Will Keys

Extract: “The Nineteenth-century military philosopher Carl von Clausewitz observed that the first duty and the right of the art of war is to keep policymakers from demanding things that go against the nature of war.”  

Extract: “The Uniform Code of Military Justice (“UCMJ”) is federal law, enacted by Congress which applies to all active duty members as well as activated National Guard and Reserve members and military academy students. Some civilians serving in support of the military during wartime are also subject to the UCMJ.”  The officer class of all branches, are bound to conduct themselves within the framework of this Code.  Unfortunately the USA senior military class got caught up in the wokie-dokie post modernism mentality.  This MIME is recently espoused by a few influential African-American Marxist-Socialist academics, but enthusiastically adopted by the lunatic left in the Democrat Party. The USA Joint Chiefs of Staff (“JCS”) General Mark A, Milley must have Democrat Party aspirations because he has absorbed the idiotic Democrat Party mentality.  Enough said. 

We need search no deeper. We have been witness to the open display of injustice served on Minneapolis policeman Derek Chauvin, and the elevation of a criminal; the late George Floyd to hero status. In this case crime certainly paid off because his family has become very rich overnight thanks to the compensation received. This mentality of woke Marxist-Socialism has torn the American social fabric apart.  I will not insult the readers intelligence by filling in the dots.   

Referring to Afghanistan.  “We must address the reality of the world as it exists right now, the threats we face. And to confront it.  All of the problems and the extremely predictable consequences of a early withdrawal.” So said the brilliant POTUS Donald J. Trump. 

It was clear that POTUS Trump had got his head around the Afghanistan issues. He knew that the USA military had lost its fighting conviction, in country.  It wasn’t rocket science, the whole world could see it.  The original invasion had taken less than three months and was a great success. There was a major SNAFU, when idiot generals, let Bin-Laden escape into Pakistan. Thus, it took a decade before they got Osama Bin Laden in Pakistan and closed the case. The occupation was now 20 years old and enough is enough.  Everyone asked the question, “what the hell is the USA hanging around in Afganistan for?”  They appeared to be sitting on their hands and giving away a lot of money.They also had the ever devious Pakistani’s on the border.  It didn’t make a lot of sense to POTUS Trump or indeed the rest of the world. In 2019 POTUS Trump demonstrated his capacities and determination, by taking out Iran’s Lieutenant General Qasem Soleimani and Iraq’s Abu Bakr a;-Baghdad.  The US military quickly sorted out the remaining caliphate pretenders.  In many, many ways, America was making itself great again. 

Trump opened up negotiations with the Taliban, and he did so from a position of strength.  He demanded an instant freeze on the killing of any western military in Afghanistan. The conditions of withdrawal were underpinned by threats of consequences, for breaches of the Agreement.  The Taliban believed POTUS Trump, and there were no western deaths from the Taliban for the next thirteen months.   

The catastrophe that was the stolen 2020 General Election was orchestrated by the Democrat Party. All the usual suspects are/were criminally involved.  All conspired and contributed to the catastrophe.  Sadly, the fat lady began to sing a mournful song.  “The fish rots from the head.  In this case the fish is the Democrat Party.    

There have been many deleterious consequences of the stolen election, but none more dishonourable than the USA Commander-In-Chief POTUS Biden, declaring unconditional withdrawal by a certain date. It amounted to unconditional surrender and utter defeat.  The humiliation of that unnecessary decision is still gut-churning. Under POTUS Trump there would have been a withdrawal, but it would have been an honourable withdrawal.  Done in dignity and without leaving unnecessary, unwilling USA citizens or sympathetic Afghanis behind.  All equipment would have been withdrawn or destroyed. The civilian Afghanistan government, would have survived, and the negotiations with the Taliban is unknowable. The fact that the process would have been achieved in orderly fashion would have been the success.

In the midst of all these catastrophes, Donald J. Trump continued to lead and show the flag.  Nearly every prediction he made has come true. Nearly all the wonderful gains Trump achieved have been irresponsibly given away. Once again I do not propose to sport with the readers intelligence, all is well known.   

Slowly the American people are waking up. They are noticing the disasters that are befalling them. Critical Race Theory being promoted in schools. The high crime rate particularly in Blue states. Chicago has deteriorated from out of control crime to a war zone.  Demoralized police. Uncontrolled illegal border crossing. Rising fuel and grocery prices. And, the horrible awareness that their POTUS is a confused geriatric who is not up to the job, in a world of existential threats. The Vice President has become even more problematic. The voters seem to have finally got it.  Recently Virginia flipped from Blue to Red and New Jersey very nearly did the same.  The political earthquake in Virginia should not be underestimated. The evil Democrat Party is finally in serious trouble.    

By AAdmin