Still Confused About Corona

by Hannes Wessels

I know I’m no scientist or doctor, and I’m starting to doubt myself, because I can find few people who share my scepticism about the ‘Corona pandemic’, the World Health Organisation (WHO), politicians in general, and the MSM (mainstream media), but here are some of the facts and figures that have been getting my attention.

Worldwide, from 1st January to 21st March 2020, 17,000,000 people died in total. Of those 11,177 deaths were attributed to Covid-19. In China, during the same period, 2,500,000 people died and 3,300 from the virus. Also bear in mind, we may never know if this tiny percentage of global deaths, was actually due to the virus; ‘of the virus’, or if people, who were dying anyway, simply died ‘with the virus’. What we do know for certain however, although the press don’t tell us this, is most of those who have died have been old, infirm and ailing, and, or, suffering from debilitating, chronic, immunodeficiency ailments. This is regrettable nonetheless, but the fact is, healthy people appear to have little to fear from infection.

Writing for The Spectator, Dr. John Lee, a retired pathologist, writes, “..we have yet to see any statistical evidence for excess deaths in any part of the world”. In the UK, it appears, that in the first week of March this year, almost exactly the same number of people died as in the same period last year. Dr. Lee then quotes figures from the US CDC, (Centre for Disease Control) which, “… show that since September, flu has infected 38,000,000 Americans, hospitalised 390,000 and killed 23,000. This does not cause public alarm because flu is familiar.” These figures get no ‘BREAKING NEWS’ alerts, they are not even reported.

The catastrophic danger peddled by much of the media is increasingly being exposed as statistical manipulation but regrettably, too slowly. In some countries with high mortality rates, we are now told they only count those who are hospitalised as Corona cases. This conveniently ignores many who have the virus but much less severe (or even zero) symptoms. This generates headline mortality rates that have little statistical validity but terrify people.

With a rampant and reckless media misleading the world, it would be gratifying if we could look to the World Health Organisation for reassurance and guidance based on the facts, but alas, that is not the case.

It is now clear that the WHO-Director General Tedros Ghebreyesus, who appears to have limited medical training, colluded with the Chinese health authorities early on in the crisis, in peddling the original falsehood that there was “no clear” evidence of human-to-human transmission of the coronavirus. The story then was that it was only being transmitted between animals and this delayed the raising of the alarm. This was a blatant lie and he knew it, but he owes China his job and was happy to do the bidding of his benefactor. Tedros, by the way, is the same guy who picked Robert Mugabe, the late president of Zimbabwe, who devoted his life to looting and ruining the lives of millions, to be the WHO’s roaming ‘Goodwill Ambassador’ to the United Nations. At this moment in time, half the population of Zimbabwe is reliant on outside assistance for food thanks to the late president’s land-seizures. Just what Mr. Ghebreyesus knew about Mugabe and saving peoples’ lives that we don’t, I’m unsure, but to have this man serving as, effectively, the world’s Surgeon General, tells me we’re listening to someone who cannot be trusted to tell the time of day. Thanks, in no small part to him, we are faced with a situation which I suspect is unprecedented in history, in war or peace, where governments have stopped their people going to work by executive decree.

Closer to home, the country has come to a standstill, there is widespread panic and fear of dying stalks the land. In South Africa, I note, roughly 500,000 people die every year of various causes. If one assumes the virus has been in the country since the beginning of the year, (it has probably been around much longer), then approximately 125,000 people have died this year of other causes. Out of this total we are now told, 5 have died from the virus.

Meanwhile, R.W. Johnson, in a recent article in ‘Politicsweb’, points out that while most South Africans with televisions were riveted to their screens, watching the safe return of their countrymen and women from China, “.. the media missed one of the biggest stories of the year..”, when the country effectively defaulted on its debt, leading to Moody’s rating agency, finally downgrading the country’s paper to ‘junk’. What this signals, is the world has given up on our government, making any of the structural reforms required to prove fiscal responsibility. We are now forced to approach the IMF for assistance, but Johnson believes they will get short shrift. The response will be along the lines of; ‘we told you so for 10 years and you wouldn’t listen so you’re on your own.’

With the economy now tanking and not much chance of help, it appears there is very little hope of a better life for the vast majority of the citizenry and we are all destined to be poorer. Because this is Africa and not Europe or the US, the knock-on effects of a real depression are certain to be more severe. While richer countries have greater resources to cushion the fall as people lose their incomes, this is not the case on most of our continent and with our government effectively ‘broke’, we can’t expect much different here in SA. It is troubling to note that while some 14,000,000 people will be permitted to leave their homes to collect their government-grants, the people who generate this revenue are locked in their homes and denied the opportunity to work.

We are warned by our posturing political masters that ‘this is not about money but human lives’; but with millions of people on the breadline, cooped up in shacks, in squalid conditions, with no income, they may well soon be starving and desperate. This will likely lead to unrest, violence and possibly death.

I fully understand this virus is alarming and a danger to humanity, but so are many other things, and I struggle to accept that the Corona contagion is more lethal than the response to it. And I believe much of the blame for the misery ahead lies with the press.



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