by Hannes Wessels


Jeremy Clarke in his Spectator, ‘Lowlife’ column raises a very interesting question with regard to people who are anti-Trump and asks if  “.. this hatred..” of the president is “.. perhaps a complex that I can look up in a textbook of psychological disorders?”

The problem he addresses is the, to my knowledge, unprecedented levels of furious vitriol and hysteria that have followed this man’s election to be president of the United States. Just what sort of a person Donald Trump is I have no idea and he may not be a very nice person but what mystifies is what he has said or done that has triggered this extreme opprobrium verging on a violent death-cult.

Like Clarke, I sort of liked his platform as a candidate. He said he wanted to improve relations with Russia which I thought was an excellent idea. I don’t believe Putin wants war with America or Western Europe and it seemed sensible for these two great, (essentially Christian) powers to work together in confronting the scourge of Islamic terrorism and in the process, create a more peaceful and inevitably prosperous world. He said he felt America had signed on to some bum trade deals and he wanted to renegotiate them. He’s a business-savvy guy, I thought maybe he was the right man to stitch together better deals for his country. He said he wanted to secure his country’s borders and try to make it tougher for ‘bad guys’ to enter. I thought that is what governments were supposed to do otherwise why bother with borders? He said he thought Europeans should do more to defend themselves. Here again, I thought he had a point; the US has financed European security since WW II and I felt he was making a good point when he warned loose-lipped liberal politicians in Europe against war-talk in case he left them to fight their own battles. And Trump said he wanted to disentangle his country from the multiple, costly, complex and unwinnable wars his predecessors triggered and sustained.

Sadly, he seems to have changed course on these undertakings but it is these policy ideas that made him the most divisive politician in modern history and the savage intensity of the media-campaign against him is without precedent. Celebrities and notable leftists have called publicly for him to be violently disposed of. Anti-Trumpers are filmed throwing urine-filled bottles at old white ladies waving American flags.  Some commentators suggest his election has placed America on the brink of some sort of civil war. As far as the media and the political opposition is concerned this is a man deserving of nothing less than hatred and contempt and I cannot understand why? But maybe I’m missing the elephant in the room; after all he’s white and he’s rich and unlike his predecessor, he owes nobody anything. And being white today, unless you fall to your knees and plead forgiveness for the colour of your skin you are part of the most hated population group on the planet.

On the other hand, Barry Soetero a.k.a. Barack Obama, a man blessed with a brown skin, lest we forget, became the president having barely ever held a job apart from being some sort of community activist in Chicago. We were told he was a brilliant lawyer and editor of the Harvard Law Review but we never read an opinion he penned because nothing was published. His college records, which surely validate his intellectual prowess, were never released to the public. His provenance was and remains murky. I believe he was born in the USA but he looks very unlike the dumpy Kenyan alcoholic he claims as his father and his mother, we know, was a very ‘busy’ lady with a predilection for ‘men of colour’ particularly those involved in anti-establishment (read anti-white) political causes. His religious beliefs were and remain unclear but he showed a remarkably benign approach to Islamic militancy which raised many questions about his commitment to American core-values which, like it or not, provided the platform for the construction of the country he presided over. Despite all these questions about the man the MSM preferred not to dig too deep.

It was also abundantly clear, right from the outset that this man was no fan of the white American working-class. But despite all this, when he was elected, while there was wide-spread disappointment among his political foes, they accepted his election with gracious resignation. There was little vituperation from the conservative media, there were no ‘white-supremacists’ rioting in the streets and burning their neighbourhoods down, there were no comedians calling for his beheading, no Obama supporters were refused permission to speak at Ivy League universities, nobody insulted his wife. The vast majority simply shrugged their shoulders and accepted the will of the majority which is as it should be and was, until Trump came along and all the old rules no longer applied.

We, of European descent, who happen to have been born in Africa should not be surprised by any of this; we have lived with the same paradigm. Simply because of our race we have been vilified and discriminated against virtually all our lives. Nothing, we or our hard-working ancestors have achieved is appreciated, let alone, lauded. Some of the best run countries are now, without question, the worst governed and hundreds of millions of poor Africans, bereft of hope are testament to this. Much of this would have been avoided had white-Africans not been exiled and excluded. Sadly, it appears America is on the same slippery slope to disaster.

6 thoughts on “Are Trump-Haters Unwell?”
  1. Any person who does not see through Trump needs to consult a psychologist. He’s an ego maniac who thinks he can run the USA like a reality game show. A lot in Washington needs changing but sadly Trump does not have what it takes and even the GOP does not support him. Obama was one of the most dignified and intelligent presidents I ever had the pleasure of listening to. He even wrote some of his own speeches and he is the only US president that’s ever written a scientific paper.

  2. We live in a complex world divided into West East and Others. Putin backs the East in cosying up to China and South Korea. Trump sees this, but also sees a country rich in gas and oil with a common enemy , namely Islam. So before he even gets into power he is talking to the Bear. Trump is a businessman applying business principles to US governance. The two do not wash., like oil and water.

    White Africans built Africa. White Europeans, French, Dutch, Portuguese and British built India. On a trip there I asked people what they thought of the British. The reaction was surprising. The British brought political unity to a country divided into many religions and feuding kingdoms. The British brought education and infrastructure. The Indians are grateful particularly for their railways.
    Not so the indigenous black Africans. They take credit for everything and give little back.

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