The Migrants; what to do?

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by Martin Redfern What on earth was Angela Merkel thinking when she blithely proposed taking in 800,000 (eight hundred thousand!!!) Syrian refugees in a year? Does Germany have vacant accommodation, school and hospital places that nobody knows about for this vast number of people?  Chickens certainly coming home to roost with the rise of the […]

How long for South Africa?

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by Andrew Donaldson THE short answer to the question that is the title of RW Johnson’s new book, How Long will South Africa Survive?, is roughly two years. That is when, he suggests, given the increasingly dire state of the economy, the country, cap-in-hand, will approach the International Monetary Fund for a bail-out which, in turn, […]

Rhodes and UCT; Inexcusable and Execrable

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by Dale Kenmuir       So, the poople – sorry, I mean people – have vented again. RHODES THE COLONIALIST MUST GO! By poop and by crook.   But what appalling ingrates and hypocrites these vile desecrators are. The very land their feet are treading upon at UCT was bequeathed to the nation by […]

The Boer Rebellion that Failed.

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 by Martin Redfern Twelve years after the Treaty of Vereeniging ended, the Anglo-Boer War in 1902, a second state of war raised its head in South Africa; this time, a rebellion which could easily have descended into Civil War, but didn’t. The four youngest and most competent Boer War Generals, now had different mindsets and […]

Nigel Lamb; World Champion Flyer

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by Hannes Wessels This year saw Nigel Lamb become the Red Bull Air Race World Champion. He has been a professional display pilot for 34 years and flown over 1,800 public displays in over 32 countries worldwide. He is the only pilot to have won the British National Unlimited Aerobatic Championship 8 times consecutively, was […]

Sorry no credit for Zambians!

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by Jake Da Motta   “I’m afraid that Visa have requested authorization for this transaction Sir, I’ll have to call them and get a code” said the floor manager at the Co-op in Bakewell, Derbyshire. “No problem” I smiled back at him, explaining “I live in Central Africa and every time I come back to […]