“Rhodes’ Ghost”

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by Hannes Wessels I don’t know how many books have been written about Cecil John Rhodes, but Duncan Clarke’s magisterial, ‘Rhodes’ Ghost’ might be close to the final word on this extraordinary man, who most of the modern world, thanks to the twisters of history who dominate academia, has learned to loathe. Just the introduction […]

Confused About Corona

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  by Hannes Wessels Mass hysteria grips the world as a crisis unprecedented in history grips the globe; stock-markets are crashing, businesses are closing, sporting events are being cancelled, schools and universities have slammed their doors shut, panic buying is emptying supermarkets and people are literally running away from another in a desperate bid to […]

When Race Trumps Merit

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by Hannes Wessels On the surface, if one surveys the societal landscape of South Africa, one would probably be correct in concluding that, from a racial point of view, the country is now more polarised than ever. This is deeply regrettable, particularly at a time when division almost certainly spells doom and unity provides the […]

A Small Town in Africa

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  by Hannes Wessels   US presidential candidate Bernie Sanders recently lashed out on the campaign trail thus: “We have a racist society from top to bottom impacting health care, housing, criminal justice, education — you name it,” he proclaimed. This, despite massive efforts to bridge the racial divide in America through billions spent on […]

How Boris Johnson Can Help Africa

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 by Hannes Wessels  I know Mr. Johnson has his hands full dealing with problems closer to home. He must work quickly to disengage the UK from the European Union on the best possible terms and having transformed his country’s political landscape he has promised to activate a grand plan that will include improving infrastructure, providing […]

‘Global-Warming’ and Child Abuse

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by Hannes Wessels We hear an awful lot these days about the lamentable prevalence of mental cruelty being inflicted upon children, so it is with this in mind I reflect on the millions of apparently traumatised children around the world who have taken to the streets recently to vent their fury and express their grief […]