Despite the encouraging polls, there’s a lot to be troubled by regarding Tuesday’s US midterm elections.

Simon Lincoln Reader

Tucker Carlson / Blake Masters

I know someone who knows Paul Pelosi and he says that Paul is a very nice fellow. But if it is true that the husband of the US House Speaker is into young men, then I have no doubt that being married to such an evil and greedy creature like Nancy Pelosi can devastate the parameters of a man’s persuasion. America’s elections are no better than Mali’s or Benin’s, so for the time being I’m just happier with the thought of a hysterical Nancy Pelosi trying to go full Hillary Clinton on people innocently scratching their heads at what really happened in San Francisco last Friday morning.

Nancy Pelosi and her two daughters. The one on the left applauded Rand Paul’s attacker 5 years ago.

In the absence of mail-in fraud and Zuckerbucks, there doesn’t appear to be the same “fortification” of Tuesday’s events as there was in Nov 2020. That said, yet another disgusting performance from the mentally impaired President occurred on Wednesday evening, and all his remote-controllers like Alejandro Mayorkas, Ronald Klain, Pete Buttegieg and that degenerate, election-denying presstitute will be hunting the smallest opportunities to exploit. These people are sick, irreparably depraved, corrupt, angry and demented – their pursuit of control is pathological, fork-tongued and comparable only to Mongol savages playing hockey on the Gobi steppe their enemies’ heads.

That’s why I’m afraid I’m not overly optimistic for Tuesday. Even if as predicted there does crash a red wave, there are only two senate candidates that recognise the wickedness consuming public life, and appear prepared to do anything about it.

I encourage you to watch the races of Blake Masters in Arizona and J.D. Vance in Ohio. Masters is a phenomenal candidate; his world view has been influenced by Peter Thiel, for whom he once worked, and whose donations have allowed him to fight against the awful incumbent as he has. Vance wrote arguably the most haunting memoir of the last decade. “Hillbilly Elegy” is tragic, triumphant: nothing quite like it explains why monkeys like Eric Swalwell, and monkey troops like old Twitter-verified journalists are as despised as they are.

Although they are just two, there are also some interesting Governor and House challengers. Florida, until recently considered purple, looks like it may emerge almost completely red.

But earlier this week something happened in Britain (again) which fully articulates just what being called racist or xenophobic repeatedly without basis does. This is where people like the degenerate, election-denying presstitute have been spectacularly successful.

Britain’s Home Secretary Suella Braverman, a woman of southeast Asian heritage, appreciates the crisis engulfing Britain’s dysfunctional borders, and so described the perpetual arrival of fighting-age Albanian men on Britain’s south eastern shores as an “invasion”. Media, led by the Sky team’s prop Beth Rigby, gleefully pounced, accusing Braverman of “racism” – before ushering in one of the most inept and aloof conservative politicians for comment. Robert Jenrick belongs to the profile within the Conservative Party which has destroyed conservatism in the UK; he grimaced when told she had used the word “invasion”. “I, erm, um,” he mumbled in response, “ahem um…would be careful of the language I used”.

As Jenrick’s answer holds, so goes Biden’s rambling in Washington – and the bleak future determined by our submission to slurs for over two decades. We now just exist with the power of those consequences.

Increasingly, people like to quote Andrew Breitbart: “politics is downstream from culture”. But truly understanding what this translates into the need for profiles like Masters and Vance not just in the Senate, but in county councils, schools and law enforcement – to name some. Until this happens the result is the uniparty – a snake with two heads – dumping cubic kilometres of its CRT, BLM, 21837 genders, endless war and climate alarmism effluent off both coasts for the currents to carry everywhere.

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3 thoughts on “A shellacking?”
  1. No matter what happens on Tuesday, nothing good will come out of it. Worse division, hatred, rhetoric and further degrading of civilization as we know it. More controls and inflation is upon us. Time to batten down the hatches, and let this all pass. The survivors, will.

  2. That Pelosi and Biden pics should be used at the very least to legalise puking in public on them wherever they may show their scaly slithering flickering hides and tongues in any gathering of more than two people! That girl is scarred for Life when it comes to social media. Her only saving grace would be if she had a family connection to good old Kim-il Jung and an anti-aircraft battery, U-Tube’d of course.

  3. Unfortunately it looks like the mail-in fraud machine is already poised and ready here in the States. The usual suspects have already said flat out that it will take “days or weeks” to get an “accurate” count.

    The two points where fraud insertion becomes easy are:

    — Centralized counting that relies on machine scanning. Counting used to be done in the precinct, by hand, and there was no time or room for later shenanigans, plus many more locals could poll-watch.

    — Mail-in ballots and drop boxes (no intrinsic difference). Boxes of ballots become easy to magically insert (or delete, if the district votes “wrong”) between post office and counting house.

    The percentage of votes “for Democrats” is directly proportional to the percentage of mail-in ballots. Here’s California being a shining example:

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