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I received an email that was headed “Annus Horribilis, “can it get worse in 2022?”.The email writer is a respected, mildly liberal, member of our discussion group (“DG”).  Our DG has been in continuous discussion for +/- 20 years. Our membership covers the USA; Canada; UK; RSA; Australia and NZ.  We discuss all subjects, and we support freedom of speech, subject only to the two standard limitations.  I mention the DG to indicate the depth and breadth of opinions that are benchmarked one against the other.  My reply was predictable, “Yes, it obviously can”.  On the other hand, 2022 brings a promise of excitement that follows the USA mid-term elections.  Make no error, and it is axiomatic, that what happens in the United States of America is fundamentally important to all western hemisphere countries re prospects and security.

The woeful state of leadership in the western world is on display for all to see.  This article starts with an opinion of affairs in my home country of Australia.  Let me reiterate our loyalty, gratitude and love for this great country.   Nevertheless, and as I have often chastised myself, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing” Edmund Burke.  

Mournfully, I believe Australia has shot itself in the foot.  Annus horribilis on steroids.  We have made an international laughing stock of ourselves. Those of us who cherish freedom are left utterly flabbergasted.  The overall ‘Downunder’ mentality re the Wuhan virus, is guided specifically by State Government Healthcare professionals (“GHP”).  These GHP officials are ipso facto suspect, and by no means the ‘creme de la creme’ of the Australian medical fraternity.  Their knee jerk and ostensibly under-whelming advice was accepted, and resulted in draconian medical healthcare directives throughout the country.  The consequences of cascading downside effects on Australia, was clearly not properly thought through.  It appears, in retrospect, that the politicians accepted and legislatively approved, at face value, the GHP initial advice.  Now the same politicians should accept responsibility for the disastrous public decision-making outcomes.  But, that’s not going to happen.  

The politically homogeneous character of the Australian electorate, is so tepidly isolationist and accepting of any authority status quo, that there is unlikely to be any political fallout.  The Australian public are now committed in a particular zeitgeist, and it will perpetuate GHP incompetence and stupidity.      

My criticism of GHP competency is nationwide but the Queensland Health Department has a terrible record of horrendous GHP incompetence re governance and commonsense decision-making.   Ask any informed Queenslander about the Tahitian Prince Fraud.  Just Google Tahitian Prince Fraud in Queensland.  

Joseph Hikairo Barlow, changed his name by deed poll to Hohepa Hikairo Morehu-Barlow, and on 31 March 2003 he left New Zealand and moved to Australia.  The curriculum vitae Barlow provided to Queensland Health stated that he received a number of tertiary qualifications and academic awards in New Zealand between 1995 and 1999.  All were false statements.  

Barlow was a fraudster.   He successfully sold himself into the inner ranks of the Queensland GHP class.    His capacity to charm and persuade senior GHP officials, using the allure of expensive gifts, under a false deception of being a Tahitian Prince is laughable.  Laughable, if it wasn’t so corrupting.  Nobody with an ounce of prudential commonsense, should have been hoodwinked.  Apparently the privilege and condescension of Tahitian royalty opened doors that were closed to others.  Extract: “The Kingdom of Tahiti was a monarchy founded by paramount chief Pōmare. The monarchy was abolished by France in 1880″.  The Tahitian Prince went on to defraud the Queensland Government of millions of dollars.

After the fraud was exposed and when questioned by police, Barlow said that he considered getting caught a likelihood.  However,  he was pleasantly surprised by the ready, willing and able acceptance of his planned fraud ‘setup’ by management. The Health Department rubber stamped his ambitions by virtually granting the fraud Prince carte blanche.  So, what do you expect happened?  Barlow said, “… a simple ABN search would have stopped this in the beginning ” and later “… it could of easily have been found out and stopped, had the Finance Business Centre done its due diligence.”  Asked, what would have happened if the checks had been done, Barlow said “I would of had to deal with it but it was a gamble”.  Heavens to murgatroyed, all it took to succeed, was a veneer of a nonexistent Tahitian royal affectation?    

While the above was going on, elsewhere in Queensland Health, a recently arrived doctor/surgeon was bedding down his own megalomaniac ambitions. Extract: “Jayant Mukundray Patel (born 10 April 1950) is an Indian-born American surgeon who was accused of gross negligence whilst working at Bundaberg Base Hospital in Queensland, Australia. Deaths of some of Patel’s patients led to widespread publicity in 2005.”  This scandal took untold suffering, several deaths, and years to legally sought out.  

If you are still unconvinced then watch Stan, the series ‘Dr. Death”.  It is about a megalomaniac surgeon by the name of Christopher Duntsch.  Extract: “A notorious surgeon who maimed and killed multiple patients in North Texas while still in the national spotlight.”  He was stopped for a while, “but Texas GHP allowed Duntsch to operate again….”  He continued to kill and maim people.  Watch and be appalled.  The megalomaniac is bad enough, but the Texas GHP medical fraternity and weak-kneed politicians, will leave you distrustful of any medico.  Probably a good thing.  Then take a look at the number of deaths due to medical misadventure and mal-practice in the USA.  The official figures are unbelievable.      

The Australian public consciousness is very slow to challenge the inviolability of the medical fraternity.  GHP officials have been honoured and rewarded.  Most of it is a back-slapping vote-buying exercise, to gladden the heart and shore up the reputation of the GHP class.  The Chief Healthcare Officer for Queensland was recently promoted and elevated to State Governorship.  

We witness the Dunning-Kruger Effect (one of the cognitive biases) expose itself shamefully.  The blind leading the blind.   Forget commonsense, and don’t question the constitutionality of GHP decisions.  The citizen-lemmings will followed in solidarity.  

I think we have lost our minds?

Good things on the horizon in 2022.

I have heard it apocryphally said, that the next USA General Elections, is just a rearrangement of the deck-chairs on the USA Titanic.  Of course, we disagree.  However, being aware of the deeply dishonest and malicious USA swamp, we caution the GOP ‘be aware’.  If the Democrat Party is on the nose, then hopefully the RINO’s will get their clocks cleaned?  Be aware, because they will not like it and I predict they will fight back.  That cunning old ‘turtle‘, GOP Senator Mitch McConnell, is low to the ground and slow to move.  The GOP must rid themselves of this cunning old bastard, he is not good.  Having said that, the turtle is not to be under-estimated.

The USA mid-term elections take place on the 8th November 2022.  We are looking forward to the predicted results.  All indications are a Democrat bloodbath.  We pray for that result.  On the other hand, we know that Buck Zuchs put $400 million dollars of his own money, into the Democrat Party coffers.  He financed the majority of the dishonest machinations that secured the geriatric Biden victory (See Capital Research Center).  A majority of Americans believe that the last General Election was stolen, and hopefully one day Buck Zuchs, will have to answer for his misdeeds.  We hope so.  The Trump Campaign for 2024 had better keep an eye on  the USA swamp.  That is to say, the USA Federal Government, particularly Foggy Bottom; DofJ; CIA and FBI.  The swamp is assisted by billionaire Buck Zuchs.  They have a mortal fear of a GOP/Trump victory, that will lead Donald Trump back to power.  When I say mortal fear I mean they will say and do anything, anything at all, to save themselves.

By Will Keys 

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4 thoughts on “Annus Horribilis 2021- When Power Corrupts.”
  1. Good article Will. I would like to draw readers attention to an Africa Unauthorised article published on 3rd July, 2020 (https://africaunauthorised.com/something-rotten-down-under/) entitled “Something Rotten Down-Under.” To me, this sums up perfectly how utterly rotten and debauched the Australian leadership is. Australia lacks moral leadership and also suffers from a lack of morals and courage amongst the population but I see hope in one Riccardo Bosi and ex Australian SAS officer who is the leader of the Australia One Party. There is definitely hope with this kind of leadership but let’s hope Australians are not too brainwashed to get behind and support him.

    1. Thanks Alistair. As mentioned before, we are grateful, devoted and loyal Australians. Our criticisms are Australian-centric, for obvious reasons. Your criticisms of Australia are valid but make no error, still hurt. My criticisms are aimed at all left-wing Marxist socialist philosophies. The USA is being destroyed by ignoramuses of the Marxist ilk. Unless the GOP can overcome the idiotic and destructive Marxist zeigeist in the USA, especially as found in the dishonest and jaundiced USA Democrat Party, the future of the western hemisphere is in doubt. We are staunch supporters of traditional America.

  2. Thank you for your article and hopes for a GOP mid-term win in America. However I am concerned for a possible Trojan Horse effect with all the unscrupulous rats abandoning their sinking Democratic, Party, cities and States, for GOP, cities and states. Will they not be scurrilous RINOs (Republican In Name Only) to be revealed when the votes are counted? As you said, beware of the tortoise/turtle that is low to the ground and hides in plain site. As to the pandemic and state of things medical and scientific; the world has lost its way due to political and nefarious subterfuge and fearmongering. It can only be hoped for, that common-sense will again raise its head and we will again return to some level of rationality and coherence in the near future. May the year ahead be good for us all.

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