Rough Ride on the Rufiji River

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 by Hannes Wessels –  In sub-Saharan Africa there are few river-systems as wild and wonderful as that of the Rufiji as it wends its way to the sea through the Selous Game Reserve in southern Tanzania. To add to the natural excitement it reeks of history. Up these waters the Sultan, from his seat in […]

‘Dog’ Varley

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by Hannes Wessels –  When the men who settled Rhodesia decided they needed a place of learning for their sons they positioned it in the harsh, dry country bordering on the Kalahari Desert and then introduced a regimen that would have pleased a Marine Corps instructor. Plumtree School became a nursery for Rhodesian soldiers and […]

The Parable of Colonialist and Colony.

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by August Pointneuf Colonialist was beguiled by this beauty. A compulsion to join forever and create a mutual life of productivity and security were the drivers. There was mutual attraction, a lust for union. At marriage Colony had nothing: The prospect of riches beyond dreams, the revelations of a different personality, the attractions of a […]

“BloodNut” Curtis.

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By Hannes Wessels –  Born in Rhodesia in 1957 Patrick Curtis was blessed with a private-school education but preferred the bush to the books and left academia having learned little. He then went to war where he served with distinction in the Selous Scouts and became a favourite of legendary commander Lt. Col. Ron Reid-Daly. […]