SOS – Steve On Sunday

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SOS Steve on Sunday 27 December 2020 Greetings my fellow prisoners, We are just that, are we not? Captives of the plague but more honestly perhaps, we are captives of the rules, regulations and personal dislikes of politicians. Has panic hit our land? Maybe after the RSA President speaks tonight there may well be. There […]

London, and the World

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Letter from Los Angeles   We were told it was a necessary reflex.   Exploited at once by corporate media then by multinationals, the riots sparked by George Floyd’s killing were endlessly substantiated with no dissent permitted and any critical analysis shut down. Black Lives Matter did not start in May, but it was here […]

The Gravest Threat

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  by Hannes Wessels The ANC  passed a resolution some months back which stated that members who have criminal cases should step down from their positions to avoid conflict and to protect the integrity of the ruling party. Adding muscle to this new-found sense of moral rectitude, President Ramaphosa went on the record recently talking […]

London & The World

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“We are very pleased to announce we have secured a weekly contribution, (London and the World) from Cape Town’s Simon Lincoln Reader, a  London-based technology investor and popular columnist for We share a common connection to, and affection for ‘Taki’ of Spectator ‘Highlife’ fame who has shown us both the way in writing what […]

Colonel David Stirling; how great was he?

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by Hannes Wessels  Recently I received an angry message from an English gentleman who, having read one of my books about the Rhodesian SAS, either ‘A Handful of Hard Men’ which I wrote much about Captain Darrell Watt, or ‘We Dared to Win’ which I wrote with and about Lieutenant Andre Scheepers. He referred to […]

SOS – Steve On Sunday

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SOS Steve on Sunday 29 November 2020 Greetings my fellow former warriors and their families, There being no official Remembrance Day services in most South African cities and towns this year the emphasis on remembering those who died fell to veteran’s organisations in attempting to keep the memorial flame burning. Some of these services were […]

The War for Africa

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by Hannes Wessels International and regional paralyses seems to be the only reaction to the fast escalating crisis rapidly spreading in all directions from the Cabo Delgado province in northern Mozambique. In a gruesome show of force, some 50 people, including women and children, were recently beheaded for all to see in the predominantly Christian […]