An open letter to Lord David Owen from a war-nurse.

by Rita Budd

Lord Owen,

Forgive me, but I cannot even begin with the words ‘Dear’ for it is so far removed from any acknowledgement you perhaps might believe you deserve!

A little introduction as to who I am; a born and bred Rhodesian, now Zimbabwean who lived, schooled and then trained as a state registered nurse during the height of the ‘liberation’ war. We had no ‘Military Hospitals’, so most patients were war victims, soldier and civilians, black and white, some presenting with the most ghastly wounds imaginable! Your vicious sanctions, made us resilient, they made us innovative, they made us resourceful and they made us appreciate our families, our neighbors, strangers and our African servants who we all did the best we could to provide for. Despite the international hostility we became probably the most hospitable caring nation in the world and every European family I knew tried very hard to help our fellow Africans. We had few luxuries but we provided food and the basic necessities of life for all. Our economy grew despite the war and sanctions and our currency, like our spirit, was strong!

Unfortunately, our young men and women, our fathers and brothers faced war, a war that could have been won and we were winning, had we not been betrayed by the likes of you, Harold Wilson and Lord Carrington! (Read, ‘A Handful of Hard Men’, by Hannes Wessels). That is where you and the likes of come into the equation!

It has now come to light, after years of secrecy the utter lack of respect, integrity, wisdom and pathetic spineless role you played in the demise of a once great little nation and its people! It is recorded that your reneging of signed agreements and loyal support of Mugabe and his cohorts provided the catalyst to bring an absolute tyrant to bear upon this country. The result is a human, entirely man-made tragedy following the almost complete disintegration of my country.

Where is your voice now, you hypocritical excuse for a human being? How so bloody honourable did you feel when your man Mugabe slaughtered thousands of innocents in Matabeleland in a reign of terror and continues to obliterate, torture and murder anyone he suspects as a political threat?

Where are all the so called ‘civilized’ nations from Europe and their loudmouthed ‘liberal’ leaders that supported these Marxist monsters in their path to power so they would have the tools to bring misery and early death to millions? Well of course, being the cowards they are they are silent!

I have no expectation of a reply, nor do I want one. I just want you to know how utterly despicable, spineless and dishonorable you are and hope, when you depart this life you meet up with all those brave young men whose lives you betrayed in your wickedness.

Thanks in no small part to you a once happy and beautiful country is no more.

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