Hannes Wessels,

For a long time I have been trying to understand the psychosis gripping the western world; the driving force behind electing politicians dedicated to destroying their countries, and I feel I may have come closer to my goal. I don’t know who came up with the term ‘virtue-signalling’, and I apologise to that person for using it so regularly, but it is this proclivity, which appears to be especially germane to white people, that may be the cause of our downfall.

Recently, virtue-signallers were behind the attacks on people who declined to be vaccinated. It was de rigueur to be on the side of the phoney Faucis and Fergusons of the world to attack people like Novak Djokovic and anyone who asked to be left out of the get-jabbed-immediately-brigade. The mob-message was that all those who refused to get-vaxed were meanspirited malcontents, an immediate threat to the health of others and indeed a threat to the peaceful co-existence of society. Professionals, and other well informed people, who registered a contrary view were banned from the air-waves.

Now it is Putin who has stepped into the breach to become the punch-bag of the same stupendously stupid people. Once again, very few of these individuals have looked at the complexities of the situation that led to this tragedy, they simply follow the pack-hysteria and belt out the same diatribes coming out of the mass media. It might mean WWIII but Joe Biden and the Democrat Party are clearly thrilled with the media-driven hysteria the invasion has caused.

Having been born in Rhodesia, and having lived through the war there, I look at the conflict in Ukraine with a jaundiced eye because I see parallels. In our case, all the media had to do was tell the world the war was one between privileged whites and oppressed blacks and millions of virtue-signallers around the world went weak at the knees with fervid empathy. Few, if any of them, deigned to look a little further to see if there was more to this than meets the eye because this breed of bigoted ‘liberals’ simply doesn’t do that; they lack the moral or intellectual courage to stand back, look, think and decide for themselves before attacking. So when I see RT (Russian Television) and any other sources of information, that may contradict the conventional wisdom, banned, I again ask why. And I again ask to be allowed to hear more from all the parties involved. In America now, taking a thoughtful stance on the Russian invasion is being likened to treason. What on earth happened to freedom of thought and expression?

Compounding the problem, the western world, appears to be run by feckless people, who often actually know better, but lack the gumption to confront the mob, preferring populism over principle. The days when country-leaders actually did what they believed was best for the citizenry rather than what would win the next election, appear to be behind us.

An excellent example of this is British PM Boris Johnson. Johnson is undeniably a brilliant man, who is extremely well educated, and very well informed. Looking back two years, I have little doubt he had his reservations about what he was hearing from the Imperial College’s Professor Neil Ferguson and his cohorts on the SAGE panel about Corona, but he lacked the guts to confront the mob who had been whipped into a fear-driven frenzy by the ‘follow the science’ diktat. He succumbed and went ahead with a disastrous lockdown  I suspect the same applies to his response to the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

As much as I dislike him, the same cannot be said of President Biden. His response to Covid and the Ukraine was entirely predictable. This is a man from the far-left, who throughout his political career, has shown his commitment to doing what is least good for his country in pursuit of power. He continues to do so today as he opens the country’s borders wide to hordes of illegal migrants, supervises the destruction of once great cities through tolerating rampant lawlessness, delivers the highest inflation in over 30 years, abandons Afghanistan in ignominious defeat, and has now led the US the closest it has been to nuclear war since the Cuban crisis in 1962.  

With the UK and western Europe in the thrall of an energy crisis, the victims of this self-inflicted hardship can again thank the virtue-signallers who long ago decided thermal and nuclear power offended their sense of what was good for the planet and made these countries ever more dependent on the now, much loathed Russians. In the UK the woking-class totalitarians even banned a concert by Tchaikovsky. No western politician, including Johnson, who doubtless knows better, was prepared to defy the message from the morality-mob. Britain abandoned its abundant shale-gas reserves and invested in unreliable sources of supply. The cost of energy in the UK is now one of the highest in the world. Germany is in much the same boat.

But there is a wonderful irony here and a reminder of John Locke’s warning against the dangers of unintended consequences. James Carafano vice-president at the Heritage Foundation’s Institute for National Security and Foreign Policy now tells us he believes at least some of the virtue-signallers who have orchestrated the current energy crisis are funded by the very people who they are busy hating at the moment; the Russians; “The Russians actually fund some of the most rabid environmental groups in Europe because they sic them on the energy projects that aren’t Russian.”

It looks like ‘Mad-Vlad’ better get used to being blamed for everything. No wonder he’s behaving badly.

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  1. Jack Russell on 19. March 2022 at 13:26 wrote:-
    “On TV.
    Or you one of the lot that thought the first film of astronauts on the moon was shot in a garage in Wyoming?”

    Jack Russell I cannot believe you think today’s corporate media are a reliable source of information!! Absolutely unbelievable!!! Clearly you have absolutely no discernment between fact and fiction.

    1. I think I’m bright enough, and read widely enough, to understand that news takes the slant of the producer, make my own conclusions. You can spin it anyway you like but the simple fact is that the Russian invasion, the killings, destruction, are way beyond even obscene.

      1. I see virtually all opposition in Ukraine has been banned. Parties that condemned the invasion have been banned. So much for defending democracy. And a high ranking Ukrainian official has referred to Russian soldiers as ‘cockroaches’ and given instructions for them to be castrated.

    2. Switch off the TEL -A-VISION
      Research. When did Ukraine fully gain its Independance?

  2. Brilliant radio program to keep up to date with is Olive Tree Views. They have a weekly discussion which you can download from their website…

    Jan Markell talks to​ Pastor Billy Crone​ for the hour.​ The world so longs for a savior that they have selected Ukraine’s Zelensky to be superman. A new song even calls him that and asks, “Can One Man Save the World?” While he may not be the Antichrist, the sentiment is there and the longing for a man with a plan to be a global miracle worker. This program brings out war facts you may not know. The Tribulation is rising.


  3. If we do take the line that Mr Putin is a lovely and very intelligent man and has been provoked (just as one of the MDC Cabinet ministers in the GNU described Mr Mugabe as a “loving father” whilst Roy Bennet was detained in a Mutare jail with a corpse deliberately placed in his cell for a number of days – when Roy was actually the chosen Deputy Minister of Agriculture for the GNU) – then I believe that as free thinkers we need to ask Mr Putin a few more questions to quantify Mr Putin’s undeniable greater goodness possibly for sainthood in the future? As agriculturalists we work daily on capturing more atmospheric carbon to be restored back to the soil. Professor Teague (a Manica by birth I believe) has spent the last 50 years in this field amongst a global battalion of conservationists like Walter Jehne and Jan Smuts – so it would be really good to ask Mr Putin how he interprets and measures the atmospheric carbon that he is currently expelling into the atmosphere in Ukraine. Mr Putin should know because we all know that he is a genius? Naturally, we would not ask Mr Putin to comment on civilian atrocities or refugees because what we see on TV cannot possibly be true? There have been no civilian targets in Ukraine, no residential buildings hit – just like seven month old Natasha Glennie was never bayoneted for death in Melsetter in 1977 by ZANLA?

    1. I was one of the sticks that was called out to attend the incident at Eagle school. It was the most heart rendering scene, one had to endure. the torture, rape and wholesale slaughter of those poor God fearing folk. The perpetrators could only be called savages. That young baby close to her mother both raped and brutally murdered. It remains etched in my heart to my dying day. They of all folk were helping the African people. May their dear souls rest in everlasting peace.

  4. Why would Putin attack part of his own country? You are required to believe that Ukraine is an independant country. What of the Adrenochrome operations? What of the Bioweapons ops? Who is really running all these ops?

  5. Hannes,

    I don’t understand why you have to draw parallels with all these other issues that you mention.

    The undeniable fact is Putin alone, has embarked on a totally unnecessary war that is
    killing thousands of decent people (I think more Russians soldiers will die unnecessarily than Ukrainians), Destroying Ukraine and Russia s economy and making himself an international Pariah.

    The question is why Putin, who up to now, seemed an invincible Dictator, has scored his “own Goal” and I believe the answer to that has little relevance to Virtue Signallers, as you put it.

    1. I believe people rush to judgement because they want to be seen as ‘virtuous’. Too few take the time to look, listen and then decide, they follow the pack. I remain firmly of the opinion Putin was provoked unnecessarily and this has led to a tragedy that could have been avoided. Where were all the ‘virtue-signalers’ when hundreds of thousands of civilians died in Iraq because the Americans and British arrived to destroy Saddam’s ‘weapons of mass destruction’?

      1. Saddam and Iraq, an interesting one. Assume there were reasonable grounds to suspect that they did have WMD, the West had done nothing and the weapons had been used ? There would have been total outrage with even the wokes joining the lynch mob screaming loudly for Bush and Blair’s heads ? You can never win with the woke segment as they live in a snuggery world ignorant of hard realities.

        1. The inspection teams on the ground were adamant the weapons were not there but this was ignored by the Neocons who bamboozled Bush into going to war.

    2. Military historians have indicated that“Putin’s peace keeping forces” in Ukraine have now reached a stale mate due to fierce resistance from Ukrainian military using anti tank and anti aircraft weaponry on the Russian military. The historians nite that Putin’s modus operandi in a stalemate is to simply attack civilians. I believe that this raises two simple questions at least. 1.How many civilians have the Ukrainian military attacked in Russia? 2. How did we all feel when ZANLA forces carried out the Elim Massacre of Missionaries on the outskirts of what was then Umtali, Rhodesia in the late seventies? I have been promised a book on the factual account of the Massacre and the subsequent tracking down of the leader of the gang who carried out the massacre – described by Lord Carrington and Henry Kissinger as a Freedom Fighter at the time? Perhaps Putin;s forces should br rebranded as Freedom Fighters?

      1. The book on Elim by Stepehn Griffiths has been out for a while – ‘Axe and the Tree’ I think the title?! It lays to rest the rubbish peddled about this having been done by the Scouts.

  6. I agree with a lot that you say but, apologies, what the Russians and their megalomaniac leader are doing in Ukraine is light years beyond despicable.

    1. I wonder where you are getting your news from on actual events on the ground because as always with our media it is very hard to figure out the truth.

  7. In the final scheme of things – as a lifetime agriculturalist that experienced ZANLA and ZIPRA’s respective Chinese and Russian support to “develop” Zimbabwe in the seventies – followed by the Fifth Brigade developing Matabeleland in the Gukuruhundi, and then as if that was not enough – to experience a third one in 2002 where “they” decided to redevelop agriculture as we watched 100 years of determined family effort go up in smoke – I struggle to empathise with Russia and Putin. When I look black on the Boer War, the Rhodesian War, the Gukuruhundi and Land Reform Programme – I see the soft targets in the form of farmers taking the hit. This morning we have had Putin having a rally to drum up support for his actions. In this instance we might need to think about all the farmers being murdered in South Africa as well. To express the disgust we can only call the destruction of agriculture by the likes of Mugabe, Hitler or Putin with a new word for their exclusive characters – their actions are simply “Ukrainifuckation.” Mugabe and Putin’s own ukrainifuckations each created over 3 000 000 refugees? A great legacy?

  8. Hannes you raise some though-provoking points here. Like you, I also wonder about the driving force behind elected western politicians setting about to deliberately destroy their own countries. There needs to be a new way of looking at people like Biden, Scott Morrison of Australia, Jacinda Ardern and Justin Trudeau of Canada who are all on the same page as far as their governing policies go – totalitarianism. We all see this now. These are not simply “liberal idiots” who “have lost the plot”, etc, they are fanatics to their cause and are the result of decades of grooming by their handlers who want to see every vestige of western civilization gone and replaced with a totalitarian system of governance. This is now very obvious to most of us. I have often wondered how Russia would view the aggressive endeavours of the globalists to coerce them into submitting to their globalist agenda. Well as far as I can make out, they want nothing at all to do with it, thus the Russian/Ukraine war, but of course there are a number of different facets involved here also. Wading through all the misinformation and checking out credible sources of information it seems to me Russia is winning this war and because of this, my bet is some sort of false flag event is going to take place soon to further whip up anti-Russian hatred to try and turn things around.

    As a youngster I remember reading a book by John A. Stormer entitled “None Dare Call it Treason” published in 1964. The book argued that America was losing the cold war because it was being betrayed by its elites who were pro-communist. (Nothing has changed!) 6 million copies were sold. I read another book in the 1970’s by Gary Allen entitled “None Dare Call it Conspiracy” published in 1972. Again, the book was sold in the millions and the subject very similar to the above-mentioned book. In spite of possibly tens of millions of Americans being informed via these two incredibly revealing books (and there are dozens of others) about what their criminal government was up to, it was not enough for informed Americans to be able to change the course of American history for the better. It seems to me we are on a pre-destined course into the future irrespective of what truth is disseminated amongst a population “of stupendously stupid people” to quote yourself.

    1. Alistair, like you I do believe there is a monstrous agenda in play, but we who think and concern ourselves with the welfare of our respective countries and the wider world are outnumbered by those who don’t know and don’t care and this provides fertile ground for these deviants to flourish in the political arena. I wish I could see some light but I can’t.

  9. Don’t forget the Soviets and Chinese communists funded armed and trained the likes of Mugabe and Mandela etc and flooded the Wimpy West with drugs and pornography to dumb down the youth. You only have to look at that South African commie idiot Peter Haines….

    1. I absolutely have to agree: especially having been at the recieving end of these past, shall I say THREE, works events, for actually daring to THINK: QUESTION & form what I hope is a reasonably balanced opinion. The 3 issues I mean are: the past American elections: the Covid scam and now the absolute hysteria surrounding the Ukraine issue. If you do not take part in the hollywood drama of plastering the Ukraine flag all over ones profile picture then you must be some sort of uncaring: unfeeling: unhysterical moron. If you dare offer an opposing view or alternative thoughts, or even facts, you are told you do not care about innocent civilians, women, children being obliterated by Putin the Terrible. I’m fascinated by the vast yet subtle deception that has gripped the world: but then why are we surprised: the warning was given a very long time ago. Hannes writing makes excellent reading: is extremely thought provoking & in my heart I have to concur. Thank you

      1. Events repeat themselves. Russian sportsmen and women now banned. Just as Rhodesian sportsmen and women were banned; they were all white racists and the world applauded in full agreement. Same pack of useful idiots do the same today.

        1. Hannes, thanks for another great article I am of the same opinion and believe there is another level to this including as always the central banking system.

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