Crimes Against Humanity

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by Hannes Wessels With South Africa staring socio-economic collapse in the face, the press and political leadership is enraged and enraptured over former President FW de Klerk’s tentative denial in a TV interview that apartheid was ‘a crime against humanity’.  In South African terms this is the stuff of heresy and calumny has been heaped […]

The Money-Men And Africa

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by Hannes Wessels   A recent article in The Spectator about Alexander Lebedev makes interesting reading; almost as interesting as the man himself. Born to parents belonging to the Soviet nomenklatura, in Moscow 1n 1959, he studied economics and graduated in 1982 before joining the KGB.  Posted to London in the late 80’s as an […]

Why I’m Not Leaving

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by Dale Collett Forty-three years ago, as a young Selous Scout lieutenant, I was in action against an enemy position, clearing a building deep inside southern Mozambique when hit by a burst of automatic fire. One armour-piercing bullet entered my back below my left shoulder-blade before severing my spinal cord, leaving me paralyzed below the […]

Donald Trump and Cecil Rhodes

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by Hannes Wessels Donald Trump is busy fracturing America over his determination to fulfil a campaign pledge and build a wall along the country’s southern border and stem the flow of illegals from South American countries. This has the ‘progressives’ and the liberal establishment apoplectic with rage and Democratic representatives in Congress and the Senate […]

Fighting for the Dream. R.W. Johnson

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by Hannes Wessels When people ask me about South Africa I normally try and quote something written by RW (known to his friends as Bill) Johnson or simply refer them to his literature. I believe, as far as South Africa is concerned, Mr Johnson is the pre-eminent political commentator of the day having been studying […]

What Rule Of Law?

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by Hannes Wessels   In the heady early days of independence in Zimbabwe, when Robert Mugabe was the world’s most loved freedom fighter and euphoria abounded within and without the country it seemed a peaceful and prosperous future for the newly emancipated citizenry was all but assured. Then in August 1980 there was a rude […]

The Lying Press

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by Hannes Wessels The news that Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmann has filed a $250 million lawsuit against Jeff Bezos’s Washington Post must have pleased President Trump. Bezos has made destroying the Trump presidency an editorial priority and his reporters have been unrelenting in their hostility toward his administration. In this instance the […]

No Whites; No Lights

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  by Hannes Wessels South Africa is presently in the grip of a self-inflicted crisis as Eskom, the state-owned and managed monopoly charged with supplying the country’s electricity, appears to be drowning in debt and collapsing under the weight of rampant mismanagement and chronic corruption. The president, who was Jacob Zuma’s vice-president for four years, […]

Liberals and the end of Laughter

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by Hannes Wessels Last week I took some friends to watch Pieter Dirk Uys, (aka Evita Bezhuidenhout) perform at his wonderful local theatre, ‘The Peron’. Although I suspect we would disagree on much, I’ve always been a supporter of his because he’s a brilliant satirist and behind the façade of funny impersonations there lies a […]

Democracy and Destruction

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by Hannes Wessels Recently I watched a video clip of people being interviewed in what was still then Salisbury (now Harare) days after the official announcement made by then Governor Soames confirming that Robert Mugabe would head the first government of the newly independent Republic of Zimbabwe. All the Africans interviewed were thrilled and spoke […]