The Brits; Prime Partners On Zimbabwe’s Road To Ruin.

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  by Hannes Wessels This last week saw the broken people of Zimbabwe being being gunned down and beaten into merciless submission by goons deployed by a poorly disguised Junta determined to protect the ill-gotten gains of a miniscule minority at the expense of a benighted multitude. Finding themselves destitute and bereft of hope, thousands […]

The White Man’s Burden

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by Hannes Wessels On 11 December the South African Constitutional Court delivered a scathing judgement against former president Jacob Zuma’s decision in 2014 to support a Mugabe initiated pseudo-legal manoeuvre to block a South African Development Community (SADC) tribunal ruling. This court had been constituted at the time of the formation of SADC and was […]

The Truth Hurts.

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by Hannes Wessels South African billionaire Johann Rupert is in terrible trouble with his countrymen over comments recently made in a television interview. Eschewing political correctness Rupert committed a cardinal crime by telling the truth, causing nation-wide outrage across racial divides, by suggesting all is not well in the ‘Rainbow Nation’ under the ANC rule […]

Asia Bibi; Where all the Do-Gooders?

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by Hannes Wessels Ten years ago, a married mother of two children who happened to be a Catholic Christian and therefore part of a small religious minority, was picking berries near her home 30 miles outside Lahore when she took a drink of water from a metal cup at the communal well. A Muslim neighbour […]

Remembrance Day; Let’s Mourn Alone With Pride

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Hannes Wessels   Mixed emotions of sadness and anger are visited upon me when reading the news that the small group representing Rhodesians killed in the Great War will have to mourn their dead discretely and away from the main event at the Cenotaph in London on Sunday. The Royal Family will lead the country […]

Africa Destroyed; Poster-Child for Liberalism

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  by Hannes Wessels The continental catastrophe that has engulfed Africa may go down in history as the greatest, politically motivated, human calamity of all time. Hundreds of millions of poverty-stricken people are getting poorer while an ever diminishing, tiny elite get richer and richer. Central authority in most countries is dissipating, legal strictures introduced […]

Southern Africa On The Skids

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by Hannes Wessels The sight of blood-soaked bodies including a middle-aged mother lying face down in a pool of blood on the streets of Harare having been shot in the back by a Zimbabwean soldier provided the sickening signal that hopes were dashed for the millions desperately hoping for relief from 38 years of brutally […]

Ashwin Willemse; Who Was Victimised?

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by Hannes Wessels So a month after the celebrated tantrum when Ashwin Willemse stormed off a live Super Sport broadcast, a report is finally out. Immediately after the incident, which left co – panellists Nick Mallet and Naas Botha in stunned disbelief, Willemse explained he had acted because he felt “patronised”.  During his time on […]

Lords of the Lies; David Owen and Peter Carrington.

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  by Hannes Wessels It’s nearly forty years since Rhodesia disappeared into history and the country became Zimbabwe. What followed was thirty-seven years of bloodshed, economic mayhem and catastrophic corruption. This is old news and sadly the suffering appears to be far from over in that benighted land but what is galling is the callous […]