The Wind of Destruction

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by Hannes Wessels    A year after I was born, in 1957, The Gold Coast became Ghana and the first country in Africa to acquire independence from Great Britain. Three years later, in February 1960, British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan addressed the South African Parliament in Cape Town and famously declared: “The wind of change […]

Dyck's Men deployed on an anti-poaching operation.
Dyck's men deployed on anti-poaching operations.

Colonel Dyck And The Fight For Northern Mozambique

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by Hannes Wessels (WARNING – GRAPHIC IMAGERY) With the world convulsed by the hysteria generated by the ‘Black Lives Matter’ movement I came away from my recent meeting with Colonel Lionel Dyck mulling the prevailing madness. Something wildly ironic about a white, former Rhodesian, then Zimbabwean Army officer, talking in sombre but selfless terms about […]

John and Russell at Victoria Falls.

Something Rotten ‘Down Under’.

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  by Hannes Wessels I probably wouldn’t be getting involved in this sorry saga were it not for the fact that Dr John Pridgeon, is one of my closest, oldest and dearest friends who I hold in the highest regard. John’s late brother Geoff, a doctor too, was also a good friend and hugely respected […]

Purge of the Palefaces

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by Hannes Wessels A few days ago I watched graphic images of the burning down of the Beit Hall at Plumtree School. A beautiful old  building built at considerable cost over 100 years ago by early Rhodesian settlers, through which future generations, involving hundreds of thousands of boys of all races have passed on their […]

The King Is A Thief

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by Hannes Wessels Many years ago, at the height of the Zimbabwe land invasions, I raised the issue of British responsibility for the ongoing tragedy with other concerned individuals and victims of the violence. I was mindful of the fact that in 1923 Southern Rhodesia Settlers (“SRS”), through their representative, the ‘Governor In Council’, were […]