Will Keys,

Throughout history and in the face of danger, the evolutionary ‘fight, flight, or freeze’ response is stirred up when confronted with danger. Research indicates that a fight response is the default for the likely winner, while a ‘flight or freeze’ default is more likely for the weaker party. Badgers are an exception and have been adapted for the fight response. However, I reason that even a badger would engage in flight when facing an elephant.

It is arguable whether a majority of the human species has evolved sufficiently to overcome the default responses mentioned above. With this statement in mind, we segue to the catastrophe that has befallen Russia and Ukraine. Ukraine could never win against Russia, and those who stoked false beliefs are culpable of immorality.

Those who support the Ukraine/NATO position may be influenced by biased historical perspectives and have allowed mainstream media thinking to inform them. The United Kingdom and Australia, in particular, have been wrong-headed about Ukraine, but they will be held accountable.

Reliable news sources, excluding those from the UK, USA, and Australia’s mainstream media, report an estimated 400,000 Ukrainian soldiers killed in action (“KIA”). Russia’s KIA numbers are far lower but equally painful. Ukraine has been severely affected and is unlikely to recover, and NATO’s credibility has been undermined.

On October 7, 2023, HAMAS invaded Israel from the Gaza Strip. In both scenarios, dangerous wrong-headed thinking has led to over-inflated intelligence assessments and a belief in equivalency. Internecine warfare will result in barbarity and, in time, be exposed. HAMAS and the Palestinians will pay a terrible price, likely self-inflicted. Nevertheless, right-headed thinking would acknowledge that the massacre of Israeli civilians is an abomination, as is the massacre of Palestinian civilians.

Founded in 1987, HAMAS is an acronym for Harakat al-Muqawama al-Islamiya (Islamic Resistance Movement). It is of the Sunni sect and is a political and military organization. HAMAS emerged from the Muslim Brotherhood and is the de facto government in the Gaza Strip, which has a population of 2.3 million. The fact that Israel officially claims ownership of the Gaza Strip means that the occupants are technically in Israel.

Wrong-headed thinking is often delusional and against self-interest, while right-headed thinking is realistic and often aligns with conservative political thinking, rooted in logic and common sense.

It is essential that the stronger party in any geopolitical conflict engages in right-headed thinking. Right-headed thinking will always occupy the moral high ground and condemn subhuman conduct of the wrong-headed kind.

There is no question that right-headed thinking is moral thinking. Western legacy media’s criticism of right-headed thinking should not interfere with the practical, logical, and geopolitical considerations being made on the ground in Ukraine and Gaza.

Right-headed thinking should never be pressured by the wrong-headed to engage in immorality. If Western mainstream media paints a short-term picture critical of right-headed decision-making, it must be resisted. Please note that Nikki Haley, Mike Pence, Senator Lindsey Graham, and Representative Dan Crenshaw are dreadfully wrong-headed.

As long as decisions are not immoral, they cannot be considered wrong in the short term. As time passes and the fallout of wartime atrocities is revealed, the wisdom of right-headed decision-making will become evident.

I again segue to good right-headed thinking. On October 13, 2023, the Australian people resoundingly rejected the wrong-headed notions of the Labour Party led by Prime Minister Anthony Albanese in a referendum. Not a single Australian state voted in favour of the ill-advised initiative. If you want to witness wrong-headed thinking firsthand, visit most Australian universities and observe the brainwashing.

In conclusion, I assert that wrong-headed thinking is the cause of the decline in the West. It has its origins in the USA, but Europe is equally culpable.

Donald J. Trump is a right-headed leader, and the MAGA movement is unwaveringly behind him. Elon Musk is another right-headed leader, and his genius will revitalize the US economy. Vladimir Putin is another surprising right-headed leader, who is also a good Christian to boot.

By Will Keys

4 thoughts on “Dangerous Wrong-Headed Thinking”
  1. Great article Will. I don’t know what the solution is and how the Republican Party can pull the RINOS into line.

  2. I suspect you are wrong in saying Israel owns Gaza. Since HAMAS took over Gaza in 2007, they have received billions in US aid and over 90% goes to military purpose to attack Israel. Israel blockade vessels and land transport, but after inspection allow non-military goods into Gaza. Hamas could have used the foreign aid to build Infrastructure but chose to build up arms with the backing of Iran. In over 14 years power plants, miles of electric wire and water plants could have been built. Hamas famously used piping supplies by the west to build rockets launchers.

    In my opinion Putin is a corrupt dictator who murders or imprisons his political foes (aka Mugabe and now Ed in Zimbabwe?).


    1. Hi Marilyn, you say you suspect I am wrong about Israel officially owning the Gaza strip own. Please don’t suspect, find out and inform yourself. I agree with you about all the aid provided to the Gaza strip. Your comment about Vladimir Putin is on par with your suspicions about the ownership of the Gaza strip. You are ignorant, so why don’t you inform yourself and get to the truth?

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