Global Warming; Trump And The Usual Suspects To Blame


by Hannes Wessels


“World must triple efforts or face catastrophic climate change,” screamed the Guardian earlier this week, while warning that if emissions are allowed to continue rising, the world will experience “sea-level rises, droughts, floods and other extreme weather events.”

Pope Francis, in a thinly veiled attack on the usual suspects – the US and capitalists in general – has warned that “An economic system centred on the God of money also needs to plunder nature to sustain the frenetic rhythm of consumption.”

The UN, which takes its cue from a powerful lobby of perpetually dysfunctional Third World countries, many of which are in Africa, is warning apocalyptically that, “…the window of opportunity to act on climate change is almost closed.”

All this hysteria comes to a head in early December when a group of celebrities including Sting and Jeff Goldblum will join former US Vice President Al Gore for a 24-hour global broadcast aimed at raising awareness about climate change.

These are the same people who predicted Manhattan would be underwater, seaboards around the world would be swamped, the polar ice caps would melt, polar bears would be extinct and we would be living through a new ice age by the year 2000. ‘Global warming’ has now morphed into ‘climate change’ to suit the inconvenient defeat of their earlier predictions.

What makes little sense is why so many of the ‘Lefties’ and their ‘virtue-signalling’, celebrity disciples live in Manhattan and on the east and west coast of America. If this threat was so urgent and real, why have none of them moved to higher ground? And why have coastal property prices not collapsed? Who wants to own an apartment in a swamp?

I have to concede climate science (along with most science) is way beyond me; I have tried to analyse and understand some of the data and information produced by the so called ‘experts’ and have had to gloomily concede I am woefully out of my depth, so on the specifics of the debate I am too dumb to comment. But where I do feel I am entitled to have a say is with regard to my dismay at the gutless hypocrisy of these people who routinely lambaste Trump, America and Europeans in general while ignoring the catastrophic environmental consequences of atrocious governance in Africa and Asia? These countries seem to attract little or no opprobrium from any of the above-mentioned organisations or people.

Unlike Trump’s America where deforestation is strictly regulated, pollutants are proscribed, wildlife is heavily protected and arson is a serious criminal offence the continent of Africa is being turned into a man-made desert. Pollution is rampant, wildlife is being decimated and virtually the entire land-mass is intentionally set ablaze in an annual fire-frenzy that kill millions of creatures while sending mega-tons of carbon billowing into the atmosphere. I may have missed something, but I don’t think this is happening in the US or in Europe. But, nary a word about this from the environmentalists or the climate change activists simply because it does not fit their liberal, politically correct agenda and none of them have the courage to face up to unpalatable facts that don’t fit the narrative that they are so comfortable with. Much easier to pillory Trump who is in terrible trouble with Al Gore and the ‘lefty’ doomsayers because he withdrew America from the Paris Climate Accord last year. He counters with the undeniable fact that American carbon emissions are in fact down with the dramatic surge in natural gas supply thanks to the ‘Frackers’ but none of his critics are listening.

My anger is intense because, as an African, I am the regular recipient of depressing news of the slaughter of wildlife and reckless environmental destruction all over Africa. For those few of us here who care and are exposed to these entirely man-made horrors we are rendered almost helpless by lack of resources, lack of right-minded people and probably most importantly; the lack of political will on the part of the people charged with governing this benighted continent. And the single most important reason that political will is lacking is because African leaders and officials are completely unaccountable to anyone. They are under absolutely no pressure to act responsibly and protect the environment because the Al Gore’s, Bono’s and Pope Francis’s of this world don’t dare to criticise Africans for fear of being called ‘racist’ and the fact is this entire campaign is about extorting money from guilt-ridden Europeans who must forever shoulder the blame for all that’s wrong with this world.



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