by Hannes Wessels

Mass hysteria grips the world as a crisis unprecedented in history grips the globe; stock-markets are crashing, businesses are closing, sporting events are being cancelled, schools and universities have slammed their doors shut, panic buying is emptying supermarkets and people are literally running away from another in a desperate bid to avoid the contagion and stay alive. In the midst of this frenzy, I’m left wondering what it is that I’m missing because I simply don’t understand the madness that has subsumed us.

I, along with millions of other concerned people, watched with interest, the events that unfolded on the cruise-liner docked off America’s west coast. The ship, concentrating thousands of people in a small, enclosed area, serviced by a single air-conditioning system, provided the perfect nurturing environment for the dreaded virus to have its deadly way. I fully expected to see hundreds of body-bags being removed for careful disposal, a long way away from the terrified Californians looking on in terror. But nothing like that happened; as far as I know, while many were infected, only two people over 80 succumbed. Everyone else is absolutely fine. If this is what happens on a cruise-ship I am left thinking we’re all in with a pretty good chance of surviving.

Credible statistics should place this ‘crisis’ in perspective, but it looks like few are paying any attention. The University of Hamburg reports that worldwide, in the first two months of this year, there were 2,360 deaths from the Corona virus and 69,602 from Colds. The Centre for Disease Control reports that 22,000 people died in the US from the seasonal Flu, which world-wide kills between 291,000 and 646,000 people a year.

From what I can gather, even when infected, the virus is easy to treat and the risks of death remarkably low.  But I appear to be part of a very small minority and my own daughter agrees with the majority in strongly admonishing me for being so oblivious and insensitive to the approaching apocalypse.

Maybe she’s right, and age and previous experience of adversity has turned me into a soulless cynic, but I feel I’ve seen this movie before and I also don’t trust most politicians, nor do I believe much that much we hear from the powerful, unelected bureaucrats who run influential agencies like the World Health Organisation. China, incidentally, is a major donor to the WHO so no surprise to see the head, former Ethiopian politician, Mr. Tedros Ghebreyesus and his associates falling over themselves to shield their benefactor from any unwarranted criticism in triggering the outbreak. But what I do know is we heard from the same stripe of politicians and bureaucrats that AIDS was going to wipe out most of the African population and decimate the heterosexual community of the world; then there was ‘Mad Cow’, Zika, Ebola and then SARS had everyone racing for a mask. Now we have ‘Covid-19’, with similarly dubious credentials when it comes to its ability to spread and its lethality, but somehow this has got way more traction and caused more turbulence for reasons not entirely clear to me. However, the crass stupidity of the masses is surely a factor. When the sales of Corona beer tank because people believe it carries the virus, then you know there are a lot of dumb people out there, who believe anything, no matter how preposterous. This mass idiocy provides easy fodder for politicians and others who make hay while the sun shines on pandemonium.

The situation has not been helped by the politician everyone loves to hate; ironically, he’s the guy that gets ripped because he’s in favour of secure borders that stem the flow of illegal migrants that help facilitate the spread of disease. ‘So last year 37,000 Americans died from the common Flu. It averages between 27,000 and 70,000 per year. Nothing is shut down; life and the economy go on. At this moment there are 546 confirmed cases of Corona Virus, with 22 deaths. Think about that!’ President Trump tweeted. Well we all know he’s wrong about everything so these rare words of reason, amid a welter of horrifying verbiage spilling from the mouths of most other politicians, must be treated with the contempt they deserve, and the fear-filled screams continue as mobs storm supermarkets with reckless abandon.

At the other end of the spectrum, South Africa and the world, loudly applauded President Ramaphosa’s recent address to the nation when he declared a ‘state of disaster’ and warned his countrymen in grave and sombre terms that, “The world is facing a medical emergency greater than in a century…” and that the country was staring into an apocalyptic abyss filled with virus-filled corpses. But the good news from the president was that the cavalry was arriving in the form of the splendid ranks of the ANC and we were in safe hands. This, from the head of a government that has broken or stolen most of what it has thus far touched, including the health-care system, did not exactly pierce my heart and bring me to grateful tears of relief. On the contrary, knowing that these are the same people who have found a way to blame Jan van Riebeeck for the collapse of Eskom, I’m sure they see the virus as heaven sent; they are well schooled in the old adage; ‘never let a good crisis go to waste’. With this ‘emergency’ to hand, they have what they need to distract the populace from their misrule; to interfere with our constitutional rights because this is ‘war’ in another form, and provide the suffering proletariat with an excellent new excuse for all that has gone wrong in the country on their watch. Incidentally, at the time of this riveting address, nobody in South Africa had thus far perished from the virus and there are 85 infections. Quite a few people were murdered, and many died from neglect in government hospitals, but that’s another old story we’re all tired of hearing about.

Looking at this carnage, all I know is I don’t know the full story. But I do know, when crooked politicians around the world and the serial liars that run the mass-media sing from the same hymn-sheet, there is more to this than meets my jaundiced eye and I get very nervous.













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  1. Regardless of individual opinions on the corona virus here is the link should anyone be keen to
    BOOST THEIR IMMUNE SYSTEMS against attack from anything.
    Go right to the end for a list showing the ACTUAL IDEAL QUANTITIES required for Adults. Children’s
    dosage would need adjusting:
    “How to Boost Immune System Against Corona Virus”
    from Canadian Academy of Sport Nutrition

  2. Excellent article Hannes, and I enjoyed a ha-ha or two at your great, cynical sense of humour.

    I am not an expert but have a Biology degree acquired in Australia. My research revealed to me this is not about a virus really but about the international money power’s geo-political agendas.

    All flu viruses are corona viruses. Let that sink in folks……Suddenly there is NO MORE FLU DIAGNOSED ONLY ‘THE CORONA VIRUS’!

    Vulnerable individuals with the flu can catch pneumonia as always (from bacteria or from viruses infecting the lungs) and this can be serious and lead to death, such as elderly, smokers, those with preconditions, weak immune systems etc.

    The WHO info showed that far more die from measles and menengitis, cholera and typhoid and rabies than ‘corona virus’. Yet NO ‘lockdowns’ nor media/governments scaremongering about these. Ask yourselves – Why now?

    The ‘corona virus’ is just the MASK behind which the international money power is moving toward its One World Dictatorship agendas (economic, financial, political and social). This is not a conspiracy theory. They say it themselves. What’s not to believe therefore?

    DAVID ROCKEFELLER, speaking at the UN Business Conference, Sept 14, 1994:-

    “We are on the verge of a global transformation.
    All we need is the right major crisis
    And the Nations will accept

    David Rockefeller, referring to the initially secretive BILDEBERG MEETINGS by the global elites and the invited press’ censorship of the agendas:

    “We are grateful to the Washington Post, the New York Times, Time Magazine and other great publications whose directors have attended our meetings and respected their promises of discretion for almost 40 years……It would have been impossible for us to develop our plan for the world if we had been subjected to the lights of publicity during those years.
    But, the world is more sophisticated and prepared to march towards a World Government. The supernational sovereignty of an intellectual elite and WORLD BANKERS is surely preferable to the national auto-determination practiced in past centuries.”

    And, what a coincidence – Just a few months ago, in Oct 2019, the malevolent Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (a cognitive dissonance gang who want depopulation yet are always ‘saving our lives’ with vaccines….let that sink in a moment) and other Deep State players including World Economic Forum and WHO, funded a SIMULATION OF A VIRUS PANDEMIC by elite ‘think tanks’.

    They laid the ‘scenario’ out and even did hollywood style posed shots of ‘medical staff’ in protective gear and forecast the shutting down of airlines, borders, businesses, lock down of the people in their homes etc. Now all being carried out exactly as they ‘forecast’.

    Getting the flu is a normal winter annual event around the world every year going back in history and yes a number of the population die from it yet they are suddenly now ‘locking down’ the world because of a flu virus?? Allowing small businesses to collapse – they employ 70% of the employed.


    – Rest. Warm fluids. Take vitamins D, C, B6, A, E, flavonoids and zinc, avoid sugars as they reduce the ability of the immune system’s neutrophils to turn into extra macrophages – macrophages kill the terrorists invading our bodies by going around and devouring them).

    The following information is worth checking out.

    1) American politician Ron Paul whom I admire as he never compromised his integrity for political gain, is also a Medical Doctor and this is what his website has to say about the corona virus:

    “Dr Ron Paul, The Coronavirus Hoax: The Ron Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity”

    2) And renowned international Economist Martin Armstrong who is called to give advice to Central Banks, governments including China, has just written:

    ‘The Forecaster’ Martin Armstrong’s Open Letter To Trump: Don’t Collapse The Entire Economy & Our Future For A Virus”

    In fact the OVERKILL scaremongering press has gone too far and the money power who control the global press have ordered it to pull back from its hype. Now it is reporting Germany (like China where there are NO cases) and Italy ‘appear to have peaked’ and now dropping in cases.

    Was the overkill and internet inormation exposing it waking up too many people for their liking?
    I hope so. I am in total lock in in South America in a country that didn’t even have the hoax virus yet following the global government’s orders to do so.

  3. Thanks – best of luck – you’re in one of the better places – see Tom Hanks got it across the pond from you

    1. They always use the ‘stars and starlets’ to promote their psy-op agendas, in an effort to ‘authenticate’ these. Stars get wealth and fame and have to return the favour in this way.
      Recall they used them to promote ‘diversity’ years ago ( only required of White nations of course) and ‘multiculturalism’ (only for White nations of course). No diversity for India, China, African nations nor South American nations, just European nations.

  4. Hannes – that’s because it’s just started and a lot of brakes have been applied to prevent the spread … hopefully those ratios will remain like that as a result … but if there were no brakes, no lockdowns and the like, because there is no known treatment, because it’s highly contagious and because, in the words of one observer, “it’s the perfect killing machine”, those flu numbers would be dwarfed. As it is the system is creaking badly and worse is to come, even with these measures – believe me, this is an argument I’d like to lose. And I agree with you that African governments will mishandle this in the worst possible manner – as a problem it’s way out of their league.

  5. Alistair – agree with you – most people on this blog won’t understand what Michael is saying because it’s astute, logical and the voice of reason.

    From me – brilliant Michael, well said

    Latest from the UK – second hospital in North London reporting what they call a “critical incident” – official term for ‘overload, we can’t take any more’

    That’s the situation and it still hasn’t hit the UK, not really – it’s en route still … what is so difficult to understand about high contagion in dense populations – with 10% symptoms so severe-cum-fatal they need hospitalisation … in a good case scenario, with all the “mass hysteria” (to quote Hannes) checks in place they are looking at well over 100,000 chasing 8,000 beds … they’ve requested 70,000 retired health workers to return to the workforce to help deal with the inevitable numbers but they feel they are “cannon fodder” because there is not nearly enough protective gear to shield them, etc. etc.

    The current devastating impact on the economy is the lesser of two catastrophic evils / the alternative being the advice tended on this blog site which would result in about 5million people needing a hospital bed if none of the drastic measures were taken; considering it takes 2-4 weeks to complete a funeral here you can only imagine the wide ripple impact this could have.

    The mood here is hardly hysterical panic though, to correct a misconception … Brits are quite good at coming together when needs be and so are the Italians and Europeans. In Saudi Arabia they’ve cancelled their sacred summer festivals – so we can’t all be sheep and idiots.

    The Chinese have shown how to preempt this disaster – you go into lockdown / their methods are brutal but have shown the way to being effective. Russia won’t have this problem long because my man Putin has told the populace you’re going to Siberia for 15 years if you break isolation.

    Even the patron saint of Africa Unauthorised, Donald Trump, is on board with what needs to be done. But him, Boris, Macron, Merkel, et al can’t do what Xi and Putin can do with their autocratic systems so it’ll be interesting.

    In relative terms though these guys are top administrators compared to the inefficiencies locked in top-down in Africa; which is another way of saying that if you live down there start making plans because when the Coronavirus hits those townships all hell is going to break loose – and this blog should be warning of that instead of the opposite.

    Take care – good luck.

    1. In the South African context I remain of the opinion that the reaction might cause far more hardship than the disease. Still not a single fatality as far as I can gather and the economy is shuddering to a halt. How long before people are hungry and in the streets?
      I find this interesting: “So far, the new coronavirus has led to more than 220,000 illnesses and more than 9,300 deaths worldwide. But that’s nothing compared with the flu, also called influenza. In the U.S. alone, the flu has caused an estimated 36 million illnesses, 370,000 hospitalizations and 22,000 deaths this season, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).”

    2. Excellent article I’m in New Zealand and we are taking it very seriously and I’m in lock down( happy) for 4 weeks. My family from Zimbabwe arrived 2 days ago in isolation but boy what a relief that they will be able to get first world health care if needed. Stay safe.

  6. Michael. I doubt many readers here understand what it is you are trying to get across. Your disjointed article smacks of not understanding written English properly and then you start harping on about natural selection as if there is some connection between that and the coronovirus. Could I suggest you get a translator if English is not your first language. What exactly is it don’t you understand about the title, “Confused about Corona?” Your statement – “It is right that there is now a 6-month jail term for spreading misinformation.” Can you please point out where the “misinformation” is in this article.

    1. It’s a reflection on the sad state of our world, that the venturing of an opinion based on known facts, should come with a possible jail term. These are the same people who mourn the passing of Stalin, Mao and Mugabe. It’s a great pity this legal sanction does not apply to the mass-media. I do believe strongly that they have poured fuel on this fire and the reaction to this threat will be more damaging than the actual disease.

      1. What?
        What on earth are you on about?
        After an earthquake, there is a brief period when nothing happens–but the tsunami is on its way. It is an extreme crisis and appropriate for the folks who understand what comes next to warn all they can.
        Between when this original article said, “nothing to see here folks” and now, Even the idiot, Trump, has understood that his idiocy and diversion is going to cost 100,000 to 250,000 lives… BEST-case scenarios.
        The attitude in this article would leave the US (as one now reformed example) doing nothing and resulting in 2,2-million lives.
        Please leave science to the scientists.

    1. As always excellent thoughts on the situation in the world at present.

  7. Your last paragraph is a fitting end to a thoughtful search for truth that, clearly, expresses the opinions and fears of many. Perhaps another agenda, presently hidden, will only come to light when the political leaders of many Western nations are called upon to lift the restrictions on freedom that have been imposed on their populations, in full? The conjunction of media and politicians, both whom have shown tendencies inimical to national sovereignty, in recent years, particularly in their unrelenting attack on Pres. Trump, Brexit and so on, is extremely revealing! Pres. Trump’s actions to establish balance in dealing with China appears to have been vindicated.

  8. There is a good reason to leave science up to scientists, and this op-ed demonstrates that in every careless sentence.

    Let me draw an analogy
    Boxing Day, 2004, 7:59am. An earthquake hit Banda Aceh, Indonesia.
    Some buildings fell down and a few people were injured.
    Within 15 minutes of the earthquake, waves began striking the coasts of northern Sumatra and the Nicobar Islands.

    It’s like we’ve only seen that first 10 minutes and we’re desperately broadcasting to people in the tsunami path that it’s on its way… and here you are with a megaphone trying to shout over us that lots of people die of bee stings and falling down stairs.


    That the tsunami wave has not yet arrived anywhere unchecked (China checked it – Europe is trying to check it) significant to begin the real slaughter is irrelevant. It is coming, and we know it’s coming for very good medical reasons.

    If you spread false information that leaves people vulnerable in its path, you are guilty of attempted murder. Just stop it. There is no upside for you talking nonscience.
    Here are the actual facts:

    From a publishing podium, it is irresponsible in the extreme for you to influence people en masse. It is right that there is now a 6-month jail term for spreading misinformation.

    Specifically, I’m astounded to still motivate folks to compare this threat to the flu and other ways of dying.
    Let me give you perspective:
    Flu is IRRELEVANT to this situation.
    > Flu is half to quarter as contagious and has a 0,1% rate of fatality. This has 3,4% fatality rate.
    > Flu has a 4-day incubation, this has a 14-day incubation (much more dangerous as you spread the virus while showing no symptoms).
    > By one measure: The models put death rates in America at 2,2-million without intervention.

    > South Africa has less than 1,000 intensive care beds. Let that sink in. They are only just sufficient to deal with the median incidence of other traumas like car crashes/heart attacks, etc…. So what, you say… I’m young/healthy and won’t suffer from it (yeah, me too…)
    … and “it only kills the old and weak”…
    > Apart from the fact you might be wrong, and that is an exceedingly selfish and disgusting stance, what this virus will do to our hospitals means that when you (or a loved one) breaks a leg, has a car crash, gets diagnosed with cancer… you are stuffed… they can’t accommodate you… and/or you will contract the disease while getting treated.

    Please understand that it is SERIOUS beyond imagining. China is emerging from isolation precisely because they were draconian and disciplined.
    Lockdown there means lockdown, no excuses. You stay in your home or are arrested.
    We don’t have their discipline. We have squatter camps.
    We are looking into hell if we don’t catch a wake up..

    1. Well said Michael – it hasn’t even properly arrived in the UK and the first hospital in Harrow has already tipped into an unmanageable overload – it’s not the 80% who are the problem it’s the 20% with severe fatal symptoms who require critical 24/7 care.

      It gives me no pleasure to say that these points will come home to roost for those in living in Africa when this thing hits the townships; with the general level of malnutrition and proximity the impact will be much higher, the real tsunami to use your analogy. And you’re right, as the Italian neurosurgeon working round the clock says, this is NOT flu it’s pneumonia – the difference between a grenade and a bomb.

      On another matter, the notion that all these highly sophisticated societies – China, Europe, USA, UK – are hysterical namby pambies scared of their own shadow does harm to our intellectual credibility as a tribe: talking like this we come across as uneducated country bumpkins who can’t even do basic arithmetic.

      1. I’m not sure about Europe but in the African context, I fear the reaction to the virus will be deadlier than the disease. With economic collapse, there is no welfare to speak of and little or no state support so people will soon be poverty-stricken, malnourished and vulnerable.

      2. Time will tell.
        With a HIV infection rate of 20% and the close culture and circumstance of SA’s poor – I would not be surprised to see a death rate here of 1,2-million by August.
        Nobody knows. But a tsunami this is.

  9. A good article Hannes and I am also a sceptic.
    In 2018 in the Netherlands over 9000 people died of the flue.
    Nothing in the newspapers, just in the statistics.
    But now 27 are infected and 2 have died.
    This small country has 17.5 million people.
    More die of crime, car accidents, cancers or heart diseases.

    1. One of the reasons to grasp natural selection is to avoid the cruelties of natural selection among humans. This article smacks of not understanding natural selection and not caring about the deaths of the weak. I think it is irresponsible to the highest order.

  10. I got this thing – met a client coming back from Thailand-Malaysia and Singapore with a cough – lightest of flu for a week and my wife caught it also, dry cough for a week – all three of us fell into the mild symptoms non-event category and didn’t even have to bed.

    So it does exist and is highly contagious. If western governments were to take the advice of everyone on this blog they’d just let tje Coronavirus run its course with an admonition to stop whingeing.

    A full 80% of the world’s population would get within a year, if we did that. What you say is true – most people wouldn’t even know for sure that they had it. But we’re not talking about them. At least 15-20% would suffer ‘severe symptoms’ requiring hospitalisation or intensive care, and 2-3% would die. Extrapolated across the globe that means at least 100,000,000 people would die (double the death rate in toto of WW2) and half a BILLION would need care and treatment. It would crash the health infrastructure across the planet. And with it the global economy would collapse to a degree that makes the 1930’s look like boom time.

    That’s what all these measures are about – prevention of that scenario. Prevention rather than cure is the most apt analogy. I’ve lived in China and have a guarded admiration for them and their system – as we know Covid-19 spread exponentially and like a forest fire in Wuhan but, of all societies, they are the most unencumbered by human rights and the most ruthlessly efficient and practical: they are the realists of this world – in double-quick time they did what had to be done and shut it down; in doing so they’ve demonstrated how to solve the problem – indeed, the only way to do so. Draconian it may be, but effective and by far the lesser of two evils in the grand scheme of things.

    As for the notion that it’s all a conspiracy and a con out of Beijing, try telling that to the families of the 675 people who died from this in Italy yesterday. And rising – there the death rate is closer to 8%. Do the math people.

  11. Wow be a health worker or in isolation . Dangerous thoughts for someone living in Africa with such poor health services.

  12. Great article once again Hannes. Thanks. Me? I have cash set aside for when the markets turn up. Yes, unlikely they will reach the peaks they have retraced from, and it will not be possible to time that turnaround for the “perfect” entry point. But, once the market panic is exhausted and the supply chains have to be replenished, the markets will turn up from an extreme over-sold position.

    I am concerned for the aged, poor population and all the small and some larger businesses that are going to be hammered. Being prepared to look out for opportunities is what is going to count here.

  13. Well said Hannes
    A pampered entitled health and safety absurd world which refuses to accept any kind of hardship and as a result is destroying far more lives and businesses than covid 19 will

  14. On the money Hannes.
    There is more to this than what we are being fed.

  15. Thanks for trying to bring common sense and rational thinking to the fore; sadly hugely lacking at the moment. See the article Ross Clark in the latest issue of The Spectator. Statistics and studies strongly suggest a much higher infection rate (many are going unreported) which make the death rates a lot less etc.
    Here in Aus, despite the PM making a call for calm, the panic buying continues and the press continues to feed on this news at the expense of all else causing a sense of panic and hysteria.
    My son and are self-isolating, a requirement because we travelled in from overseas two days ago. We have been told the police will check on us and one can be fined if flouting this order. Wonder what happens to the hard crime out there whilst they’re busy checking we are at home..?
    Crazy times! As you said Hannes, there must be to this than we know.

    1. “We have been told the police will check on us and one can be fined if flouting this order”

      The reason why we left Australia for good is because the people have no problem with that sentence.

  16. Valid analysis… the world may well be or may well not be as it is perceived by you or me… but your world has your daughter in it …preserve that… (side note…I always enjoy your writing, tx…much appreciated)

    1. I can preserve nothing in the face of such evil. My children and grandchildren are too precious for evil to persist in this manner. The truth has to come out.

  17. Hannes – I was also quite dismissive about this thing until I did the math and the penny dropped … yes, it has a “low” 1-2% fatality rate and 10-15% have a really bad time of it, so nought to fret about?

    Yes – until you factor in those percentages to 80% of the population getting it; it’s that contagious. There’s 70million people living in the UK alone – do the math – that’s what happens if nothing is done about it … the hospital infrastructures can’t possibly handle it. That’s what’s freaking everyone out … when the Chancellor of the Exchequer comes up with a £350billion bailout for the economy and shares still keep plummeting you know something extraordinary is happening and that the fear-mongering is with good cause.

    1. Individuals all around the world who have had mainstream media reports that ‘chaos’ is going on at their Emergency Depts then have gone in personally with camera and found….no one, nothing, nada, just quiet and empty, from NY Brooklyn, to Germany, to Dublin, Ireland etc.

      Hating to be so exposed for lying, some are now being jailed for their investigative journalism – this is truly a coup d’etat against humanity using a flu virus (all corona viruses are flu viruses) as justification to roll in the money power’s World Dictatorship and – at least for now – their selected ‘Dictator’ is the evil BILL GATES:

      All flu viruses are corona viruses. There are NO existing tests specifically for Covid-19. Let that sink in for a minute. Any test will test positive or any of the myriad of flu viruses – and hasn’t humanity always had the dreaded annual winter flu virus with its tens of thousands of deaths from compromised immune systems eg the elderly who had already other complications, or smokers wholse lungs are weakened?

      Hannes, an invitation as I brought them together – listen to South African Dr Peter Hammond being interviewed on youtube by Scott of Loving Life channel at 8pm SA time. Hammond is ex-Rhodesian pastor. Scott is ex-South African living in Australila whose Loving Life channel is mainly for South Africans.

  18. Many things are either too much coincidence or don’t make any sense at all.

    The COVID-19 may be shaping up to be the big China CON virus as the world was duped, trashed their economies. spending millions of dollars in pandemic preparation, shut down international travel and sent their people into self quarantine, while China puts out bogus virus reports and reaps the profits.

    Check it out for yourself. China has 1.4 Billion people and has essentially not reported new cases in a month, with almost everyone recovered and a very low death rate. Italy with great Health Care System and clean food, is getting close to passing the total deaths reported by China!??

    Have to call a Chinese scam on this one!

    1. The Chinese Communist Party. World domination. World control. Mind control. Its more than a scam. Its one of the biggest evils, perhaps, that man has ever known.

  19. Superb article…… once again this article must be archived and produced in the future to illustrate the madness of out times.

  20. Your article is excellent, and this crisis will be manor from heaven for the corrupt officials. However, my view, as a white African living in Spain, this virus is not be underestimated for the elderly in the western world. I have just seen the Spanish news where in just one residential care home, in the last week 19 have died and 75 are infected. I don’t think the flue is quite as deadly.

    I also think that the virus will have less effect in sub-Saharan Africa where due to low life expectancy there are far fewer elderly folk in the cities and the younger generation have far greater resistance to diseases than the snowflakes of the west.

    I have just read that there have only been 2,360 deaths worldwide from corona virus a small amount compared to all the other deaths. What if the Chinese and Europe did nothing to curtail this virus. I think the number of deaths in the elderly would be monumental and very sad for the families.

    Time will tell.

  21. I am afraid that you are so correct, it is a contrived disaster. The only real issue that needs high lighting, – that of the increased number of seriously ill people, needing ventilators which we don’t have enough of – even vaguely enough, and so will overrun the beds available. That is the sum of the problem, as over 95% of all persons infected, if I have the correct stats, will hardily feel more ill than if they had a cold or the flue.

    1. Indeed. I’ve not felt so angry, shocked, sad, unsettled, anxious, as I do now. It shocks me deeply to realise how the majority of the human race are such sheeple. There was a time when I (rather stupidly) thought that the internet would be the most brilliant place for the ‘truth’ to get out! How stupid of me. It’s the very place where the cartels can ‘create’ mass hysteria.

      Will we wake up when we get beyond this?

      1. So what have you been told will occur on 18th April? Does South Africa have 5G?

      2. Hi Michael. It’s the 18th today and I’m wondering what you make of the current statistics? Over 50 dead when I last checked? We don’t know how many died as a direct result of the virus. Maybe you can enlighten us?

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