two obscure footballers from Leicester City, an Englishman and a Frenchman, waved the Palestinian flag around Wembley shortly after their victory in the FA Cup final against Chelsea. The Englishman had been sanctioned before for making inflammatory remarks about his own countrymen – whether this convinced the Frenchman to participate in such an inappropriate and offensive and irrelevant spectacle isn’t clear, but 2020’s summer of madness and double-standards undoubtedly contributed to the moment. As a study within the study of the decline of civilisation, sport has been mugged. 

Emboldened by the events of Saturday, a pro-Palestinian convoy started winding its way into central London from Hounslow and its neighbouring borough. Cars emblazoned with hashtags hooted. Some passengers used loudspeakers. Flags flew from the windows. 

Their route was carefully mapped; they chose to pass suburbs occupied by Jews. Shortly after exiting St. John’s Wood (where the Israeli Ambassador’s residence is located), the convoy headed toward Marylebone on Finchley Road. ‘F- – – the Jews’, a loudspeaker in one of the cars bellowed, ‘r- – – their daughters’. 

The remaining Corbynistas in the Labour Party feigned shock. When the footage surfaced, they scrambled for excuses: ‘#FreePalestine,’ a rising moron called Zarah Sultana reverse ferreted, ‘is actually an anti-racist movement’ (surprisingly she did not mention that she’d spent the previous week denying Israel’s right to self-defence on Twitter).  There were also the familiar but no less fake, ‘Comrades! Discipline’ responses – just like the one-armed Kebby Maphatsoe used to shout at smoked-up, breakdancing MKMVA members protesting outside Luthuli House.

Non-Corbynistas were more convincing: ‘Disgusting,’ the beleaguered Keir Starmer remarked. At the same time this was happening, a Rabbi was beaten in Essex and later on Sunday night, the home and car of a moderate Muslim scholar in Birmingham were attacked.  Mufti Abu Layth had condemned fellow Muslims for using the issue of Palestine to instigate violence. 

On Monday last week, the names of 29 men – all of Muslim Pakistani heritage – were published, having been found guilty of raping the same 13-year-old girl. Despite the fact that the girl was 13 – 13 – not a single Jewish person emerged to describe all Muslims as monsters. Similarly I have never heard a Jewish person describe all Muslims as ISIS members.

As a feature of so-called conscientious resistance, Islington – which means Jeremy Corbyn and his fellow middle class, white, professional protestors – is a failure. The attempt by the activist class to overturn 2016’s referendum was embarrassing. Donald Trump was never kicked out of capital or country. All it has accomplished is a layer of excuses enabling the kind of uncontrollable hatred that detests facts and seeks things to break. 

4 thoughts on “London & The World”
  1. “Palestinian” anger is based upon jihad and islam and all else is for the credulous.

  2. Just what are you trying to say?
    The Israelis are not the Israelites. They really have not gone home.
    Hence the reason for Palestinian anger.
    Read: Ilan Pappe & Shlomo Sand

    I hope the rapists get the death penalty.

    1. Not ‘trying’ to say anything: I am describing the abhorrent spectacle of people who belong to a religion that largely refuses to condemn honour killing or apostasy, that refuses to condemn gays being tossed from buildings and that has succeeded in damaging the universal right of freedom of speech, encourage the systematic violation of innocent women.

    2. Ignorance is not a virtue despite so often being the basis to virtue signalling.
      You should not post about Israel when you clearly have no idea of the reality there although opinion , however uninformed now seems to be acceptable as fact to some..
      As for reading I suggest some unbiased neutral texts (now hard to find as the Left has really made them scarce) all uncorrupted by the noxious Left.
      How anyone who turns up to hear “kill the Jews” etc. etc.. ad nauseum can not understand the ideology islam and its blatant aims is beyond me.
      Israel is far too kind to a group who see human shields(especially children) as good propaganda and who care nothing about their people.
      If you really do want to know, go and live in Israel for a few years then try any non oil rich muslim country and you might then have a clue.
      There is a cartoon that says: “Israelis come from Judea and Arabs come from Arabia” It is simplistic but it does have a point.
      However I agree on the death penalty although you can be certain now(thanks to the now usual double standards of law application) that in 5 years time most will be out looking for her to pay her back.

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