Victoria Falls and ‘Fake News’.

by Hannes Wessels

As I watch the ongoing collapse of the South African economy and the further impoverishment of millions of my countrymen and women as a result of the national response to the health threat posed by the so-called Coronavirus, I am ever angrier at the people who control the flow of vital information to the public and thereby shape a collective response which affects all our lives.

Just as credible people with dissenting views who deserved a hearing on the Global-Warming panic were banned from the air-waves, a similar fate awaits those scientists and researchers who today challenge the conventional wisdom on the Covid-19 outbreak.

One recent example is the removal from YouTube of an interview with two California doctors, Dan Erickson and Artin Massihi. YouTube, which insists on taking their cue from Tedros Ghebreyesus and the widely discredited World Health Organisation, argues that the two, “violated community guidelines” in the delivery of their opinions. What is chilling about this decision is the message the doctors were trying to send was essentially an encouraging one, which would have brought a measure of relief to millions of people who believe a slow death is imminent upon infection with the virus.

Based on data available to them that they had analysed and their own empirical observations in the hospitals where they work, these gentlemen expressed the view that in California, the chance of death from Covid-19 was 0.03%, and that the official projections they had been working on now appeared to have been inflated. They wanted this known, for no other reason other than that they believed the public should know, and they were concerned about needless deaths ensuing in the state as a result of deadlier conditions that were and are, going unattended to such as Cancer and cardiac related illnesses. Well, because the truth has been censored by Google AKA YouTube, that is probably the last you will ever hear from these two well informed and well intentioned physicians.

Unfortunately, as my old friend Paul Connolly reminds me, the same fate does not await those powerful but pernicious presenters, who do unquestionably disseminate bespoke ‘fake-news’, no matter how false and no matter how damaging. This exemption from accountability or sanction applies as long as the falsehoods are peddled in pursuit of a ‘worthy cause’ and of course, as we all now know, man-made Global-Warming fits that criterion like a glove.

Few people alive today have seen more of, or know better, the great Zambezi River which has enchanted, beguiled and fascinated so many over so much time, than Paul.

He writes thus: “Today, one of the great natural spectacles of the world has nobody watching. From where I sit on the banks of the Zambezi, I estimate that no less than 500,000 cubic feet of water per second is flowing down this majestic river and one kilometer below me, this torrent is thundering over the most wonderful waterfall on the planet. That Fall which Mr A.A. Gill exquisitely described as an ‘…evocation of the sublime.’

“The same Waterfall which just four months ago Mr Stephen Sackur for the BBC and Ms Alex Crawford for SKY News,  guided only by the  frenetic media desire to tick the climate change box, totally without research or recognition of the most basic statistics, preposterously and elegiacally concluded, was drying up. And in so doing the enormous respect many of us had for both those reporters was forever lost.”

It appears, what lay behind the decision reached by the media-mandarins at these two broadcasting houses to send their two high-profile personalities to do a story on the sudden disappearance of the Zambezi was the upcoming Global-Warming Conference to be held in Madrid in December last year. There was an urgent need for a ‘bombshell’ report that would buttress the positions of the ‘Warmist’ activists and shame the sceptics.  So, it seems, Messrs. Sackur and Crawford were quickly dispatched with a brief to produce a narrative that fitted that requirement.

Ms. Crawford was picked for the Zambian leg of the mission because, being raised in Zambia, she had added credibility when it came to delivering a testament to the disaster wrought by the capitalist plunderers of the West. Although not directly targeted in the report, Donald Trump, seen as prime-evil in the ‘Warmist’ camp, enraged both Sky and the BBC when he withdrew the US from the Paris Accords on combatting climate change.

Through cunning verging on deceit, by being very selective about who they interviewed, what they actually recorded for live transmission, and how nuanced questions were answered, these two fantasists then came to an astounding conclusion. Following their investigations, they were able to reveal to the world, that thanks to the aforementioned culprits, it was indeed now possible that the Zambezi river might dry up altogether and of course, the world famous spectacle that is the Victoria Falls, would be no more.

This ridiculous suggestion relates to a river with a catchment area the size of Western Europe, rising in a tropical zone that also nourishes the Congo River. The Congo is the second largest river in the world after the Amazon. Crawford didn’t suggest the Congo was also about to vanish from view, but she did get a little emotional to add a bit of a personal touch to her paean.

Standing in the heat, on a dry Victoria Falls Bridge, she lamented that as a child she remembered being in the same spot and frolicking in the sun-kissed, rainbow spray that sparkled up from the waters crashing below. What she elected not to say, was that this almost certainly occurred in late summer when the river is full. Her report was filed in December when the water level is at its lowest. This would be akin to her standing on an Austrian mountain in July blaming the same suspects for a lack of snow.

Sadly, however, as invariably seems to be the case these days, the bad guys won. This egregious exhibition of journalistic deception hit home hard; and because word quickly spread through the travel fraternity that the Zambezi had ceased to be, tourism arrivals in Zambia and Zimbabwe plummeted almost instantly. For two of the poorest countries in the world this reportage was devastating for the thousands who lost their livelihoods. Then came the great Corona-con to which these two have made a meaningful contribution and that snuffed the last life out of tourism at the Falls.

As Paul points out, the most spectacular falls in the world have seldom looked more stunning and the great river has not flowed so mightily in decades; but thanks to the  left-wing, environmentalist media, drenched in the spray from the cascade of post-modernist cultural Marxism, few will see it and the poor who made a living out of it, will get poorer.

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