The Triumph of Evil

by Hannes Wessels

Looking back at the personalities and institutions involved in the demise of Rhodesia and the forced transition to Zimbabwe under Robert Mugabe one is struck by a common thread. Anyone familiar with the history knows the world was overwhelmingly hostile and stridently opposed to the continuation of any semblance of European rule, no matter how competent or well-intentioned it might have been. ‘White’ was simply not ‘right’ and it had to go. But there are compelling reasons to believe this feverish antipathy was driven by a marked divergence of values relating to sex and sexual mores. What is written below may appear ridiculously simplistic and indeed there were many other factors that impacted on this particular situation but I do believe it is fair to point an accusatory finger at people in power at the time who were either personally involved in sexual misbehavior or complicit in the conduct of such actions.

Probably the most effective institution driving the anti-white African agenda was the British Broadcasting Corporation [BBC] which was commandeered by radical authoritarian liberalism after WWII. A significant manifestation of this ‘neo fascism’ has been the domination of homosexual politics at the highest level in all public sectors in the UK.

Far from doing what is mandated in its charter, which is to be balanced, truthful and fair, the Corporation orchestrated a vicious propaganda campaign that whipped the world into an anti-white frenzy which still reverberates today. So determined were the mandarins of the BBC to succeed in bringing about the downfall of white rule in Rhodesia, they set up a propaganda radio station in Botswana that beamed inflammatory sophism into the country aimed at fueling violent protest. At a time when the Soviet Union was the template for politically-motivated disinformation the BBC was actually setting the pace.

This is all old news, but when one looks at this despicable organization in the light of what is now known about it I cannot help but believe there was also a sexual component driving this destructive impulse. This may sound stupid but it’s worth considering some facts.

Rhodesian males, like them or loathe them, were, in the main, committed, robust heterosexuals and homosexuality, rightly or wrongly, was sneered at. No doubt there were exceptions but the country’s character was essentially that of the ‘Alpha Male’ who liked booze, ‘broads’ and the odd brawl. Rugby was the primary sport and even soccer players were sneered at. As a result, they fared well on the battlefield; most were born to being patriotic and principled along traditional Christian values. Ian Smith was in a sense typical of the breed. He loved sport, the outdoors, was fearless in his commitment to the values he held dear, loved his country and the company of men but also had a twinkle in his gimlet eye when he spied a pretty girl.

Now bear in mind, the BBC, the country’s nemesis at the time of the Rhodesian imbroglio (and afterwards) was a haven for paedophiles. The list is a long one but it’s worth looking at just a few of the sexual perverts that found comfort within the confines of this once august institution.

  • William Roache. In 1967 he was busy raping a teenage girl. A ‘Coronation Street’ star, he was revered in entertainment circles and awarded an MBE. His co-star Michael Le Vell was charged with 19 counts of sexual offences against children.
  • BBC presenter Stuart Hall eventually admitted to 13 counts of child rape over a period of 18 years.
  • Entertainer Rolf Harris was finally jailed in 2014 for indecent assaults on young girls over a period of 18 years starting in 1968. One victim was eight years old.
  • BBC comedian Jimmy Savile goes down in history as Britain’s greatest sexual offender. Over 50 years at the corporation, he was involved in at least 214 sexual offences involving children as young as eight. He preyed on retarded children in facilities where he had special permission to attack and even violated cadavers. Some of his cohorts included ‘Moors Murderers’ Ian Brady and Myra Hindley and the ‘Yorkshire Ripper’, Peter Sutcliffe. At least four members of Savile’s staff were complicit in his actions. BBC presenters have admitted his actions were covered up. One said it was because Savile was so close to Prince Charles.

In the political arena, no politician of the time was more hysterical than Jeremy Thorpe in calling for the end of European rule in Rhodesia. As leader of the Liberal Party he enjoyed the sobriquet ‘Bomber’ Thorpe on account of his strident parliamentary call on the government of Harold Wilson to deploy the RAF on bombing missions aimed at Rhodesian targets. Thorpe was a ruthless homosexual who narrowly avoided conviction for plotting the murder of his troublesome former lover Norman Scott. One of his senior MP’s in the Liberals was Sir Cyril Smith who was involved in supplying young boys to brothels when not pleasuring his corpulent self with his human merchandise. Smith was awarded an MBE in 1966 and knighted in 1988.

At the highest level, Prime Minister Edward Heath, who, under pressure from Jeremy Thorpe, binned the settlement agreement crafted by Alec Douglas-Home that may well have changed history for the better, is now widely reported on as a serial sexual deviant. The police, as in all the above cases, were well informed but chose to ignore compelling evidence.

Standing solidly alongside the political and media establishment in the anti-Rhodesian campaign was the Church of England. Like the BBC, this institution, is now known to have been a safe haven for paedophiles. Former Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr Rowan Williams has apologised to victims. ‘The abiding hurt and damage done to them is something that none of us in the Church can ignore,’ he said.  A Church of England report has accused the leadership of a ‘disastrous’ failure to protect children from abuse by paedophile priests. Bishop Trevor Huddlestone, an icon of the Anglican communion and celebrated anti-Rhodesian activist and anti-apartheid campaigner, was a sexual predator who also escaped prosecution despite his behavior being well known to many.

These are just some of the powerful personalities and institutions in the British establishment who worked so energetically and effectively to destroy the best governed country in Africa and usher in despotic misrule. Looking at this ghastly gallery of perverts is it any wonder the God-fearing Christian heterosexuals who ruled Rhodesia could find so little in common with the twisted miscreants who assumed positions of authority in post war Britain. Pure evil held power there and pure evil prevailed.


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