Russell Phillips

Russell Phillips; Brave Soldier With A Big Heart.


by Hannes Wessels On Wednesday this week, a handful of old soldiers and friends gathered to pay our respects to Russell Phillips who died suddenly last week. Russell was the recipient of the Silver Cross of Rhodesia for gallantry and I had the privilege of saying a few words about this extraordinary which caused me […]

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Dyck's Men deployed on an anti-poaching operation.
Dyck's men deployed on anti-poaching operations.

Colonel Dyck And The Fight For Northern Mozambique

Politics and History

by Hannes Wessels (WARNING – GRAPHIC IMAGERY) With the world convulsed by the hysteria generated by the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement I came away from my recent meeting with Colonel Lionel Dyck mulling the prevailing madness. Something wildly ironic about a white, former Rhodesian, then Zimbabwean Army officer, talking in sombre but selfless terms about […]

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SOS – Steve on Sunday.


Sunday 28 June 2020 THE WEEK THAT WAS. 21 -28 June 2020 The week started off well enough with Father’s day, then an illegal march and then, pow, my daily blurb on Wednesday was banned by the FB police…read on Macbeth. Sunday 21 June It was Father’s Day in southern Africa today, the one day […]

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Rhodes’ Ghost


by Hannes Wessels Reading the second part of Duncan Clarke’s voluminous but quite fascinating study of Cecil Rhodes as the baying mobs of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement compel a cowering College of Governors at Oxford’s Oriel College to remove the man’s statue is a saddening experience; a reminder of the folly that follows stupidity […]

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