The Week That Was

by the Editors

Saturday the 8th October 2016 might go down in history as the day the Springbok era came to a close and with it the end of the greatest rivalry in the history of the game. Not only has South Africa lost something precious but so has the game of rugby and one wonders if Steve Hansen, notwithstanding his team’s emphatic win, does not share, at least,  a little of our sorrow.  Wearing a Springbok jersey used to be all about love of the game and love of the country and the prize was having a beer with your opponents after the game. Now it’s all about politics and money and all of us who love sport and the game are poorer for the loss.

At the same time the country’s tertiary education system is collapsing and UCT, one of Africa’s, and indeed the world’s, greatest schools of higher learning is closed indefinitely. All thanks to an inept and gutless vice Chancellor, a spineless political leadership and a small mob of mischief-makers who, for entirely selfish reasons, have done incalculable damage to innocent people struggling to progress in life, thereby strangling the flow of the graduates the country so desperately needs.

While America fumes over offensive comments made by Donald Trump 11 years ago where he explained in graphic terms how he pursues women, the mainstream-media ignores the multiple sexual shenanigans of the Democratic nominee’s husband. These include allegations of actual, not virtual rape but this is just how it is with the media, controlled as it is, by ‘special interests’ with other agendas.

More dangerously, almost without anyone noticing, America drifts ever-closer to war with Russia and quite possibly, WW III. This is how big wars often start; by stealth, without anyone paying attention and this is no different. Most of the US citizenry is more interested in what happened to Kim Kardashian’s diamonds than they are in what their political masters are doing abroad. This situation is troubling. The American military has the most lethal arsenal of weaponry ever possessed by an armed force in history and the Russians run a close second. America has a president who has probably never read a history book in his life, who is owned by the people who financed him and protect him from real media scrutiny. At present this president is mulling over enforcing a no-fly zone in Syria which might lead to the shooting down of Russian aircraft which might trigger a war that will probably go nuclear very quickly and Armageddon may follow.

This, in a country that poses no threat to the US and where no vital interests of America’s are at risk which makes one wonder what is going through the heads of the powerful in Washington. It now looks like they are preparing to risk war with Russia to boost the chances of so called ‘rebels’, which includes ISIS, taking power in Damascus after the fall of the Assad regime. If this were not true it would be laughable but it is exactly what pertains.

Contrary to what the global-warming ‘experts’ promised us when they assured us there would be little ice left in the Antarctic by 2016 the ice-cap has actually increased in size and there are more polar bears now than they were when they told us they were headed for extinction. Sadly, even the scientific community is now thoroughly corrupted by money and politics and we, the confused proletariat, are more in the dark than ever about what or who to believe. Thanks the Gestapo that is the PC police, real scientists can no longer speak the truth as we saw with the banishment of Nobel laureate James Watson, to academic oblivion, for daring to suggest we humans are not all identical.

What has long troubled us about the environmental lobby and their ‘global-warming’ cohorts is they seem to have no problem with the ongoing ecological degradation in Africa caused by over-population, atrocious governance and reckless abuse of natural resources. But just as the EU leadership insists on not mentioning the fact that Islam may be behind continental terror attacks, one is not allowed to suggest that Africans might also be to blame for something going wrong in the world. As we all now know, there is only one form of villainy in the world today and the miscreants are of the paler hue.





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