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If South African people reading this do not stand up and be counted, NOW, then they will allow the South African “Government” (an oxymoron if ever there was one) to take legal control over our lives …. IN PERPETUITY.  You will only have yourself to blame for your imminent enslavement.

Please understand, the powers given to our government by this amendment will remain in force FOREVER, and you and your children will never again know the relative freedom that we have lived with until now, you will never enjoy the basic human rights of our current existence again.


This amendment will effectively give even greater powers to the existing “leadership” (sorry, another oxymoron) than they have enjoyed (and how they have enjoyed them!) throughout these horrible and disastrous two years caused by the global Covid 19 disaster. These (now proven to be completely useless) measures will further damage you and the South African economy, and you will have to live with the horrific consequences.

To stop this amendment being passed, you need to act.

What you should know about this amendment follows:

  1. The government will be granted the legal authority to force you into a state-run quarantine, a sort of isolation facility against your will – with total control of release (in effect this is nothing more than indefinite detention without trial, for any reason they care to come up with) – these units are unlikely to be very comfortable.
  2. The government will be granted the legal authority to instruct the Police to collect you at your home and transport you or a family member to an “isolation facility”
  3. The government will be granted the legal authority to force you to take any medication it deems necessary – which you cannot refuse. No one can be held liable for possible side effects, including death
  4. The government will be granted the legal authority to conduct daily surveillance and monitoring of private citizens including the accessing of private information through overriding privacy laws. Government will be able to interfere in your life and there will be nothing you can do to stop this ridiculous invasion of your sovereign right to privacy
  5. The government will be granted the legal authority to enforce mandatory vaccinations (which may do more harm than good); this will likely occur twice a year, for the rest of your life
  6. This amendment overrules the current “Disaster Management Act” which was previously activated and enforced only during a genuine national health crisis and not as a permanent control mechanism
  7. This might be the mechanism by which this government makes itself impossible to remove from office – its days of ruining our lives are numbered

Additionally, the World Heath Organisation (the WHO is perhaps the biggest oxymoron of them all?) is suggesting all signatory countries replace their constitutions, with that of the WHO. Really, since when was deciding what is in our constitution their mandate??? And their constitution looks suspiciously similar to this ridiculous amendment …

With the (greatly exaggerated) threat of this pandemic behind us, the rest of the world is in the process of reversing their extraordinary and totally unnecessary stranglehold over the global population, BUT our fearless leaders in the government of South Africa are INCREASING their demands that we keep, and further escalate the Draconian severity of these same measures.

What makes this thinly disguised attempt at total control so nonsensical, is that these same measures have now been shown conclusively and scientifically to have made NO difference to the spread of respiratory viruses. In fact, these measures are completely contrary to what would have been the best protective measures for us all (a phenomenon in medical circles called negative efficacy). It is becoming increasingly obvious that masking, social distancing, and the vaccination boosters have done little, if anything to protect anyone.  

Masking has never lessened the transmissibility of airborne viruses, and masks actually make the wearer more susceptible to infection, by decreasing inhaled oxygen and increasing inhaled carbon dioxide. People must be separated by over 10 metres for social distancing to have any beneficial effect! Recent data from several sources indicate these “vaccines” (once three or more have been given) make the vaccinated at least four times more likely to spread Covid, get serious covid disease, or die!

And that, as they say, is not all …

Current statistics are showing conclusively that the all-cause mortality, since the vaccination programme rolled out in early 2021, has INCREASED BY 42+%. A study of the very vaxxed American military shows their morbidity and mortality figures to be increased by over 1,100%! This amendment will allow this regime to force vaccinate you, and quarantine you indefinitely in the name of ….. just what exactly no one can be sure.

But what is absolutely incontrovertible is that a failed government, which has fallen by its own hand into abject disrepute, is driving this agenda of GENOCIDE through, with your tacit consent – IF YOU DO NOT OPPOSE IT. It is effectively dismantling our constitution, in favour of making their control over our lives pretty much absolute.

When last I looked around, we were living in a democracy, so “we the people” can stop this attempt to hijack our lives with our complete dissent. Please go online and make your complete disapproval known to these maniacs. Do this now, today, as this amendment is tabled to sneak under our defences on April 15th.

The organisations listed below have your back …


Do NOT allow this dangerous idiocy to persist and worsen, as once it does it will be much more difficult, perhaps impossible, to reverse. The next thing is that any government proposing anything like this is absolutely NOT acting in the interests of its electorate, and therefore must go. If this fails there will be a next time, and a next … these people are becoming desperate, they know their window of opportunity is closing.

There has NEVER been a greater clandestine assault of your freedom, and your inalienable human rights.

9 thoughts on “A Dangerous Amendment”
  1. This is the worst form of communism to date! You are trying to take control and ruin the lives of every South African citizen, this Bill is insane and completely shocking to anyone who has half a brain cell!!! Stop treating us like idiotic morons who don’t know what the hell is going on! Those of us who are “awake” are very well aware of the political protocol of what’s expected to happen to our once beautiful Country! Don’t waste your time appealing to the people who actually use the brain that God gave them, you need to focus on collecting your sheeple who follow you blindly because they were never taught about critical thinking, they will be your moronic puppets….an absolute disgrace and embarrassment to intelligent human beings around the world!

    1. Patrick Walsh.
      The problem Leanne is that the people proposing this bill and those before them have been completely indoctrinated by Russia and China – whose goal was to enforce communism at any cost regardless of the consequences. We are now living with the results of that indoctrination, and seem to be unable to recognise that the result can only be the same as all the other regimes that followed those policies, where once power is gained the immense riches are their due and to hell with the common populace.

  2. And they complained about the pass laws. Welcome to the proposed new regime. Beware !!

  3. Eish! It would seem these people are upping their game, coming at us in organised waves. Waves that are sure to drown us all if we let them, while we watch soccer or focus rather on some idiot being slapped at the Oscars. We the people need to stand fast and ensure these zealot lunatics fail, today, tomorrow and forever. The WEF, “The Great Reset” psychopaths, have been schooling their “players” (Gates, Newsome, Trudeau, Johnson, Merkel, Ardern, Macron, etc etc – all “graduates” of their Young Global Leaders programme) since the 90’s. If you have ever wondered about the phenomenal organisation that allowed that uber co-ordinated global response to Covid, wonder no more. They are in it for the long game and we must be too.

    The alternative, their control of our money, the total loss of our freedom at every level, is too ghastly to contemplate. As uncomfortable as being forced to act might be, to not get involved is to accede and lose … the main problem is we (as good natured, fun loving and fellow man respecting individuals) cannot believe what is going on around us could be possible. But these attacks are unmistakeable, and its consequences (our punishment for dissent) are written in black and white. Which makes this horrific invasion into our lives FACT, not conspiracy theory … and by our countrymen, our very own Government??? Sick sick sick.

    If nothing else, we must stand up and be counted for the sake of our kids. We must unite, help educate friends and families of the magnitude and consequences of this threat, on a national and global level, as distasteful as risking their scorn may be.

  4. Exactly…..

    Great insight into what is really happening today regarding the Ukraine/Russian Gog Magog​ Crisis. Did you know that Zelensky is part of the WEF/Soros Globalist plan to destroy our democracy……should be a red flag to any normal people who are paying attention….. unfortunately the Fake,​ Wokey~Cokey,​ Mickey Mouse Libtard media are part of the evil plan👹👹👹👹

    Jan Markell talks to​ Pastor Billy Crone​ for the hour.​ The world so longs for a savior that they have selected Ukraine’s Zelensky to be superman. A new song even calls him that and asks, “Can One Man Save the World?” While he may not be the Antichrist, the sentiment is there and the longing for a man with a plan to be a global miracle worker. This program brings out war facts you may not know.
    The Tribulation is rising.

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