The History of the Rhodesian Game Department

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by Hannes Wessels For anyone genuinely interested in African wildlife and conservation Mike Bromwitch’s updated second edition of the 80-year history of the Rhodesian Game Department is not only hugely informative, it’s also an action-packed, true-life adventure story about extraordinary people and extraordinary events during an extraordinary time which kicked off in 1928. One example: […]

Jack Malloch; African Aviation Legend

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Coming out of a country that produced a surprising surfeit of colourful characters Jack Malloch is surely one of the most extraordinary. Raised simply, in a religious Rhodesian family and taught to eschew war, his love of flying saw him arrive at the controls of a Spitfire in 237 Squadron in WWII where he first […]

Give A Dam; And Be Damned!

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  by Hannes Wessels With the world in a state of high dudgeon over BLM (Black Lives Matter), the alleged ongoing, debilitating effects of white supremacy and the crime of colonialism, RW Johnson’s most recent article where he laments the polarisation of South Africa, is pertinent: “As whites look around at all the dysfunctional institutions, […]

“Foreign Native”.

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by Hannes Wessels RW Johnson’s new book, ‘Foreign Native’, is enlightening, entertaining but also disturbing. But, like everything he writes, the narrative reeks with honesty. I humbly hold him in the highest regard, not only for his scholarly brilliance but because he is one of those very rare individuals; a deeply committed liberal, so prominent […]

Rhodes’ Ghost

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by Hannes Wessels Reading the second part of Duncan Clarke’s voluminous but quite fascinating study of Cecil Rhodes as the baying mobs of the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement compel a cowering College of Governors at Oxford’s Oriel College to remove the man’s statue is a saddening experience; a reminder of the folly that follows stupidity […]

“Rhodes’ Ghost”

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by Hannes Wessels I don’t know how many books have been written about Cecil John Rhodes, but Duncan Clarke’s magisterial, ‘Rhodes’ Ghost’ might be close to the final word on this extraordinary man, who most of the modern world, thanks to the twisters of history who dominate academia, has learned to loathe. Just the introduction […]

Louis Botha: A Man Apart

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by Hannes Wessels Reading Richard Steyn’s excellent account (Louis Botha: A Man Apart) of the life and times of General Louis Botha was enlightening, enjoyable but also saddening. Despite the best efforts of the author and publisher I fear the story of this remarkable man will soon be known to only a tiny few because […]

“We Dared to Win”

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Lt. Dick Stent (RLI/SAS) The military world at large is finally getting to understand what Rhodesians fought for, and who some of those were. Another superbly crafted expose by Hannes Wessels and heroic warrior, Andre Scheepers. The relentless audacity, skill and courage against insurmountable odds, will never be forgotten. This is soldiering at its finest, […]