by Rita Budd

Lord Owen,

Forgive me, but I cannot even begin with the words ‘Dear’ for it is so far removed from any acknowledgement you perhaps might believe you deserve!

A little introduction as to who I am; a born and bred Rhodesian, now Zimbabwean who lived, schooled and then trained as a state registered nurse during the height of the ‘liberation’ war. We had no ‘Military Hospitals’, so most patients were war victims, soldier and civilians, black and white, some presenting with the most ghastly wounds imaginable! Your vicious sanctions, made us resilient, they made us innovative, they made us resourceful and they made us appreciate our families, our neighbors, strangers and our African servants who we all did the best we could to provide for. Despite the international hostility we became probably the most hospitable caring nation in the world and every European family I knew tried very hard to help our fellow Africans. We had few luxuries but we provided food and the basic necessities of life for all. Our economy grew despite the war and sanctions and our currency, like our spirit, was strong!

Unfortunately, our young men and women, our fathers and brothers faced war, a war that could have been won and we were winning, had we not been betrayed by the likes of you, Harold Wilson and Lord Carrington! (Read, ‘A Handful of Hard Men’, by Hannes Wessels). That is where you and the likes of come into the equation!

It has now come to light, after years of secrecy the utter lack of respect, integrity, wisdom and pathetic spineless role you played in the demise of a once great little nation and its people! It is recorded that your reneging of signed agreements and loyal support of Mugabe and his cohorts provided the catalyst to bring an absolute tyrant to bear upon this country. The result is a human, entirely man-made tragedy following the almost complete disintegration of my country.

Where is your voice now, you hypocritical excuse for a human being? How so bloody honourable did you feel when your man Mugabe slaughtered thousands of innocents in Matabeleland in a reign of terror and continues to obliterate, torture and murder anyone he suspects as a political threat?

Where are all the so called ‘civilized’ nations from Europe and their loudmouthed ‘liberal’ leaders that supported these Marxist monsters in their path to power so they would have the tools to bring misery and early death to millions? Well of course, being the cowards they are they are silent!

I have no expectation of a reply, nor do I want one. I just want you to know how utterly despicable, spineless and dishonorable you are and hope, when you depart this life you meet up with all those brave young men whose lives you betrayed in your wickedness.

Thanks in no small part to you a once happy and beautiful country is no more.

By Managing Editor

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  1. Dear Rita,
    I wish to thank you and all the other Nurses and Matron for the wonderful work that you did at this time. I was casavaced to Byo Gen and Grey Ward 12/12/79 while still living in Rhodesia, came out of hospital May ’80 living in a different world. You saved my life and then managed to save my leg from being amputated and for this I am always in your debt. If it wasnt for your caring, love, and wonderful work this world would be that much more bitter. We have to live in this world that is sometimes so cruel and ugly, but hold on to the good parts and cherish those, forgetting the bad people and their bad actions

  2. Well said, I do not think the rest of the world wanted to see success of Rhodesia, I think they were jealous of the success, just my opinion.

  3. I am born in the USA. but I made many visits to Rhodesia. It was truly the bread basket of Africa, a beautiful and vibrant country. I considered it my adopted country.
    I had friends on one of the Air Rhodesia Viscounts that was shot down by the terrorists. I still have a copy of the Rhodesian newspaper in which this was the lead story.
    What happened is an absolute holocaust. I am still in disbelief that European Politicans and their cronies let Mugabe and his thugs gain power. They have plundered the country until their is very little left for most people to endure.
    The news Media should share some of the blame for not bringing this horrible tradgedy to the eyes of the world.

  4. An awesome letter.!! I think England and Europe have inherited their own winds of change unfortunately.! Owen all ways had that slimy look, not a trust worthy look.

  5. Hey Rita

    You must have woken up on the wrong side of the bed – well said!

    Maybe the right side of the bed actually but we have all been a little late in venting our anger and guilty of not doing so. We were all so young then and believed whatever the authorities told us. It was the way we were brought up!

    We could have scuttled the agreement. We could have stopped the UN Troops and made elections unmanageable. Sadly there were not enough of us left and no visible willing leadership when the elections happened and we were misled into believing that what has happened would never happen.

    We, who were involved to the end, were all naive too young and through our upbringing we were unfortunately sub servant. In many ways I feel we were let down by our Peers but in their defense cannot imagine what pressure and threats they were subject to at the time.

    Don’t forget SA was also drawn in and made part of the pressure on Ian Smith and his Generals through these retarded English Politicians.

    They are all part of the history of the UK which is soon to be England alone as a result of their continued bungling, misinformed citizens and politicians.

    They may be Lords, Sirs, etc. in their country but would never be addressed as such if I was to have had the displeasure of meeting them.

    Be well Rita, thank you for reminding me of the reason I no longer live in our once wonderful country lest we forget.

    1. It is unimaginable that so few men could have destroyed so much and so many! It is too late for tears, but as I said their betrayal gave us our tenacity and resourcefulness. I do believe they will pay in one form or another? If David OWEN did read my letter perhaps a little bit of fear will reach him going to his Maker?

    2. Pik Botha, the useless Foreign Minister of South Africa played a massive part in our demise. A truly worthless, spineless individual.

  6. Thank you Rita, I was also a nurse at that time in Rhodesia. Coming from Holland and being crucified by all my liberal “friends” for going, I was so amazed how Rhodesia really was. The spirit of her people and still having a sense of humour after so many tragedies was unbelievable. Instead of staying 6 months, I stayed for 6 years and left with my Rhodesian husband in 1984 when the writing was on the wall.

    It is amazing how many lies were printed about Rhodesia in the West by the press. And how shortsighted the so called “educated” politicians are (were). And where are the demonstrations of these “human right movements”? The silence is deafening and after Rhodesia was destroyed they turn their attention to an other country to be destroyed. The latest one is Israel at the moment. Or is it Donald Trump!

    My late husband always said that he hoped for a lot of terrorism in the West. Well it is already in Europe, invited by Angela Merkel.

  7. Very well written. I am British, living in England and feel shame at the way the Former Rhodesia was treated by my then Government.
    Some couple of years ago, when I was working one of Network Rail’s track inspection trains, we stood at Kensington Olympia Station to wait for a return path down to Clapham Jn.
    During the pause I got chatting to the Relief Station Manager, a delightful black lady who, when I asked where she originated from, said, “Rhodesia.”
    Seeing my surprise, she explained the she referred to herself as a Black Rhodesian partially out of hatred for Mugabe, but more out of respect for Ian Smith, who’s system had provided her with the education that had enabled her to come to the UK and make a success of her life.
    I do hope she is continuing to do well.

  8. So true and so sad. But I pray that our lord and savior has a better plan in the end and that is all I have left to cling to. I am looking forward to eternity.

  9. Letter is a bit late in the day or, was it released years ago.
    Is L.Owen still alive?

    1. Yes probably late, but we are only now seeing agreements reneged upon and documents kept secret all these years!! I perhaps should have sent this to Lord Carrington as well? After reading Hannes Wessels latest book, I was overcome with anger at these wicked human beings!

  10. Thank you, Rita. Please allow me to tell you that there are many people like me who absolutely feel for you and your fellow travelers through a very cruel world. How you were trampled on throughout the years by The ‘West’ I can never understand.

  11. Remember you well, snivelling piece of shit, wish you were out in the bush six months of the year with us. I think in your first contact you would have run away, would have loved to give you and that fat shit Wilson a third eye, sincerely hope you rot in hell.

  12. What an awesome and truthful letter – there is nothing to add to this – and I salute you!

    1. We may well remind the British, that in their time of need, the young Rhodesian men were some of the first to enlist and respond to the call for help at the outbreak of the Second World War. How many Rhodesians died in the process, were maimed, and the thanks in return, selling us down the river to the likes of Mugabe! Very noble!

      1. It was traditional on VE day for the Royal Air Force Band to form up and march down the Mall to the Rhodesian Cenotaph and play to commemorate the lives of Rhodesians who died in the battle of Britain. The year after UDI on the 6th of May? The band formed up to march as was the tradition and they were ordered back to barracks by Harold Wilson. The next day or close to that day the Salvation Army band formed up and marched to the Rhodesian Cenotaph where they played. To the best of my knowledge they still do this. It is as though these young men never existed let alone fight and die for mother England. For us all to remember that Jesse Jackson said and I quote ‘Mugabe is such a good man’ Long may he and the sniveling Georgia Peanut farmer wallow in the cesspool of liberal muck.

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