Brendon de Jonge; Big Man and a Big Heart.

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by Hannes Wessels Following a rich tradition Brendon de Jonge is the latest Zimbabwean to flirt with greatness on the fairways of the golf-world. With Nick Price, Tony Johnstone and Mark McNulty in support roles he’s edging closer. Born in 1980 just as Rhodesia became Zimbabwe, it all started aged seven at Wingate Golf Club […]

Cecil Rhodes; Yesterday’s Hero.

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by Hannes Wessels   When his name’s mentioned it has become frightfully fashionable to speak of Cecil Rhodes in derogatory terms. Arch capitalist, imperialist, misogynist and racist; in today’s world it can hardly get worse. A while ago, before being homosexual became viewed as a special and admirable inclination he was also labelled as one […]

Terror on the Zambezi

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by Hannes Wessels Their trip had been a happy one and the sights they had come in search of had filled their cameras. The vista ahead offered more of the same. Waterbuck, impala and buffalo grazed peacefully on the riverine grasses while crocodile lay languidly on the sand- bars. Unmistakable brown blobs rippled the calm […]

Wayne Williamson; my scrap with a leopard.

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by Hannes Wessels   Ask any PH who’s wandered through those parts and he’ll doubtless tell you the wild country south of Lake Cabora Bassa in central Mozambique is not a clever place to wound a leopard. And professional hunters are not the first white men to have spilt blood there. Hundreds of years ago […]

The Last Protectors; the history of The National Parks Department

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  by Hannes Wessels As the decimation of wildlife throughout Africa gathers pace it seems certain that, barring an intervention of miraculous proportions there will soon be little left to fret about. Wars, internecine strife, unbridled corruption throughout the continental public sector, exploding populations and insatiable demand for meat, ivory and rhino horn fueled by […]

Mrs Phombeya’s toe; how the media fuels the fires of racial division

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by Hannes Wessels   Watching the human tragedy unfold in Ferguson comes with an awful sense of déjà vu for me. As a child, in the early 60’s I remember the adults on the porch banging on about ‘this bloody Mrs Phombeya’s toe’! It was all a bit confusing to me at the time but […]

Why I know the ‘Global Warmers’ are Frauds

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by Hannes Wessels While I am acutely aware of the damage being done to the environment by man I have long questioned why the finger of guilt is resolutely pointed at the leaders of the industrialised West and the people who live and work there. It seems the countries making the most determined efforts to […]

The BBC; The Perversion of Propaganda Power

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By Hannes Wessels Growing up in Rhodesia my father paid close attention to international events and at one o’clock our lunch table went silent as he fine-tuned the short-wave radio to reduce the mush and we waited for the unmistakable sound of the ‘BEEB’ and ‘The News from London’. The announcer then delivered the report […]

‘The King is not a Thief’. Why the British may be liable to compensate the Zimbabwean farmers.

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   by Hannes Wessels  The question of legal responsibility with regard to the Zimbabwean farmers dispossessed in the course of the state-orchestrated land seizures beginning in 2000 may never be fully resolved but there are compelling reasons to conclude that Mugabe may be at least partly correct when he insists the British government may have […]