The History of the Rhodesian Game Department

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by Hannes Wessels For anyone genuinely interested in African wildlife and conservation Mike Bromwitch’s updated second edition of the 80-year history of the Rhodesian Game Department is not only hugely informative, it’s also an action-packed, true-life adventure story about extraordinary people and extraordinary events during an extraordinary time which kicked off in 1928. One example: […]

Lessons From An Old Soldier

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by Hannes Wessels  White people everywhere, including my own children, are being encouraged, in some cases compelled, to acknowledge guilt for the cardinal crime of being born white. An entire generation has been taught, nay indoctrinated, to understand and believe that Europeans have done almost nothing throughout history, other than kill, plunder and enslave. As […]

“Foreign Native”.

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by Hannes Wessels RW Johnson’s new book, ‘Foreign Native’, is enlightening, entertaining but also disturbing. But, like everything he writes, the narrative reeks with honesty. I humbly hold him in the highest regard, not only for his scholarly brilliance but because he is one of those very rare individuals; a deeply committed liberal, so prominent […]