The Trouble With ‘Experts’.

by Hannes Wessels 

In times of tumult, when events are unfolding fast, I have a method for gauging current issues. I don’t enjoy doing it, but I go to the MSM (mainstream media) and hold my nose. I have a look at the BBC, Sky News and CNN. I also have a quick squiz at ‘The Guardian’ and possibly the opinion piece in ‘The Economist’. ‘The Guardian’, incidentally, has just found a novel idea for blaming Trump for the contagion; it is his fault, they report, for failing to stop the export of Pangolins from west Africa to China where the virus found a foothold. One must give them top marks for trying.

I can’t look at any of the aforementioned TV stations for too long without bringing up my breakfast, so I have learned to be pretty quick at deciphering the thrust of their message. It did not take long to understand they were all predicting an epidemic of apocalyptic proportions. When I took this message on board, I must confess, I heaved a sigh of relief, because if this was their lead story, it was almost certainly wrong and deduced that this would probably not be as severe as they predicted.

Subsequently, I have noted how the mainstream media has cunningly manipulated statistics, with little reference to context (such as how many people are also dying on any one day of seasonal influenza, or how generally benign the infection is) in order to terrify as many people as possible.

But, to be fair to them, the media have not acted alone in this; they have called on an endless array of lefty ‘experts’ who have been happy to confidently confirm their prophecies of doom. If their goal was spreading terror across the globe to induce people to relinquish their freedoms and livelihoods – to stave off a threat to their health – they have succeeded. But at what cost and who exactly are these people who have all the answers?

I well remember the ‘experts’ who were trotted out to tell us that Saddam Hussein definitely possessed weapons of mass destruction, including deadly dangerous chemical weapons, locked and loaded for delivery to Europe. This information was pounced upon by the MSM and the politicians spreading apprehension and a measure of alarm through Europe and America. The mysterious death of David Kelly, a scientist who dissented, was a reminder of how high the stakes were in the disinformation game. Because most people believed the MSM, millions applauded when George Bush and Tony Blair took their respective countries to war; dispatched Saddam and caused a regional convulsion that reverberates to this day; that has brought early death and suffering to millions. We now know, no such weapons existed and the whole exercise was based on bogus ‘expert’ information.

And of course there are the ‘experts’ from the IPCC (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change), led by the ‘Global Warming’ media, darling of the time, Rajendra Pachauri, who assured us that the polar ice-caps were about to disappear along with Polar Bears; that hundreds of islands were about to be submerged due to rising sea-levels, and that the Himalayan glaciers would disappear. Pachauri was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize for peddling this rubbish. The few who disagreed with him were accused by him of ‘voodoo science’. A core-group of IPCC scientists was caught red-handed deleting data and manipulating graphs that did not fit their models. In the investigation that followed it turned out violations of scientific ethics on the panel had become common. Pachauri, incidentally, resigned following the leveling of allegations of sexual harassment. None of the dire predictions made by him or his fellow experts have come to pass.

With this fresh in mind, why should I believe what the MSM report of the current crop of epidemiologists, scientists and associated experts? Here in South Africa Professor Salim Karim (Chairperson of the COVID-19 Ministerial Advisory Committee) is the man who has seized centre-stage – providing the expert advice the politicians require to chart our future response to the outbreak. As I write, over 40 people have thus far died ‘of the virus’ in South Africa. I would very much like to know how many of these deaths were directly attributable to Covid-19 and how many were due to related health-issues. It is just possible that not a single death was caused by the virus acting alone.

This makes me wonder if the ‘expert advice’ that has crippled the country was correct. I also note Professor Karim is predicting the ‘spike’ will now only appear in September. It seems the ‘spike’ or ‘apex’ keeps being delayed. Does this mean the people of this country should be on lockdown indefinitely? And if not, what is the actual purpose of the current confinement because this threat is not going to simply disappear.

Similarly, Patrick Buchanan, a man seldom heard from on the MSM has recently pointed out the American political response to the virus threat has resulted in the loss of 1,000 jobs for each person who has died ‘with the virus’.

He does not point out that the ‘experts’ at the Centers for Disease Control predicted 1.7 million fatalities in March and have now reduced that figure to 60,000, but even at 60,000 this translates into 60 million people unemployed.

The jury is still out on the severity of this contagion, but there is little doubt in my mind that the fear that has swept the world, leading to almost certainly the worst depression in history, is based on ‘expert opinion’, amplified by the MSM, that might well be totally wrong.

To quote former UK Supreme Court Judge, Lord Sumption: “…fear is dangerous. It is the enemy of reason. It suppresses balance and judgment. And it is infectious. … Is the coronavirus the latest and most damaging example?…”

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