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The race to replace Boris Johnson will be messy, but the real sadness is that whoever succeeds him will only strengthen Britain’s role in a technocratic “liberal” order nobody wants or voted for.

I’M IN THE SOUTHERN BAJA CALIFORNIA SUR at the moment and a local man on the beach tried to hawk me a bandana that read “Welcome to Mexico: the right side of Trump’s wall”. It is probably correct – but I’d replace the wall bit with “western civilization”.

By the time I get back to London next week, the bloodletting to replace Boris Johnson will be at a level that will make the Gaddafi-financed fall of Thabo Mbeki in Polokwane 2007 look civilized. These people will tear each other to shreds; they’ll use their lobbyists and fixers to initiate smear campaigns against each other – there’ll be piercing shrieks of affairs, cocaine, racism and homophobia – all bought to you by epic wankers like GB News’ Tom Harwood, one of the most odious media personalities in a land suffering no shortage of them.

Trust Boris to be sacked for the comparatively innocuous charge of a nonce noncing a young fellow in the broom closet of a prestigious member’s club (I have now scrapped my application to join). Not for panicking a country into a lockdown resulting in generation-destroying collateral damage; not for breaking stupid rules he himself was instrumental in composing; not for his hopeless leadership especially as it related to buddying up to the globalist, unelected illiberal order; not for accomplishing precisely nothing on a manifest he won a startling majority for in December 2019; not for his failure – with executive order-style power – to protect institutions disemboweled by race hustlers and climate terrorists and men who think they are women. No, instead he supported a compulsive nonce, and despite noncing being Britain’s unofficial national sport, he got the boot.

There is no joy in seeing the back of a sesquipedalian scam artist because the cast assembling to replace him is like staring into a great pit of squishy ineptitude. Not one of the emerging candidates is remotely conservative; not one of them appears to be aware that we know this. With exceptions you could count on one hand, today’s UK Conservative party is John O’Sullivan’s first rule of politics in motion: unable to control leftist impulses, unable to resist the temptation of appealing to Gen Z – unable to acknowledge just how much contempt they have managed to earn themselves from ordinary citizens.

The agony of choice to replace Boris. There’s Penny Mordaunt, the trans “ally” whose promo video opens with a clip of Oscar Pistorius – smart move lady – then there’s a former Deutsche Bank douche with an impossibly round head, then there’s Liz Truss, which is what you’d get if you sent Little Britain’s Vicky Pollard to Swiss finishing school, then Priti Patel, possibly the guiltiest over-promising and under-delivering political candidate ever, then Rishi Sunak, who almost certainly plays fast and loose with the receiver and Jeremy Hunt, a former Health Secretary who last month gushed at the “success” of China’s brutal ‘zero coof’ (LOL) lockdowns. There are also warmongers with Ukrainian flags in their bios, and Grant Shapps, former print shop man – although it’s never been determined whether he changed the color cartridges on the machines or just refilled the water cooler (I don’t dislike Shapps: he wrote a very nice letter to me once, but canceled it by going all unhinged on travel bans during coof and came within an inch of preventing me from returning home to Cape Town).

In 2007 I started noticing the similarities between the ANC and Britain’s Labour – in the words of Gordon Brown, they were “soul mates”. Alan Johnson, one of the most impressive, genuine men I have ever encountered is the only reason I do not detest that party – but leader Keir Starmer is not impressive. Angry, unpleasant, kneeling and, truth be told, a nonce ally, he’s also part of an order seeking to destroy the world in its existing form, and to shape Labour as a frontline enforcer of this. As repulsive – and terrifying – as this move is, at least it’s out there, the quiet part being said out loud. Which brings you to the general election in 2024.

Do you vote for an unsmiling, fish-lipped Keir Starmer with his BLM-loving party who will almost certainly eliminate women’s rights en route to destroying centuries of democratic progress and sacrifice? Or do you vote for a party that knows that Starmer’s way is evil, but is too stupid and vain to do anything about it?

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  1. A question, if you please. Are all those who wear Ukrainian flags or blue and yellow ribbons, warmongers?

  2. Yes, pretty depressing. They are all party clones, the party system being “the revolution against the constitution”. in that the constitution was designed to separate powers, the party system brazenly does the opposite. “When we come to power” they drone at election time.
    and nobody turns a hair.
    The most recent revolution was the election of the Labour Party in 1945, following Lenin’s “war truly generalised terminates automatically in revolution” , the earlier example being the Russian Revolution in 1917, towards end of WW1. Preceding the arrival of this Socialist revolution in 1945 Atlee told a Labour Conference in 1934 ” We are putting loyalty to World Goverment above loyalty to country” The Conservatives admittted that Socialism is inevitble and just that they would run it better than Labour. In 1957 the “Winds of Change” Macmillan government declared in favour of World government also and every means posssible to achieve that aim.
    This takes me back to the earlier revolution, post Marx, towards the end of Victoria’s reign which included amongst his objectives the overthrow of monarchies. The business community which engineeered this revolution decided to keep our Monarchy for show, while the real purpose of government was carrried on by them. See Ben Greene’s booklet “The British Constitution and the Corruption of Parliament” from Unfortunately this slightly revised title suggests the constitution is to blame, but at least one of its essays reads more properly “The Party System and the Corrruption of Parliament”.
    By downloading for free “The Party System” by H, Belloc and C Chesterton, Belloc being a former MP you can get an idea why the party system was a fake “democracy”. He records that the earlier 1688 Revolution against the English Constitution was engineeered by the wealthy with a vew to making themselves wealthier.
    Ironically, in 1952 just before the Queen’s Coronation in 1953 Sir Lewis Namier historian gave a public lecture explaining how the modern disciplined party system removed from the Crown the Prerogative to appoint Ministers of the Crown from amongst the best human material in the whole nation. Because those whom the Crown chose had to be approved by the Commons, if the Commons depended upon the party for their seat, whoever controlled party decided who would be Prime Minister.

    The amalgamation of the Commons with the government through the party system of “collective responsibility” and “manifesto package” is a clever way of hiding a totalitarian system behind a fake democracy, because if you can’t opt out of anything anf are forced to vote for the whole package control belongs entirely to the government.. As Hailsham wrote in 1970;” It is the Parliamentary majority which has the potential for tyranny”.
    The clones in the contest are hoping to show they will run the show better than the others, even though collectively they caused the problems in the first place and huge swathes are dependent on being “rescued” by the party which damaged them or rescued by the other clones in the Red Corner. Really cynical. A tiny fraction of the population is determining which of the clones is the next PM>
    The Party System has completely destroyed the checks and balances of the constitution
    The only remedy left to the people is Common Law, but too few know about that and how it can overturn any legislation. I will ramble no further but I can provide a couple of free leaflets for interested parties? I finish by saying that even Magna Carta and Trial by Jury has so far not yet saved Julian Assange, who has been banged up in a London dungeon for over a 1000 days without fair trial of his peers. So much for a “Conservative” government

  3. Simon, you spent an hour on a laptop trying to convince us you know more words in the dictionary than we do but you, like the politicians you smear, can only character assassinate people instead of offering genuine, positive outcomes of which a few must exist in the marxist political elite the UK is churning out these days.

  4. Well, I live in the UK (North West England) and can’t disagree with any of Simon’s analysis. Unfortunately. The country really is going down the pan.

  5. GBNews is actually the only TV station that digs for the truth and says things that others dares not. They also invite people with opposing views and allow their listeners to actually hear what they have to say. Sorry, but that was a truly ignorant comment that nearly stopped me from reading on.

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