by Hannes Wessels


My problem in trying to understand the mindset and behaviour of ‘liberals’ today begins with trying to define this particular class of people that I believe should accept much of the blame for so much that is wrong with our world. Because, if a liberal is someone who believes in a doctrine that emphasizes individual autonomy, equality of opportunity, intellectual liberty and an acceptance of Christianity as a bedrock of Western democracy, then I feel I should be an easy fit; and yet I find myself utterly estranged from the class that today classifies as ‘liberal’. And, while I feel I differ from them on many of the major issues of the day, I also believe I and my fellow-minded ‘conservatives’, comport ourselves differently in the way we deal with disagreement and this leads to trying to understand a contra distinct behavioural pattern.

Yet another example unfolds as I watch the rancorous impeachment proceedings underway in the United States Senate, led by liberal Democrats Chuck Schumer, Adam Schiff and Jerry Nadler.  They shrug off responsibility for representing a party that is responsible for so many of the nation’s woes, including the collapse of many of the once great American cities, uncontrolled migration and involvement abroad in senseless wars.  I listen and am reminded of a subtle but crucial difference between people calling themselves ‘liberal’ and those calling themselves ‘conservative’.

Few would have predicted that Barack Obama, a ‘black’ (i.e. mixed race), liberal socialist with an Islamic pedigree, who had never held down a proper job, would be elected president of the United State in 2009. A virtual unknown, he suddenly burst on the political stage with the vital assistance of a devoted media, and stormed to power.

This came as a shock to many millions of conservative, Christian Americans who were deeply concerned by the man the majority chose to lead the country. But being true to the democratic traditions of the country they hold very dear, these people chose to bury their differences, and in some cases their prejudices, and accept, and indeed in many cases embrace, the people’s choice.

While political opposition from his Republican opponents continued, it was conducted in a respectful, constructive and well-mannered way. With the surprise election of Donald Trump, a similar display of common decency and acceptance of defeat has been utterly absent from the liberal political leadership and their powerful allies in the media. In response to his winning the presidency, he has been rudely hounded, harassed and viciously vilified, from before he was even inaugurated to the present day. I dare to suggest no American or Western politician in history has ever been so harshly and relentlessly attacked by his political opponents as has Donald Trump.

Trying to understand this paradox and this aberrant behaviour, I reflect on what I have seen of liberals and liberalism in Africa. The entire decolonisation project, that swept through Africa, starting with Ghanaian independence in 1957, was motivated by the liberal politicians of the Western democracies who came to dominate the political landscape after WWII.  They successfully promoted the trope that all whites in Africa were racist oppressors and all blacks were innocent victims.

Thus, following this line of thought, Chaka Zulu, a psychotic mass-murderer who terrorised an entire sub-region, has been universally lionised, while Cecil Rhodes, who as far as I know never killed anyone, who built roads, railways, bridges, hospitals, schools, universities and supplied the funding for the most prestigious scholarship of the modern era, is remembered as a heartless, avaricious, monster. On the back of this and many other big lies, one of the greatest man-made catastrophes of all time has unfolded in sub-Saharan Africa, which has cost millions of lives in wars and endemic continental violence leaving hundreds of millions of people trapped in a deepening poverty spiral.

As a white African, who has always wanted the best for the continent and my country I have to bear witness to this humanitarian tragedy, which was entirely avoidable, with equanimity and resignation because I know I am powerless to stop this process, let alone reverse it. I also know that the post-colonial political leadership must accept responsibility. But my silent, impotent anger is reserved for the liberal intelligentsia and their political leadership; the champagne socialists, who initiated, nurtured and facilitated this unfortunate development. This anger would be somewhat assuaged if any member of the liberal establishment had ever mustered the intellectual courage to announce to the world that they had got it wrong, that they must acknowledge the mistakes of the past and stop compounding their errors; but nary a whisper of this nature is to be heard.

Instead, in mimicking the intolerance of the Democrats now trying to crucify Trump, they will ruthlessly attack and destroy people such as I who dare to question the wisdom of the decolonisation exercise and condemn us as ‘racists’, ‘neo-colonialists’, ‘white monopoly capitalists’ and members of the ‘far-right’. From them, there is zero tolerance of any divergent view and absolutely no open discussion allowed. Just as they insist the subject of ‘global-warming’ is incontrovertible and unchallengeable so is the decision to rid Africa of any vestige of European political leadership or influence.

There is some irony in all this too. When I look back over the years at the liberally inspired political convulsions that have wrecked the countries I have lived in, I notice that most of those raucous, righteous, demagogues of the left, who demanded the immediate and in some cases violent, termination of white rule have long since left the benighted continent for the fairer, more civilised climes of Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and North America. They reside there in relative comfort and safety while we, who opposed them and their acolytes are left to deal with a daunting future while we rummage through the rubble of the continent they did so much to destroy.

Reflecting on them and the Democrats attacking Trump, I sense a similarity in the psychological mindset that binds them. Across the liberal spectrum there seems to exist an inability to accept any form of defeat; but more importantly there is also a frightening refusal to accept and acknowledge that they may have done something wrong and take responsibility for their actions. Which leaves me wondering if modern-day liberalism is not underpinned by people afflicted with a sociopathic tendency. If so, then the people I find myself opposed to, begin to take on a truly terrifying persona. And the chance of finding solutions borne out of constructive discourse, where one of the parties to the discussion refuses to understand or accept the frailty of the human condition and the adage, ‘to err is human’, comes to nil.




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  1. Thank you for this article. You have summarized accurately my experiences of liberals in Africa during the pre-independence era. The ones I unfortunately came across emigrated very soon after Zimbabwe’s Independence. Strange that!
    I would certainly would have enjoyed hauling Andrew Young and David Owen ( the worst examples of liberal psychopaths ever to step on this continent) back to Zimbabwe today and show them the fruits of their work.

  2. Angela Botha – what continent do you live on and on what continent were you born? It certainly cannot be Africa as you would have seen firsthand what the liberals did to Africa.

  3. Thanks Hannes another brilliant article. I think the biggest problems we have is the teachers at universities who are brain washing the kids today with their left wing agendas and getting away from it. At least with Trump and Boris we might see light at the end of the tunnel, with maybe France and other places getting decent leadership. I think Allan Paton’s wife when she emigrated , described how her husband would have been horrified at result of black leadership in SA. and the violence that has occurred. As you say these liberal experts all ways had an escape to another country with their other passports whilst us had the local one and no one wanted us.

  4. Brilliant read Hannes.The libtard Democatic socialists have had there cages rattled by the ‘Don’ and will stop at nothing in preventing him exposing the corruption,bribery and evil filth that occupies the Democratic swamp. The irony is , is that he is going to swat off these trumped up impeachment charges and romp home with a bigger majority in the next election . Go the ‘Don’ and bring the Obama’s , the Clinton’s and the Biden’s to book for bringing their treachery and treason to the people of America.

  5. Hannes, your words below, reflect EXACTLY what I have noticed with many of these people. I have a cousin who was raised on a dairy farm in Matabeleland. She trained as a nurse in South Africa in the early 1970’s and became involved in South Africa’s anti-apartheid movement and from that moment liberal poison seeped into her brain where as far as I know it has remained. When “freedom” came to Zimbabwe in 1980, she, full of the joys of spring, phoned her parents who had weathered the storm of terrorism for the past 15 years and said how ecstatic she was that the country was now “free.” In no time she had emigrated to the U.S. where she has remained to this day, and still holds the view that all whites in Africa are racists and are exploiting the blacks for their own benefit and to retain their privileged positions.
    Yes, liberalism is indeed a mental disorder, of that there is no doubt. I have a good, decent American, Christian, Conservative e-mail buddie who lives in South Carolina in the U.S. and he refers to liberals as ‘baboon excrement’ such is his disgust for this group of human beings and he is fully expecting ‘a day of reckoning’ with them and when this long overdue day arrives, it will not end well for them. I cannot wait for that day.

    “When I look back over the years at the liberally inspired political convulsions that have wrecked the countries I have lived in, I notice that most of those raucous, righteous, demagogues of the left, who demanded the immediate and in some cases violent, termination of white rule have long since left the benighted continent for the fairer, more civilised climes of Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and North America. They reside there in relative comfort and safety while we, who opposed them and their acolytes are left to deal with a daunting future while we rummage through the rubble of the continent they did so much to destroy.”

  6. Excellent article well written as always. I find it extremely difficult to understand modern liberals as they are incapable of sensible reasoning ( one the letters above pertains) or logical thinking. Watching some of their protests and demonstrations leaves me open mouthed in astonishment (pink clitoris beanies?). Not sure if it’s a zoo, a circus or an asylum for the deranged.

  7. I am fascinated by Angela Botha’s posting where she states Trump is the following:-
    A narcissist, a sadist, a psychopath, has Baby King Syndrome (whatever that is), Dunning Kruger Syndrome, a gaslighter and a nhilist.
    Strange how such a terrible, evil person can achieve the following since taking office:-

    Almost 4 million jobs created since election.
    More Americans are now employed than ever recorded before in our history.
    We have created more than 400,000 manufacturing jobs since my election.
    Manufacturing jobs growing at the fastest rate in more than THREE DECADES.
    Economic growth last quarter hit 4.2 percent.
    New unemployment claims recently hit a 49-year low.
    Median household income has hit highest level ever recorded.
    African-American unemployment has recently achieved the lowest rate ever recorded.
    Plus 45 more points highlighting his achievements since taking office.
    See link below.

    1. You ve been sucked into his web of lies and probably you are an Atheist so wont believe that from the start people around the world made judgements on trump;’666,Antichrist,’Witches Worldwide ‘Cursed him and wished Evil on him and for him to die ignominiously.These are people who have insight,intuition and are discerning.Not people like you who cannot be bothered to investigate what Psychologists discover about him.Shrouded in your sheep world you all congratulate Hannes on hhis meaningless work so that he,too,never learns what the Truth is.
      ‘Satan goes up and down and to and fro the Earth seeking to destroy the souls of men’
      He is right here amongst you.

      1. Thanks for this most enlightening contribution and your kind words of endearment. Do you perhaps have a church I can join and be shown the light?

      2. My word, Angela! Do you really think that ‘you shine as a light in the world’ (Phil.) with that diatribe? I have only just come across Africa Unauthorised; everything I have read is thoughtful, well written and expresses the same worldview that I have. Incidentally, those same psychologists you refer to have acted in the most unprofessional, in my opinion,way by making public their opinions without ever having counseled the man. If we are all to be psychoanalysed by psychobabblers, at arms length, then heaven help us!
        Thank you, Hannes, for your insights and comment.

  8. Another good one Hannes. Keep them coming. Brian Johnstone asked the question
    “Can you or anyone recommend a good book?” Yes, I certainly can. It is called “Liberalism is a Mental Disorder” by Michael Savage.
    After reading that book you will discover what decent people are up against with these psycopaths who have been in control of this world for far too long now.

  9. Such eloquent writing and clarity of thought. A compassionate, world social contract is desperately needed and pursued by people with advanced listening skills eager to participate in dialogue and consensus-building at the exclusion of judgment and condemnation. Our geopolitical leaders should be the first to sign up for the instruction.

  10. This is an excellent take on the political leadership of this world. I do believe that eventually the people will stand up and insist on good out weighing bad, ultimately people have had enough. It will be interesting to see how this plays out.

  11. You have n’t understood trump correctly for a start.trumps parents despaired of him, he had no friends,he was not good at school.They were not intelligent so could not have discovered what Psychologists now know about trumps Personality.trump is Narcissistic as everyone knows,he is a Sadist,a Psychopath,Baby King Syndrome,Dunning Kruger Syndrome,and he is a Gaslighter. This makes it a compulsion for him to lie, continuously,without end.During his campaign he was always attacking Obama supporters and tore Obama apart with as much venom as he could muster.When he came into office he had a pathological fear of being compared with Obama so he overturned all his work.Nihilistic.It was called ‘trump- marking’ as though trump was an animal lifting his leg on new territory to encompass it,own it, for himself.And he has never gained the self esteem to match Obama.
    When you have processed this you may understand liberals better.

    1. Sounds like you are one of those Socialist Sociopaths, Angela…..I think you’re suffering from Trump Derangement Syndrome like your buddy Nancy Pelosi!!!!! Get over it

  12. Very true and, as always, well written. It is something I have battled with all my life to find out how the minds of these twinkle toed lilly livered useless things work – is it populism or is there a psychological discrepancy in what ever type of brain they may have

  13. You and your readers may find the following book interesting.
    The Psychotic Left by Kerry Bolton. New Zealander

    With respect to President Trump. So far so good.
    Many are withholding judgment until further down the track.
    It looks like he may be about to make a mess in Israel.
    He may not know his Bible as well as he thinks.

    The basic drive for the Left is a One World centralised government.
    The biggest problem is no referendum.

    The Right believe if we have a new world order let it be made up of nation states with decentralised government.

    Marxism takes two paths
    1. By the power of the gun
    2. The Fabian Society. Power achieved through gradual legislative changes.

    It would appear that the drivers of the leftist liberals are psychopaths.

    A religious belief is a personal matter.
    Mike Pence is some sort of born again pentecostal fundamentalist Christian. I just don’t trust the guy.

    Was Chaka Zulu that bad. Can you or anyone recommend a good book.

  14. Yet again, well said Hannes but as long as the likes of George Soros etc… are allowed to act without fear of the law ( because the lawmakers are in their pockets!) then I fear that us mere Christian Conservatives are doomed.

  15. So eloquently put as always Hannes. A great read and all so true. Now that it looks like Trump has survived the democrat attacks, I feel that things are going to get worse and possibly even lead to civil unrest. These libtards need their heads cracked.

  16. Once again, Hannes, you’ve taken the words out of my mind, although you are far kinder than I!
    Where you use the word “sociopath”, I would use “psychopath”.
    The damage these so-called liberals have wittingly done to humankind (I cannot believe they don’t know what they are doing) is nothing short of criminal.

    There also seems to be a concerted effort to induce such fear of everything into the entire population of the world that everyone will cow-tow to their respective governments as being their only possible saviours.
    Climate change and the latest “Corona virus” scare being two cases in point.

  17. I could not agree more Hannes. Sociopaths have many unenviable qualities, and you have mentioned a few of them. I would add

    1. an inability to feel ANY guilt for their (inappropriate, counterproductive and blatantly biased) actions and misguided beliefs, and
    2. their total refusal to accept any responsibility for same

    to those.

    The elephants in the room, and there are many, include their many failures to recognise historical reality. The global slave trade for example, actually affected and encompassed far more whites than blacks, and the AFRICAN slave trade was in fact perpetrated much more by black Africans and Arabs, than their much more frequently vilified “white colonialists”.

    And I object to the liberal critics’ selective memories. Native Americans and Australians were all but annihilated by the same colonisers in America and Australia that crow mercilously about perceived atrocities in Africa, where the truth is that THEIR ancestors were MUCH more violently murderous and suppressive than Africa’s colonisers ever were.

    Let me not mention the wars and horrible genocide taking place NOW, in Africa today, that fail to attract so much as a comment from these dreadful people, an obvious display of the double standards of these deviants….and we will not talk about the (freely encouraged / highly recommended by EFF and ANC) open season on white farmers, lack of birth rights and uncompensated land grabs, as there is not enough time left in this year – in the end one wonders if these same sociopaths will ever acknowledge the truth as correct and irrefutable history displays it.

    But I think we all know the answer to that.

  18. Spot on Hannes……I’ve always known that white libtards are sociopaths having been born and grown up in Rhodesia and lived in UK, Australia.The lies never ceased to amaze me!!!!!

  19. Spot on Hannes……I’ve always known that white libtards are sociopaths having lbeenbkrna d grown up in Rhodesia and lived in UK, Australia.

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