Open Stories From Carnoustie

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by Hannes Wessels    With The Open Championship to be held at Carnoustie looming large on the golfing calendar it’s of interest to reflect on some of the memorable events that unfolded there which involved us southern Africans some of which I covered in my book with Nick Price, ‘The 15th Club‘. The 14th at Carnoustie […]

Ashwin Willemse; Who Was Victimised?

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by Hannes Wessels So a month after the celebrated tantrum when Ashwin Willemse stormed off a live Super Sport broadcast, a report is finally out. Immediately after the incident, which left co – panellists Nick Mallet and Naas Botha in stunned disbelief, Willemse explained he had acted because he felt “patronised”.  During his time on […]

The Week That Was

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by the Editors Mild euphoria swept some of South Africa following news of electoral losses suffered by the ruling ANC in the local government elections. Even if this does not mean a looming change of government it has rattled our rulers and brought hope to many who want little more than decent, fair and accountable […]

Old White golfers must Not be left alone!

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by Hannes Wessels   Right now Muirfield Golf Club, rated by some as possibly the best of the Open Courses and home to great champions from Jack Nicklaus to Ernie Els, stands prominently as the pariah of the golfing world and beyond. The members who voted, by a narrow margin, to maintain a no-women policy […]

Brendon de Jonge; Big Man and a Big Heart.

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by Hannes Wessels Following a rich tradition Brendon de Jonge is the latest Zimbabwean to flirt with greatness on the fairways of the golf-world. With Nick Price, Tony Johnstone and Mark McNulty in support roles he’s edging closer. Born in 1980 just as Rhodesia became Zimbabwe, it all started aged seven at Wingate Golf Club […]

Nigel Lamb; World Champion Flyer

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by Hannes Wessels This year saw Nigel Lamb become the Red Bull Air Race World Champion. He has been a professional display pilot for 34 years and flown over 1,800 public displays in over 32 countries worldwide. He is the only pilot to have won the British National Unlimited Aerobatic Championship 8 times consecutively, was […]