A Small Town in Africa

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  by Hannes Wessels   US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders recently lashed out on the campaign trail thus: “We have a racist society from top to bottom impacting health care, housing, criminal justice, education — you name it,” he proclaimed. This, despite massive efforts to bridge the racial divide in America through billions spent on […]

How Boris Johnson Can Help Africa

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 by Hannes Wessels  I know Mr. Johnson has his hands full dealing with problems closer to home. He must work quickly to disengage the UK from the European Union on the best possible terms and having transformed his country’s political landscape he has promised to activate a grand plan that will include improving infrastructure, providing […]

The Money-Men And Africa

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by Hannes Wessels   A recent article in The Spectator about Alexander Lebedev makes interesting reading; almost as interesting as the man himself. Born to parents belonging to the Soviet nomenklatura, in Moscow 1n 1959, he studied economics and graduated in 1982 before joining the KGB.  Posted to London in the late 80’s as an […]

Why I’m Not Leaving

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by Dale Collett Forty-three years ago, as a young Selous Scout lieutenant, I was in action against an enemy position, clearing a building deep inside southern Mozambique when hit by a burst of automatic fire. One armour-piercing bullet entered my back below my left shoulder-blade before severing my spinal cord, leaving me paralyzed below the […]

‘Global-Warming’ and Child Abuse

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by Hannes Wessels We hear an awful lot these days about the lamentable prevalence of mental cruelty being inflicted upon children, so it is with this in mind I reflect on the millions of apparently traumatised children around the world who have taken to the streets recently to vent their fury and express their grief […]

Legacy of a ‘Liberator’.

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by Hannes Wessels   I’m certainly shedding no tears upon the departure of Robert Mugabe from this world but I look back upon his life and his monstrous misrule, cognizant of the fact that he was only a player on a bigger political stage, with an influential supporting cast that enabled the tragedy that befell […]

Ramaphosa; Saint or Sinner?

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by Hannes Wessels Last week we were witness to the wretched sight of a public auction of movable assets taking place on farms now ‘owned’ by the Mugabe family under the capable command of the matriarch, Grace. Eyewitness reports indicate there was a mountain of trashed equipment, some of it only recently acquired. The sad […]