SOS – Steve On Sunday

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SOS Steve on Sunday 21 February 2021 Greetings my fellow strugglers, Well, that’s St Valentine’s Day once again done and dusted, the umpteenth time in five decades that I have ignored the day, and for a very good reason too. In my idle but idyllic youth in Umtali Rhodesia (now Mutare Zimbabwe) it was a […]

Be Careful What You Wish For

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by Hannes Wessels Just recently I have received a flurry of emails and messages signaling alarm at the contents of the Expropriation Bill which is soon to go before the South African Parliament where it seems certain to become law. I have no doubt that the DA will launch a spirited attack on the provisions, […]

Abandon All Hope

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by Hannes Wessels As South Africa gathers steam and speed on the road to ruin a sense of hopelessness is taking grip. Where is the opposition the country so desperately needs? I feel terribly sorry for John Steenhuisen who speaks little but sense and is trying so hard to rally his troops, but I fear […]

Liberty Lost

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by Hannes Wessels I suppose it has a lot to do with having lived in Africa all my life that I am so fearful of ‘big government’. This is where the State has a monopoly on knowing what is best for the individual and a massive bureaucracy and security apparatus rolls out emboldened with enormous […]