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Increasingly deranged social justice theory suggests that we must shoulder the burden of violence and its consequences in the fight against inequality.

I’VE SPENT SOME EVENINGS this week watching Nick Rekieta’s live commentary on the trial of Kyle Rittenhouse. You may question the importance of a murder trial halfway around the world: I’d argue that South Africa’s fleeting riots of July impacted damages equivalent to roughly 579 BLM / antifa protests across America last year, and considering the implications of the laws of self-defense as they pertain to those brave souls of Phoenix and elsewhere, the now-18-year-old Rittenhouse’s fortunes are not entirely unlinked.

In summary: on the 25th of August last year in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Rittenhouse, a pudgy lifeguard from a broken family whose father resided in the city, arrived to assist in securing premises threatened by rioters protesting the police shooting of a man called Jacob Blake. Whilst putting out fires with an extinguisher, Rittenhouse (armed with an AR-15) prompted the fury of Joseph Rosenbaum, who had multiple previous convictions for child molestation, including anal rape, and who had been released from hospital that morning. In a violent scene captured on video, Rosenbaum attempted to attack Rittenhouse, who shot and killed him. Rittenhouse was then chased by a group, including one Anthony Huber, himself no stranger to previous convictions. Huber attempted to attack Rittenhouse with a skateboard, and was ended by a bullet to the heart. Then another repeat offender, a self-styled revolutionary paramedic, Gaige Grosskreutz, armed with a pistol, attempted to advance on Rittenbaum (who was lying on the ground having been knocked over) – at which point Rittenhouse blew his right bicep off.

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On Monday jury deliberations are due to start. The case has been fascinating: the lead defense attorney is, politically, a liberal democrat – but fact-based. The prosecution has been led by the Kenosha County Deputy District Attorney, Thomas C. Binger, who is untrustworthy, duplicitous – and, by his own (unwitting) admission, inherently political. He has been admonished on more than one occasion by Justice Bruce Shroeder, (appointed by a democrat) and dresses appallingly (imagine a criminal defense attorney in Parow driving an orange Porsche chasing around a police wagon full of hardened 28 gang members? You’re still nowhere close).

As people like Mark Steyn, everyone implicated in the bullshit Steele dossier and Covington High’s Nicholas Sandmann have discovered – the process is the punishment. Long before the trial had started, Rittenhouse had been destroyed by the democrat establishment and allied prestige media – by Joe Biden and Ayanna Pressley in particular. Biden and Pressley accused Rittenhouse of association with white supremacy and of being a white supremacist terrorist respectively. No evidence has ever been located to substantiate these allegations and I’ve watched in disbelief as people commenting have learned for the first time that this case involves only white people – such has been the framing.

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Last night, Neri and I watched several hours of .#Kylerittenhouse direct testimony and cross examination. We came away believing that #Kyle is telling the truth and that he acted in self defense. We found him to be a civic-minded patriot with a history of

November 11th 2021

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I’m swayed toward the sentiments expressed by one of the most entertaining legal analysts around, David Freiheit, or Viva Frei, who has joined the Rekeita channel, alongside Robert Barnes, who was initially involved in Rittenhouse’s defense. On the basis of applied law, there is a strong case for acquittal. Given Binger’s outrageous behavior, the defense has petitioned for a mistrial (interestingly, this could be an attempt by Binger to force a retrial, given that his witnesses, noticeably Grosskreutz, have been so poor and unconvincing, and that all evidence presented thus far leans toward cases of essential self-defense).

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Now Antifa Gaige goes on CNN and is claiming his arms were up when Kyle shot him! Anderson physically grimaces when he drops that whopper and his lawyer has to step in to save him!

Anderson Cooper 360° @AC360

In an interview with CNN’s @AndersonCooper, the lone survivor shot by Kyle Rittenhouse in Kenosha, Wisconsin, Gaige Grosskreutz, attempts to clarify his testimony and comments on “Good Morning America” about whether he pointed a gun at Rittenhouse.

November 12th 2021

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The jury purportedly consists of Kenosha working-to-middle class men and women, and will thus unlikely feature anti-police bias – or solidarity with the likes of the bicep-less militant Grosskreutz). In the event Rittenhouse is acquitted, there will be serious implications for the conduct of the media and democrat politicians – potentially a host of defamation suits leading to further embarrassment for Biden personally. Biden, supposedly the most popular president in the history of America and the self-proclaimed “unifier” will have committed another demonstrable act of hostile division. @townhallcom

November 11th 2021

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All that being said, an anxious weekend awaits Rittenhouse. The cousin of George Floyd, Cortez Rice, has boasted on social media that photos of the jury are being taken (illegally) – implying that lists are being made. Chicago police have canceled leave for staff in preparation of riots that could spark should Rittenhouse be acquitted. Beyond the physical details, there is culture war and identity here too, whether the pursuit of so-called racial justice must accommodate – even praise – destruction to property and life.

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