Ivermectin; A Doctor’s Opinion.


by Hannes Wessels  With WHO Director General Tedros Ghebreyesus in full flight attacking the ‘rich nations’ for ‘hoarding’ the Corona vaccine for selfish reasons I’m left suspecting this is an opening salvo aimed at the incoming Biden administration to browbeat them into bringing America back into the fold. It seems to have worked because President […]

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London, and the World

London and the World

Letter from America  2021 went 6 days without incident before things got lively. Nancy Pelosi, insulated from summer’s riots by way of her husband’s $150m fortune, came face to face with winter’s version, downed 2 bottles of vodka under her desk (Tito’s) then tried to initiate a coup. The river barge casino captain in Donald […]

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SOS – Steve On Sunday


SOS Steve on Sunday 10 January 2021 Greetings fellow sea and water watchers, I wonder what all you coastal types do when you are not allowed on the beach, but then again I suppose that other than the surfers no seaside resort resident actually goes to the beach. So I could answer my own question […]

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